Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Cold

Judah has another cold in week twenty-three…this season needs to end already. I was fairly certain he had another ear infection, but then he slept all night last night…so, we decided to save ourselves the co-pay, a lot of car time, and the likelihood of leaving with an even worse infection…and skip the doctor. Hopefully, we won’t regret that decision tomorrow. So, this has been a “sick” week…tough time eating and sleeping…we know the drill. But Judah has still been super happy…lots of smiles. He doesn’t seem to mind the interrupted sleep throughout the night…like his Mama and Dada. So, here is to hoping this cold passes and that this season passes even sooner!

So, what did week twenty-three bring for Judah? Well, fortunately for us, he still doesn’t mind the band. And nope, still haven’t “blinged” it out – still waiting on the order to come...this week…promise. He is really trying to roll over from his back to his tummy…too bad he has a left arm. He would totally have it down if it wasn’t for that darned left arm. However, he truly enjoys that left arm to grab at EVERYTHING…and pull everything…includes Jake’s chest wig. He tried carrots this week and he likes them, but not as much as he enjoys the rice cereal…still don’t get that one. He acts like he wants everything we are eating, but hasn’t really enjoyed anything we have let him try…like dairy, honey, or peanut butter…kidding, we know the rules. I do think he enjoys the rice cereal more than milk…the blood, sweat, and tears I put into that milk and my boys have no love…whatever, I am over it. Judah is more serious than Hugh and won’t just bust into smile because someone looks at him – they need to work at it a little more to get a smile from him. But when he does stare at you and smile…it is worth it. He has the best stare and smile…melts my heart every time. So, we have decided we need to start the transition from the swing to the bed for naps…not looking forward to it, but it is needed. Why? Yes, he fell out of the swing…and no, I didn’t notice right away. I heard him cry out, but he does that at times…so, I thought nothing of it. Then I checked the monitor and the swing was all white – being the smart mother I am, I thought he must have fully covered himself from head to toe with the back of his blanket (he would have had to flip this blanket over and pull it over his head and then straighten it out to pull over his feet…not completely out of the realm of possibility for a five and a half month old?!?). So, I thought nothing of it. And then I heard the swing start to sound like it was dying, which is never a good thing because he’ll wake up when the swing dies. So, I check the monitor again and I see movement under the swing. This time I realize that there is NO baby in the swing and I run back and find him on the ground…under the swing and grabbing at the swing.

Yep, he was having a great time. I hear myself say many times throughout the day, “Sure glad he has a helmet.” So, he was safe…but we think it is time to move him out of the swing…this weekend we will start…oh joy. He seems to really enjoy the Ergo now and I love it too – SO much better than the Bjorn – seriously, there is no comparison in my opinion. He has also started pulling on the toys on his play mat and his mobile – crazy to think we’ll already be putting toys away. He drools all the time and is a biter (he gets that from Jake), but no teeth – think we still have a few more months on teeth. He is a sweet baby – lots of love for our Judah Bear!

Overall, it was another great week…at least for Judah. Not so much for Hugh’s hair…luckily, we don’t find our worth in our hair. AND he’ll be a shoe-in for Lloyd in another Dumb and Dumber film.

Thanks for all your prayers!


Amy said...

I have had many near falls in the swing as well...not me, the babies. I was dying laughing about Hugh's hair comment...I think he looks cute!

AprilJ said...

I had to laugh about Hugh's hair as well. Too funny. I don't think my kids ever fell out of the swing but Kara did pitch herself out of her crib at about age 12 months. We went in to get her up from her nap (she took 4 hour naps in the afternoons) and she wasn't in her bed. Just before I freaked out, my friend saw her in her clothes basket on the floor... asleep. Best. mother. ever.