Monday, November 15, 2010


Twelve weeks…unreal. The fact that it has been twelve weeks is unreal…absolutely unreal. You know what else is unreal; the fact that I will be returning to work tomorrow…yep, that is definitely unreal. I am a little bit shocked that it has been twelve weeks, and yes, I knew this day would come…it just always comes too fast. It came too fast with Hubey and it has come too fast with Judah. I am going to miss my boys like crazy this week – we have such a good thing going, but it is time…it has been twelve weeks. I need to live in Europe where they get like a year off or something crazy like that…yep, I need to live in Europe…and we would totally move there the first opportunity Jake gets! So, I must accept my unreal reality and go back to work…tomorrow.

So, what did week twelve bring for Judah? It was a big week…it brought giggles! And he giggled for me first…I know, I cannot believe it either! (I should mention that Jake really got a giggle fest out of him, but he did giggle for me first!) I love baby giggles…they are the sweetest. Did I mention he giggled for me first? Yay for me! Okay, moving on…moving on. He also rolled from his back to his stomach, but it was a total fluke since it hasn’t happened again. No worries – we are in no hurry to start any big milestones. He found his thumb! He definitely wants to be an official thumb sucker…looks like he’ll be there soon enough. He is officially out of his zero to three month clothes…so sad, and he actually looks like he already fills out his three to six month clothes! My baby needs to stop growing! We went back to the zoo again…and yep, still not a big fan. I think it is the stroller, which I know he’ll love one day…hopefully, soon. He enjoyed more cousin birthday parties and he continued to show his unwillingness to sleep anywhere but in a swing, his crib, or someone’s arms. We love all the cousin birthday parties, but it is hard to see them getting older knowing that my boys will be getting older as well…reality, harsh reality. His Papa noticed his slanted head (just like his Papa to pick out his flaws)…he is still cute, slanted head and all. He still seems to be fairly easy going except when he doesn’t want to be doing something…like hanging out in the stroller at the zoo. He still loves his shower time…when he sees the shower, which is about once a week (I know…sad). He is sweet with his rosy, sweet cheeks…like Santa Clause…I love those sweet cheeks. He has lots of smiles and loves to stare at you until you pick him up. He loves to be loved, and we love to love him. We are so thankful for this little guy!

And with work quickly approaching…how do I feel? I am okay…I don’t love leaving my boys, but I know they’ll be with people who love them…we have had to scramble a bit to find childcare over the next couple of weeks since my mom is gone, but we have found people and everyone will survive. I feel the heavy weight on my heart, but I know how sweet it is to come home to my boys after work (and I am so thankful I am only part-time). And I haven’t even bothered to try on my work clothes…we’ll see how tomorrow morning goes…my tears may start there, but at least I can always throw back on my belly band…right?!? I wish my muffin top would go away, but that would require working out, which doesn’t happen…ever. Sad, but true. I NEED to start working out and say bye to my muffin top…I should probably also stop eating all my treats, but at least my muffin top thanks me. Forget working out…I should just pick up some Spanx…seriously, I think I may look into Spanx. So, back to showering and back to work!

Thanks to you all for prayers – they are always appreciated!


AprilJ said...

You don't have any Spanx?! YES! Check it out.. it's the miracle worker (not that you need any miracles, I'm just saying....) Congrats on surviving your first day :)

Amy said...

To continue with the Spanx...get them at Last Chance! LIke an EIGHTH of the cost! Target also has their own version called "Assets"...I laugh every time. I'm so mature. Love those boys and look forward to hearing how you and they held up while you were gone. I wish I would've offered to help!