Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Cold

Judah has another cold in week twenty-three…this season needs to end already. I was fairly certain he had another ear infection, but then he slept all night last night…so, we decided to save ourselves the co-pay, a lot of car time, and the likelihood of leaving with an even worse infection…and skip the doctor. Hopefully, we won’t regret that decision tomorrow. So, this has been a “sick” week…tough time eating and sleeping…we know the drill. But Judah has still been super happy…lots of smiles. He doesn’t seem to mind the interrupted sleep throughout the night…like his Mama and Dada. So, here is to hoping this cold passes and that this season passes even sooner!

So, what did week twenty-three bring for Judah? Well, fortunately for us, he still doesn’t mind the band. And nope, still haven’t “blinged” it out – still waiting on the order to come...this week…promise. He is really trying to roll over from his back to his tummy…too bad he has a left arm. He would totally have it down if it wasn’t for that darned left arm. However, he truly enjoys that left arm to grab at EVERYTHING…and pull everything…includes Jake’s chest wig. He tried carrots this week and he likes them, but not as much as he enjoys the rice cereal…still don’t get that one. He acts like he wants everything we are eating, but hasn’t really enjoyed anything we have let him try…like dairy, honey, or peanut butter…kidding, we know the rules. I do think he enjoys the rice cereal more than milk…the blood, sweat, and tears I put into that milk and my boys have no love…whatever, I am over it. Judah is more serious than Hugh and won’t just bust into smile because someone looks at him – they need to work at it a little more to get a smile from him. But when he does stare at you and smile…it is worth it. He has the best stare and smile…melts my heart every time. So, we have decided we need to start the transition from the swing to the bed for naps…not looking forward to it, but it is needed. Why? Yes, he fell out of the swing…and no, I didn’t notice right away. I heard him cry out, but he does that at times…so, I thought nothing of it. Then I checked the monitor and the swing was all white – being the smart mother I am, I thought he must have fully covered himself from head to toe with the back of his blanket (he would have had to flip this blanket over and pull it over his head and then straighten it out to pull over his feet…not completely out of the realm of possibility for a five and a half month old?!?). So, I thought nothing of it. And then I heard the swing start to sound like it was dying, which is never a good thing because he’ll wake up when the swing dies. So, I check the monitor again and I see movement under the swing. This time I realize that there is NO baby in the swing and I run back and find him on the ground…under the swing and grabbing at the swing.

Yep, he was having a great time. I hear myself say many times throughout the day, “Sure glad he has a helmet.” So, he was safe…but we think it is time to move him out of the swing…this weekend we will start…oh joy. He seems to really enjoy the Ergo now and I love it too – SO much better than the Bjorn – seriously, there is no comparison in my opinion. He has also started pulling on the toys on his play mat and his mobile – crazy to think we’ll already be putting toys away. He drools all the time and is a biter (he gets that from Jake), but no teeth – think we still have a few more months on teeth. He is a sweet baby – lots of love for our Judah Bear!

Overall, it was another great week…at least for Judah. Not so much for Hugh’s hair…luckily, we don’t find our worth in our hair. AND he’ll be a shoe-in for Lloyd in another Dumb and Dumber film.

Thanks for all your prayers!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Still Going...

Week twenty-two and officially five months old! We cannot believe it has already been five months!?! Almost time to get ready to celebrate a half birthday. It is seriously crazy how fast the time goes by – I swear my days are measured by pumping sessions and my weeks by blogging. It has been a long time since I felt like my days dragged, which is a good thing. This last week was a bit crazy – Hugh had his surgery (thank you for your prayers – he is healing) and we watched A LOT of bideos (as Hugh calls them). So, Judah also got to watch A LOT of bideos – yes, I am fully aware that I am failing as a mom with letting him watch TV. He loves it – I cannot help that, but I am really trying to curb the love. So, this week wasn’t too eventful for Judah – not every week can be exciting.

