Monday, November 1, 2010

All Things New...

(Yes, another blog must be a record...yes, definitely a record!)

Week did we already get to week ten?!? I feel like we got here WAY too fast! I cannot believe our little guy is already ten weeks old...almost twenty-five percent of his first year is done...crazy! We love this little guy SO much! And Hugh created a new nickname for his sweet brother...Judah Buddha (and he'll pat his belly)...awesome, and yes, it is sticking. It makes us laugh...yes, we are that mature. This was a busy week for Judah with lots of firsts, but then again at ten weeks almost everything would be considered a "first". God has blessed our family so much and we never want to take a second of it for granted (however, we do all the time).

So, what did week ten bring? Well, he experienced his first big round of shots...lucky him. He was a first. He didn't even cry with the first shot, but the second one did him in...big time. He was fine after about five minutes, but he was spittin' mad. He weighed 11lbs. 12oz. (50%) and was almost 23in. (50%) (Hugh was 26lbs. 8oz. (25%) and almost 36in. (90%)...sorry Judah for the Hugh reference in your blog post, but I know I would forget if I didn't document somewhere)...he is getting big, but is smaller than Hugh at this age...we'll see what four months looks like. He is very healthy and happy. It brought his first trip to the zoo with cousins. I, of course, got terrible pictures and lets just say that the zoo is not on Judah's favorite list yet. He wasn't loving the whole stroller or Ergo experience...shocking to me...who wouldn't want to be sausaged into a tight carrier next to their Mama while they both sweat like hot pigs?!? Also, I realized (after said zoo trip) that he was running a fever all morning due to the shots the day before...yes, I am an amazing mother...simply amazing. Overall, the trip was fine and he survived...did I mention we are going back to the zoo this week? Should be a good time. We have learned that Judah loves to sleep. In a swing. The cradle swing. In a room. His dark room. In a house. His said house. He is PICKY where he sleeps and does not enjoy skipping different than Hubey. I love that fact that he sleeps, but sometimes would not mind a child who could be a bit more flexible...I am reminded that he is ten weeks and we will keep working on him being flexible...I can control it (or at least I am telling myself that). He still continues to sleep a lot and we normally have to wake him up at night since he doesn't wake up from his complaints here, none at all...maybe he'll be like our niece and sleep like twenty hours a day...until he is two years old (yes, she seriously does this...she is amazing). Hugh loves him so much and Judah feels the same (except when Hugh sits on him, which happened love and Hugh kept saying, "I wanna sit Judah." ah, no...bad idea). Judah was fussing this week and Hugh went to tickle sweet (where was I? Well, I choose not to comfort my children when I am watching tv...that is why I have older children...duh. Kidding...I was with our third child...Da Pump.) I love to see them together...I really love it. Judah experienced his first Halloween...he was one cute puppy. He spent the night trick-or-treating with his big boy cousins...sleeping on his jacket in my arms. I was shocked he didn't enjoy wearing a Halloween costume that was designed for children living in Alaska...seriously, so hot (but Hugh loved wearing his). He has started rolling from stomach to only happens sometimes, so I wouldn't say it is a done deal thing yet...and yes, he still hates being on his stomach. We took out the sleep positioner in his crib (yes, the ones that got recalled due to suffocation last month...we weren't worried about it...Jake is all about relaxie Daddy this time) because he is getting too big (sad). He sleeps with his arms cute. Overall, it was a busy week, but lots of always. We love Judah...Buddha!

It is crazy to see how different our little guys are, which we are thankful for...God makes us all different. Hugh's ten week post was titled "Battle of the Bottle" and Judah's should be titled "Eat, Eat, Eat"...we are so thankful we have a good eater this time around and no feeding issues. Unfortunately, I have nothing to blog about now...which we are thankful for...I NEVER need to experience feeding issues with a baby again...NEVER. We are thankful for God's faithfulness and everything He helped us learn during Hugh's first year of life, but we are glad to be in this stage now with Judah. Our God is so faithful!

We hope everyone is doing well and enjoyed a wonderful Halloween (no, we don't think Halloween is, yes, we celebrate I told my nephew last night, Halloween = candy...the more the better)!


AprilJ said...

You are a career blogger! Judah the Budah. He's going to LOVE that some day... I bet the zoo was stinky :) Bring that dog suit to AK, he'll need it even in the summer!

Amy said...

So glad Judah (Bear - that stuck with me, sorry) :) is eating, sleeping and growing so well. Praise God!

Filleman Family said...

I'm gonna just throw out there that I got him to sleep some decent stretches twice while holding him . . . soooo . . . in public when he can't be in his swing - I should probably get to hold him :) :) :)