Monday, November 22, 2010


We all survived, and so now we are at week thirteen. Yes, the boys seemed to not notice my return to work, which I am thankful for…makes the transition a little easier. And did I survive? Well, obviously since I am typing the week thirteen post. It seemed easier this time around to return to work…not because I love Judah any less than Hugh, but I know the drill this time around. I missed my boys terribly, but knew they were in good hands, which helped to breathe a little easier. I seriously don’t know how working moms (outside the home…because we all know we ALL work!) do it…it is a lot and my heart goes out to them. Almost had a major crisis at work…I forgot my pump. This may not seem like a big deal, but it would be like going to work and forgetting to put your pants on…seriously. You know you can survive without your pants, but you’ll be uncomfortable and will really want your pants all day. I would rather have forgotten my pants…some people (namely my husband) say I have nice legs. Luckily, Jake was home with the boys that day and he drove our third child to me…crisis adverted. I did not make that mistake twice. Overall, the return to work was fine, but I still need to find a job where I get paid to stay at home.

So, what did week thirteen bring? Well, it brought Judah’s longest time away from Mama…and he did fine. He still had lots of smiles for whoever was watching him. He loves to be loved…sweet boy. He has been rolling over from his stomach to his back…oh wait, no he hasn’t…I found out this week that Hugh “helps” with this roll because he believes his brother needs a little “tummy time” Judah just rolls with it (ha, ha…get it…I know, cheesy). We continue to try to get him on a better schedule – bed by 8ish, but he keeps getting up at around 6ish…we would really prefer he pushes this to 7ish…I know, I know…he is only three months. He still naps well and is a good eater. It is so foreign to us to have a baby that can drink six ounces of milk in less than fifteen minutes. We use to spend hours trying to get Hugh to drink six ounces. He continues to become more and more alert and loves to stare at people…especially Hubey. He is fascinated with his big brother…and I love it. Best-friends for sure. I am trying to make sure I read to this one as much as I did with Hugh…it is hard…your first one gets all the time. We have started bringing out some toys for Judah…too bad he still keeps his hands very tight. He still enjoys his shower time (when he gets one)…this kid will love to get his face wet in the pool! He still has smiles all the time and is giggling more and more…we love it and love this boy! I cannot believe he’ll be three months next week…time doesn’t stop, not even for a minute and these babies become little boys and there is no going back…I need to enjoy every moment I have…and praise God for every moment.

Thanks to you all for your prayers. I am still trying to figure out how to get everything done and do it all with less sleep…it hasn’t worked out yet. I did, however, start some of the Insanity workouts…my version is the sane version…not a lot of jumping…the girls don’t like it. I still need to figure out the whole working out thing and fitting it all in…ah, the joys of being a mom and trying to do it all. I thank God for where He has me and we thank Him for how He always provides for us. Ah, onto another week!


Evy said...

I love his "mommy adores me" picture. So cute! :)

AprilJ said...

He is looking more like Jake than even Hugh... So sweet. Much to be thankful for.