So, what did week twenty-two bring for Judah? Well, he is still doing fine with the helmet – no bling yet, but the order was placed today…so bling (aka “stickers”) are coming. He continues to be very vocal and loves to growl…very loudly. His new thing is, he likes to snuggle into you and bite your shoulder (that is a total Jake thing – watch out). Nothing new developmentally to report – no rolling yet…I think the helmet makes him like a cat with a sock over its head (if you don’t know what I am talking about, try it – it is funny). He continues to be very purposeful with his playing and grabs at everything…everything. And he has daggers for fingernails and they hurt like the dickens…and yes, I know we can fix that…darn laziness, but they grow so quickly. He could be the most distracted eater ever. Seriously, a kid can sneeze down the street and he needs to stop eating to check it out. Why can’t I just have babies that like to gulp down their milk?!? Is that too much to ask?!? He is still enjoying his solid feedings with rice cereal still being the fave. He tried avocado and the jury is still out on that one. He also tried Gerber bananas and prefers that to fresh bananas – what can I say; he prefers a little preservative in his food. We are a preservative family – not going to deny it…we are a non-organic, gluten loaded, heavy dairy, sugar overload, additive loving family…yes we are and proud of it. At stated above, he loves himself some TV – whatever…as long as some crazy characters are signing and dancing on the TV…he is watching it and loving it. He sat in the highchair – way better than the Bumbo for eating. He is starting to wear six to nine months clothes and we always think it will be so huge on him and then he fits into just fine. I have been thinking about breaking the swing naps…I think about it everyday and then when it is naptime – my sanity kicks in (we all know I am not trying to win mother of the year) and I put him in the swing. And during nap, I hear the swing crying to me…”Judah too heavy, Judah too heavy”…oh well swing, buck up and do your job…until Judah really does break your motor.

He is starting to enjoy being read to a little more – we are a reading family, get on the bus Judah. He is still so ticklish and it is cute to hear him squeal in anticipation of being tickled – I look at it as torture, but he looks at it as pure enjoyment. He still LOVES to be held…by anyone (need to find a trained monkey). Still doesn’t like to take a pacifier…yes, it has been five months and I am still trying…I am no quitter. However, he’ll suck his thumb at times and it is so cute. BUT, I still hear myself saying many times, “Life would be easier if this boy took a pacifier.” He is a sweet boy – super cute and animated…we are so excited to see his personality come out a little more each day. God has truly blessed us!

We thank you all for your continued prayers. God is very faithful to us. I am reminded of His incredible grace in our lives as well. He saved us while we were still sinners – nothing else needs to be said. Our God is awesome and we pray our boys know the incredible love of our Lord and Saviour! We pray you all know it!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Helmet Head

Judah is officially rolling with his helmet head in week twenty-one. Yep, officially a helmet head…well, a band head. And he looks good sporting it – it doesn’t matter what he rolls with…he is cute with anything…even a big, white band wrapped around his head. Honestly, it hasn’t bothered him at all, which has been a huge answer to prayer. He takes his new look in stride and we look forward to when he has a nice, round head and doesn’t have to sport the band. We still haven’t officially “blinged” the band, but we have some ideas and should have something in the next week or so…and, it will be church appropriate. We are thankful that we are able to do this for Judah, and that it will be done in a short period of time. God is so faithful to our family!

