Saturday, January 8, 2011


And how could I forget my first son? And I didn’t…just lost track of time because it goes so fast (the weeks and months, not the hours at times). And this post will now be about our first son, Hugh or Hubey as we so affectionately call him. And he is two and sometimes we see some terrible twos come out and we like it better when he is a sweet two rather than a terrible two. And he is sweet…the majority of time. And he is healthy…finally. And he loves to talk, but you would never know it…he is SO shy! And he likes to be coy…around strangers because he won’t speak to them (we are working on this). And he is smart (I know every parent says this…as they should)…six letters shy of knowing all the letters of the alphabet and he can count to ten and he still knows all of his colors and knows his animals and is starting to learn his shapes. And yes, I am bragging – he is our son and we are so proud of him. And he loves to learn, but when he is done – he is done. And I have to learn not to push because I am a pusher (of education that is). And he still appreciates a constant playmate – we are both patiently waiting for Judah to become that playmate. And he loves Judah – with everything in him, he loves his little brother. And I love that he loves him. And I love that one day they will be great friends. And if you ask him who his best friend is, he’ll say Judah.

And he still loves to sing and to watch people sing – dvds and on YouTube. And he likes to watch tv (didn’t think that was ever going to happen), but he’ll really only sit and watch the singing dvd. And Twinkle, Twinkle and Holy, Holy, Holy are his favorite songs. And blue is his favorite color, which he says in the cutest way. And he loves to be silly and talk in a silly voice. And we love that he is so silly. And he makes us laugh. And he likes to get out of bed. And that doesn’t make us laugh. And when he gets out of bed at like six in the morning, he always come running in with a popsicle and exclaiming, “I get a popsicle for going poop in the potty!” And that makes us laugh. And he'll probably still be getting potty treats when he is twelve. And he likes to be a big help around the house. And we hope that he still is when he is twelve. And he can whine. And it makes my ears bleed. And I know I whine too. And he loves to play with Judah’s toys. And I don’t know why. And he has started to say “why”. And that will drive me to an early grave. And he loves to go bye-bye. And most of the time we stay at home. And he would always prefer to go bye-bye. And I am sure he’ll love homeschooling when he never goes bye-bye. And he asked me to marry him tonight. And it took a little prodding from me, but I think it is legit. And no, I don’t really want to marry him – I am already married. And sometimes he likes to put vasoline in his hair. And he can name almost all of his family members. And he loves to talk about all of his cousins. And most older girls to him are Kara (his cousin) – but they aren’t really. And almost all babies are Judah…even the ones with big head bows. And those babies aren’t Judah – we don’t roll that way at the Saylor house. And he would eat treats all day if we'd let him. And he’ll drink milk…brown milk, which is still milk in this house (had to eat my words with that one). And he has started eating vegetables. And no, the world did not end much to my surprise. And he’ll eat almost anything to get to the treat. And yes, we are teaching him that dessert comes with every meal. And why not? And we are thankful he is eating and God has made all of that a distant memory.

And he loves to hear his Bible stories and learn verses and we love it. And we pray with everything in us that God will radically change this little one’s heart (and Judah too). And we pray that he will do awesome works for God’s Kingdom one day. And we pray he knows the amazing love of God from a young age. And we pray that he realizes life is truly not living away from God. And we pray that God spares him great heartache in his life. And we love this boy with a fierce love. And we want to protect him from everything. And he needs surgery. And we don’t like it, but we know it is best for him. And it makes my heart ache. And I know God is in control. And we pray God’s hand is always on this little boy of ours. And we thank God everyday for blessing us with our wonderful son.

And I am sure my husband is having a nervous breakdown from my incredible grammar skills. And I will end it now!


Melissa said...
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The Motor Moron said...

Last picture of Hubey (shirt off, butt crack exposed) is a carbon copy of Brendan. Good luck keeping his pants up, it hasn't worked for us yet, and B is almost 6!

AprilJ said...

The butt hanging out is a bona fide Johnson trait for sure. Clayton passed it to Kara!! Cute for boys, not too cute for the girls, unfortunately. Good luck with that. The pics are totally cute. He's getting big!

Amy said... are not alone with all the hopes that a mommy has for her boys :) (and girl).