Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wings Be Gone

Yep, the wings have flown away...Hubey got his first haircut. My baby lost his curls and now looks like a big boy. A little sad, but know it was needed (Jake forced us to do this...he wanted to make sure everyone knew this). Jake and Papa took him - they said he did great...nothing a little gummy and a nukey can't help make a little easier.

So, he has become a victim of a national hair salon (aka chop shop...which will remain nameless...don't want to be sued for libel or anything...let's just say, only the best for our son)...with a crooked bang line and some straggler hairs. But you know what, he still looks handsome.

Don't you think?


Evy said...

Super cute! He looks so much like a little Jake in a hair salon. :)

Heidi Cassaday said...

So cute. Looks like he did fantastic as well! What a big boy!!

Jason and Lisa said...

Very cute!

AprilJ said...

Handsome :)