So, what did week twenty-one bring? Well, obviously…it brought his fancy band. And with the fancy band brought “fat pirate”…my new nickname for him. You see, the band pushes the fat on his forehead down and makes him have a serious face, well, when he smiles – his nose gets all scrunched up and one eye kind of closes…hence, “fat pirate”. Ah, love my “fat pirate”. They say the band will not affect his development, but I swear he would have rolled over today if he didn’t have the band…oh well, I am sure it is all in my head. Judah gets so sweaty in the band – so sad…it stinks, and he stinks…poor buddy. Glad he isn’t wearing this in the summer – it would be miserable. We now bathe him everyday – sort of a requirement with the band…and we should bathe him everyday since we bathe our firstborn everyday. He wears his band for twenty-three hours a day – the one hour break is for bath time. He is a total water baby, which is great. People have been saying that he looks like me (maybe, I look like a fat pirate)...I think it is the eyes. We are so curious to see who he'll like...maybe those Johnson genes came to the party this time. He seems to be sleeping well again, which is so great for me (yes, this is a me focus…a sane Mama makes for happy children). He tried bananas this week…not a huge fan (which is fine with me…I think bananas are nasty, but I do like banana baby food…go figure). He loves the rice cereal…that I cannot understand. I think I would prefer bananas over rice cereal. We are going to keep introducing new foods…so fun to have a baby that actually likes to eat them…such a different experience this time around. He is still completely enthralled with his brother – no one makes him light up like Hubey does every time. He is still enjoying his mat time and hasn’t started ripping down the toys just yet. He likes the jumper toy, but I think Hubey likes it more. He loves TV and I feel like a terrible mom for letting him watch it, but it is pretty cute to see him and Hubey sitting on the couch and watching a video…don’t worry, it is not all the time. He is quite the talker and likes to be heard. He is getting too big and I cannot believe he is going to be five months next week...seriously, how did that happen?!? He is still so super sweet and easy going for the most part. We love our Judah Bear!

Thank you to all for your prayers. We have seen God answer so many of them this past week. We know God is faithful to us even we are not faithful to Him…it is sad, but very true. Honestly, I have already gotten so use to Judah wearing the band, that is a little weird to see him without it on…the band has become part of the family!

Monday, January 10, 2011

On the Road...

To recovery in week twenty for Judah. Or, at least we hope he is…he has been on amoxicillin for the last week and he has been sleeping better…so, seems better to me. You see, as long as a baby is sleeping…then he is well enough for me. And, I would really like to not go back to PCH – we are already there every week…I told Jake I should get a parking space. Sickness for little ones is tough since they cannot communicate (and yes, I know there are those magic people out there who can interpret a baby’s cry…I am not one of them…crying is crying in this house). So, we are hoping for a healthy Saylor family – it has been too long…way too long.

So, what did week twenty bring? Well, it brought his fitting for his band, which he gets on Friday. In the past, they use to use plaster over the child’s head for the fitting – sounds absolutely horrible to me…luckily now, they have a 3D image machine that does it all for you now…gotta love technology. He did have to have a stocking cap pulled over his head and he was cool with it…so cool with it that they said (I assume they were joking) it seemed like he had done this before…no, we don’t normally put stocking caps over our babies' heads except when we do our training for them to rob a bank, which doesn’t come until they can walk. Kidding, of course. He did great and now we are just really trying to figure out some “funny” things for the band – have struggled with finding a saying that is church appropriate (“You know what they say about big heads…” – you see, not church appropriate). I thought about a BUSINESS sticker in the front and a PARTY sticker in the back (you know, business in the front, party in the back – the mullet statement – I would have really bedazzled the PARTY sticker). So, any ideas would be appreciated. I need to decide by this weekend. I actually think the band will provide him protection – Hubey started throwing his Magneatos at Judah’s head today…the band will provide great coverage. I have seen him sucking his thumb while sleeping – now, I don’t want a third grader sucking his thumb, but right now – it is so cute, I love it. We busted out his super cool jumparoo – he digs it…and so does Hubey. What is the draw with the baby toys? He is doing much better with his rice cereal this week – I think he actually likes it. We’ll start to introduce some other goodies in a couple of weeks. We are still working hard on his stretches to help with the torticollis, but he really hates them. He is doing better sleeping, but still not back to normal – hoping we see 100% back to normal this week. He is still grabbing at everything – including people, especially Hubey. He is still a super wiggle worm and I have really noticed that I need to be careful with the Bumbo on elevated surfaces (and yes, I have read the warning that the Bumbo should never be on an elevated surface – got it) – he likes to arch his back to try to get out (glad that band is coming). Honestly, I think he will be getting too big for the Bumbo soon, sadly – his brother still fits in it. He is trying to sit-up and still needs to learn to roll to his tummy. He is still absolutely enamored with his big brother and luckily, the feeling is 100% mutual. He is doing great – lots of giggles, a smile that melts your heart, and overall such a sweet, sweet disposition.

