Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Guy

Eleven weeks…solid into the double digits. And we cannot believe we are already at eleven weeks (I know, I know…I say the same thing every week…it is partly because I am really amazed and because I don’t know what else to say…give me a break). I have a feeling the next couple months will fly by due to the holidays and he’ll be four months (or eighteen weeks) before we know it! We are loving little Judah – he has such a sweet temperament. He seems to be fairly easy going …most of time…he is a baby and will always have his moments. We have no complaints (not that we would anyways, but it does tend to be my nature…sadly). We are thankful for both of our boys!

So, what did week eleven bring for Judah? It brought another trip to the zoo and this time he slept for a lot of the visit so he was much happier. He still became all done with the stroller and I didn’t even try the Ergo since I was already sweating like a monkey on her way to a science experiment. Overall, the trip was a success…we are a zoo family, so he is going to have to love the zoo. He has decided he can sleep other places…as long as a swing and sound machine are provided…check and check. He has started to get a little cradle cap (yucky…there are some seriously scary pics on the internet…we are not there yet)…so, we oiled him up (like a stuffed pig) with a little EVOO and that took care of that…I personally think Jake caused this…you can ask him about it. He enjoyed another birthday party for a cousin and his first train ride…don’t think he really noticed. He also saw a local tv celebrity, who happened to be wearing a flowery (trendy) shirt, track pants, and wedge heels…really, track pants with that outfit?!? Really? Okay, sorry…that has nothing to do with Judah, but really…track pants?!? He still does not enjoy his tummy time…clearly, he will not be a championship crawler like his big brother was…maybe he’ll walk sooner. He enjoyed his first full facial lick from a dog...he'll stick with women. He LOVES his hands...I think he desperately wants to be a thumb sucker...sweet (I am sure I won't think that when he is six and still doing it...can't really throw his thumbs in the trash). He still enjoys his half swaddle and loves himself some sleep. He prefers to be carried looking out…sad, no more cuddle time…why do they lose the cuddle time so quickly?!? He is a happy guy with lots of smiles for anybody who will look at him (sometimes I just find him staring at me waiting for me to look at him and when I do, he gives me the biggest smile…so sweet); however, he still gets crabby when we throw off his sleep schedule (like right now…as he is crying in the car since we woke him up…awesome). We have also found out that sometimes he doesn’t appreciate his brother’s loud voice or amazing singing voice in the car…shocker. Overall, no complaints for week eleven…he is for the most part a happy guy (with still some moments...he is just a baby). Crazy to think that next week is twelve weeks!

God is faithful…and we see it everyday and in every aspect of our lives. He has blessed us so much and we are so undeserving. We thank God for our very healthy boys. We hope everyone is doing well…thank you all for your prayers!


Amy said...

You are so handsome Judah! Love you sweet boy!

AprilJ said...

Clay keeps asking me if this is Hugh.. I guess they do look a lot alike :) Hugs to both boys.

Filleman Family said...

I was there . . and I DO think Jake caused the cradle cap :) I have that same parenting theory about "what comes around". Remind Mark of that all the time! Judah is such a sweet boy.