Monday, December 6, 2010

Nap Hater

Here we are, week fifteen! Can you believe it?!? Week fifteen! And yes, our fifteen week old has become a TOTAL nap hater! A sad, but true statement over here in the Saylor house...sad, but true. Judah has decided he is way over naps and there is no convincing him…no convincing at all, sad…but true. He is still sleeping good at night (but will also cry out about forty minutes into sleeping), but naps are MISERABLE for us all. Where did my napping baby go?!? And where do I find him?!? I am trying really hard to be patient while waiting for this non-napping season to pass (it better pass), but it is HARD…really, really HARD. I think we were so spoiled on the front end with Judah – he was the BEST sleeper…and now, he isn’t…we were spoiled, so spoiled. So, we continue to pray for God’s wisdom and trust in Him, but it is hard sometimes…so hard. BUT, the week wasn’t miserable…we love our little guy and he is so sweet…just not napping. Ah, this too shall pass.

So, what did week fifteen bring? Well, besides the non-napping baby…it brought lots of smiles and more giggles! Judah is a happy guy even when he is not napping. He is getting better at playing on his mat and he loves to play in his bouncer and bat at the toys. He goes all crazy on them…pretty funny. Since he is a nap hater right now, we have tried to switch up his sleeping habits…so, we kicked his swaddle (we have committed to this one) and stopped the napping (or screaming…since there is no napping) in the swing (haven’t fully committed to this one yet…I would be more than willing to keep the swing naps if he would nap!). I am going a little crazy trying to figure out the “ideal” schedule…not sure if it exists, but I am searching to find it (and when I find it, I should document it…that would be the smart thing to do). I just don’t know what a schedule looks like for an almost four month old. (And yes, I know this is our second child, but Hugh never really had a great schedule.) Sometimes, these “seasons” can feel really long…really long, but I know they are so short. He continues to LOVE his older brother…even when he is laying on top of him. Hugh never gets old to Judah and I LOVE it. I’ll take all the sweetness now…not sure how it will all look in six months! We visited the doctor earlier in the week to figure out the screaming during naps and they have switched him to Prevacid – we’ll need to wait a week to see if this works for him. I really just wanted to bump up the Zantac dose, but the doctor we saw wasn’t having it. So, we switched meds…praying it helps. BUT really trying to put more of focus on God than a drug or doctor. We know God is faithful…we really don’t know that about anything else. We found out he is almost fourteen pounds…big boy! Looks like he is going to outgrow his brother by his four month appointment…we keep telling Hugh to watch out, Judah is going to be bigger than him! He LOVES himself the TV…awesome. We never let Hugh watch TV and now we have an addict on our hands with Judah…successful parenting at it’s best. We are finding out he is not a pacifier baby – still trying to figure out his thumbs, but would rather pass on any pacifiers (I have tried all kinds)…sad day, but at least I won’t have another two-year-old asking for his nukie all day long (yep, over a month later and Hugh still has very fond memories). Judah loves singing – he appreciates my amazing vocals. He is figuring life out…at fifteen weeks, there is a lot to figure out. (We hope he figures out naps.)

So, I am learning to be patient and not forget how INCREDIBLY blessed we are…even in a house of a non-napping infant and a non-stop sick two-year-old (yes, Hugh has been sick for over two weeks!). Sometimes, I can lose sight of the fact that God is so good to us…even when we are lost in the desert. We have so much to be thankful for – that is what I want to focus on…not on my agenda. My agenda may look really good (to me), but it isn’t always God’s plan (shocker). So, I stop and turn to focus on Christ and know that He will make my paths straight.


Heidi Cassaday said...

Nap hater?? Oh no, no, no. Little Judah you should be a nap lover. They are what keeps mom's and dad's sane. Hey I thought second children were supposed to be excellent sleepers that can sleep through anything? HOpefully soon he will hold to that theory...

AprilJ said...

When Clay was 4 months old, he declared a moratorium on sleep of all kinds (while Clayton was in Iraq). It was horrible but it passed.. Hang in there. Down with sickness. I've had something for a week!! Be well!!!! Love lots.

Amy said...

The boys are so cute...even cuter when they sleep! I will be praying for you that this all changes! I'm encouraged that you trust God through this!!! :)

The Martins said...

Exodus 15:2
" The LORD is my strength and song,And He has become my salvation; This is my God, and I will praise Him; My father's God, and I will extol Him."

Oh, sometimes I feel like I'm reading my blog from 4 years ago (which I kept in my head). :)
Praying for rest in your heart, even when there is little rest for your body.