We are really hoping the band doesn’t cause any developmental delays (they say it shouldn’t) or any sleeping problems (for my sanity – seriously). And I really need to have a happy heart about driving to PCH every week…glad we have memberships to the Children’s Museum and Zoo. We know God is faithful through all things – we see it all the time. So, we just need to trust in Him. We thank everyone for their prayers!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


And how could I forget my first son? And I didn’t…just lost track of time because it goes so fast (the weeks and months, not the hours at times). And this post will now be about our first son, Hugh or Hubey as we so affectionately call him. And he is two and sometimes we see some terrible twos come out and we like it better when he is a sweet two rather than a terrible two. And he is sweet…the majority of time. And he is healthy…finally. And he loves to talk, but you would never know it…he is SO shy! And he likes to be coy…around strangers because he won’t speak to them (we are working on this). And he is smart (I know every parent says this…as they should)…six letters shy of knowing all the letters of the alphabet and he can count to ten and he still knows all of his colors and knows his animals and is starting to learn his shapes. And yes, I am bragging – he is our son and we are so proud of him. And he loves to learn, but when he is done – he is done. And I have to learn not to push because I am a pusher (of education that is). And he still appreciates a constant playmate – we are both patiently waiting for Judah to become that playmate. And he loves Judah – with everything in him, he loves his little brother. And I love that he loves him. And I love that one day they will be great friends. And if you ask him who his best friend is, he’ll say Judah.

And he still loves to sing and to watch people sing – dvds and on YouTube. And he likes to watch tv (didn’t think that was ever going to happen), but he’ll really only sit and watch the singing dvd. And Twinkle, Twinkle and Holy, Holy, Holy are his favorite songs. And blue is his favorite color, which he says in the cutest way. And he loves to be silly and talk in a silly voice. And we love that he is so silly. And he makes us laugh. And he likes to get out of bed. And that doesn’t make us laugh. And when he gets out of bed at like six in the morning, he always come running in with a popsicle and exclaiming, “I get a popsicle for going poop in the potty!” And that makes us laugh. And he'll probably still be getting potty treats when he is twelve. And he likes to be a big help around the house. And we hope that he still is when he is twelve. And he can whine. And it makes my ears bleed. And I know I whine too. And he loves to play with Judah’s toys. And I don’t know why. And he has started to say “why”. And that will drive me to an early grave. And he loves to go bye-bye. And most of the time we stay at home. And he would always prefer to go bye-bye. And I am sure he’ll love homeschooling when he never goes bye-bye. And he asked me to marry him tonight. And it took a little prodding from me, but I think it is legit. And no, I don’t really want to marry him – I am already married. And sometimes he likes to put vasoline in his hair. And he can name almost all of his family members. And he loves to talk about all of his cousins. And most older girls to him are Kara (his cousin) – but they aren’t really. And almost all babies are Judah…even the ones with big head bows. And those babies aren’t Judah – we don’t roll that way at the Saylor house. And he would eat treats all day if we'd let him. And he’ll drink milk…brown milk, which is still milk in this house (had to eat my words with that one). And he has started eating vegetables. And no, the world did not end much to my surprise. And he’ll eat almost anything to get to the treat. And yes, we are teaching him that dessert comes with every meal. And why not? And we are thankful he is eating and God has made all of that a distant memory.

