Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas for Judah in week eighteen! We had a wonderful Christmas celebrating with family and friends…except for the fact that Jake was SUPER sick. He is getting better now, but unfortunately, had to miss some of the Christmas extravaganza. And of course (as luck would have it…our family can thank us later), both boys now have fevers…who knows!?! We think Hugh’s is related to teething (yeah for the two year molars) and not sure with Judah…just running a little hot. Hopefully, we will all be healthy soon! Judah got to experience his first Christmas Festivus! Honestly, he slept for the majority of the fun – it was nice to be able to lay him down wherever and he would sleep…for night-time, he rocks the sleeping! And, we didn’t really get him anything since he is only four months old…don’t worry; we haven’t scarred him for life or anything. We are so thankful that Judah is part of our family and was able to spend Christmas with us! He is the best present our family was given this year!

So, what did week eighteen bring? Well, obviously…it brought his first Christmas! As stated above, he slept thru the majority of the festivities. He napped so much better this past week…praise God! Yes, he is still in the swing…and yes, we are okay with it…and yes, we know what all the books say about it. He does so much better when he gets a good nap…so, we’ll break the swing naps later. He is starting to grab a lot more at things and is really starting to enjoy toys. Unfortunately for him, his big brother tends to like every toy that he is playing with…such a shock. He likes to pull hair…hard…glad I got mine cut, but he’ll still pull it whenever he gets the chance. He also does this really sweet thing where he grabs the top of your shirt when you are holding him…so sweet. He still tries to eat his hands every chance he gets and sucks his thumb a lot…I know it can be a bad habit, but it is so cute. I get a little nervous for when he has teeth…I honestly think he may bite one of his fingers off. Also, he will take a Nuk – the Nuk brand, not the Soothie, but it is rare…but he’ll do it when he is really tired and just wants to sleep, but he won’t wake up when the nuk drops…which is wonderful (we always had to play the drop and replace game with Hubey). He LOVES his milk (finally someone who appreciates my hard work…my brutally painful, hard work!)…he actually starts kicking his legs and waving his arms when he sees his bottle and if you take away his bottle before he is done…he gets MAD. Just such a huge change for us – Hubey NEVER got excited – he HATED it. We love that he is an eater and is such an efficient eater…so nice. Nope, still haven’t started rice cereal…don’t think he needs it yet (even though some people think he is starving all the time), but Jake wants to start him on it…so, I see it happening very soon. He had his four month appointment – he weighs 15lbs. 2oz. (50%) and is 24.5in. (75%)…almost a pound more than Hubey at this age (he weighed more than a pound less than Hubey at birth) and about an inch shorter than Hubey…so, short and round…and jolly…just like Santa Claus. We are glad he is so healthy and such a good eater! He did well with his shots – not too much crying, but lots of complaining for the rest of the day…and a fever. Hopefully, he’ll feel better tomorrow. He also received a referral to be examined for plagiocephaly, which is a head shape deformity. Normally, they can be corrected by a band that he would wear for around twelve weeks…we don’t love the idea, but know God is in control over all things. We are familiar with the condition and the band since one of our nephews was diagnosed with this condition and had to wear the band. We realized when it rains it pours…this for Judah and surgery for Hubey for a hernia…like we stated above, God is in control and is so faithful to our family! Overall, Judah is doing great and he is the best Christmas gift!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We pray everyone knows the true gift of Christmas, which is salvation in Jesus Christ. All the toys and stuff fade into nothing, but the love of our Saviour is eternal!

(FYI…taking pics of your baby after a long day and shots in a Santa suit is never a good idea.)


AprilJ said...

So you got a sleeping baby for Christmas? Not bad ;) We missed you guys for sure. The pics are super cute. Love you!

Theresa said...

Judah is so cute! reminds me a little of my second cousin from CA...ANYWAY :) one of my boys napped in his swing until about 4 mos. old and some times got it in the night if he wasn't ready to go back to sleep when I was...(thinking it was ryan, i was on to the trick :)