And he loves to hear his Bible stories and learn verses and we love it. And we pray with everything in us that God will radically change this little one’s heart (and Judah too). And we pray that he will do awesome works for God’s Kingdom one day. And we pray he knows the amazing love of God from a young age. And we pray that he realizes life is truly not living away from God. And we pray that God spares him great heartache in his life. And we love this boy with a fierce love. And we want to protect him from everything. And he needs surgery. And we don’t like it, but we know it is best for him. And it makes my heart ache. And I know God is in control. And we pray God’s hand is always on this little boy of ours. And we thank God everyday for blessing us with our wonderful son.

And I am sure my husband is having a nervous breakdown from my incredible grammar skills. And I will end it now!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Rough Week

Hard to believe it is already 2011…but it is, it really is…and Judah has celebrated week nineteen for the New Year! Yep, Judah has officially been with our family (outside of the womb) for nineteen weeks! Crazy how fast time flies, but it really does…not every moment because clearly this has been a long, rough week…but it is all worth it…even the VERY long weeks! Why such a rough week? More sickness in the Saylor house…Judah has a cold, which has now become an ear infection and it is lingering and he is not sleeping at night very well (like crying out four to five times a night). So, makes for a rough week. It feels like sickness has been in our house since Thanksgiving…no joke; however, it should be noted that I (being the stronger sex) have not gotten sick at all (and no, I am not worried about the blog curse). So, here is hoping to healthier and more restful week.

So, what did week nineteen bring? Well, it brought the New Year and it ended the year with a cold, as stated above. My boys and their colds…like their best-friends that never leave. So, he has been sleeping really poorly and it is getting draining. It has been so nice having Jake home these last two weeks and I am going to be VERY sad to see him go back to work. The boys have also loved having Jake home and now they are going to be stuck with boring Mama…oh, well...such is life. So, with Judah’s cold has brought the nose sucker, which he HATES with everything in him. He also HATES getting his nose wiped, which we are doing all the time – he makes the process into a contact sport. He had his appointment to get his head checked out and he suffers from moderate plagiocephaly and torticollis. We have decided to go with a band that he will wear from eight to ten weeks. He’ll be fitted within the next month. We decided that we cannot know he has a jack-y head and not do anything about it – that would be wrong for us to do to him. So, we are going to fix his jack-y head and when he asks why he has to go to ASU (because this band is pricey), we’ll tell him that at least you don’t have a jack-y head! He’ll have to wear it for twenty-three hours a day, which is such a bummer…but it will go by fast and he won’t even remember any of this…and it will give him some added protection from his big brother. Should have focused more on tummy time, but we don’t really know if we could have prevented this condition or not…so, we just focus on what we can do about it now. Now to thinking how to decorate it…or bling it...cannot leave it just white so we’ll see. He tried rice cereal (Jake won this battle)…can’t tell if he really likes it or not (who would?!?). I think he is too congested right now to really figure out the whole rice cereal thing – so, we’ll try more once he is feeling better. He seems to love his amoxicillin, and I don’t blame him – still have fond memories of taking that pink goodness as a child. He loves having a “cuddle” by his face (cuddle = soft blanket) – just like his big brother. He grabs at EVERYTHING – pens, glasses, food, you name it and he is grabbing it. He wants everything we have and gets frustrated when he cannot get what he wants. He is still trying to roll to his tummy from his back. He totally lights up every time Hubey is around – he loves his big brother! Jake can really get him going on total giggle fits – so cute. He really wants to sit-up, but he is not there yet – he is working on those tummy muscles (I should be too…working on my tummy muscles that is…I can already sit-up). We cannot wait to see what his personality is going to be like. He is sweet – lots of smiles and laughs. Hopefully, he’ll turn back to his normal happy, sleeping self soon…very soon!

Thanks to you all for your prayers. Hoping 2011 is a wonderful year for you all and for our family as well. It is starting out a little different than we would have hoped, but we know God is good and always in control. We are thankful for His love and pray our focus will be on Him for 2011!