Monday, January 17, 2011

Helmet Head

Judah is officially rolling with his helmet head in week twenty-one. Yep, officially a helmet head…well, a band head. And he looks good sporting it – it doesn’t matter what he rolls with…he is cute with anything…even a big, white band wrapped around his head. Honestly, it hasn’t bothered him at all, which has been a huge answer to prayer. He takes his new look in stride and we look forward to when he has a nice, round head and doesn’t have to sport the band. We still haven’t officially “blinged” the band, but we have some ideas and should have something in the next week or so…and, it will be church appropriate. We are thankful that we are able to do this for Judah, and that it will be done in a short period of time. God is so faithful to our family!

So, what did week twenty-one bring? Well, obviously…it brought his fancy band. And with the fancy band brought “fat pirate”…my new nickname for him. You see, the band pushes the fat on his forehead down and makes him have a serious face, well, when he smiles – his nose gets all scrunched up and one eye kind of closes…hence, “fat pirate”. Ah, love my “fat pirate”. They say the band will not affect his development, but I swear he would have rolled over today if he didn’t have the band…oh well, I am sure it is all in my head. Judah gets so sweaty in the band – so sad…it stinks, and he stinks…poor buddy. Glad he isn’t wearing this in the summer – it would be miserable. We now bathe him everyday – sort of a requirement with the band…and we should bathe him everyday since we bathe our firstborn everyday. He wears his band for twenty-three hours a day – the one hour break is for bath time. He is a total water baby, which is great. People have been saying that he looks like me (maybe, I look like a fat pirate)...I think it is the eyes. We are so curious to see who he'll like...maybe those Johnson genes came to the party this time. He seems to be sleeping well again, which is so great for me (yes, this is a me focus…a sane Mama makes for happy children). He tried bananas this week…not a huge fan (which is fine with me…I think bananas are nasty, but I do like banana baby food…go figure). He loves the rice cereal…that I cannot understand. I think I would prefer bananas over rice cereal. We are going to keep introducing new foods…so fun to have a baby that actually likes to eat them…such a different experience this time around. He is still completely enthralled with his brother – no one makes him light up like Hubey does every time. He is still enjoying his mat time and hasn’t started ripping down the toys just yet. He likes the jumper toy, but I think Hubey likes it more. He loves TV and I feel like a terrible mom for letting him watch it, but it is pretty cute to see him and Hubey sitting on the couch and watching a video…don’t worry, it is not all the time. He is quite the talker and likes to be heard. He is getting too big and I cannot believe he is going to be five months next week...seriously, how did that happen?!? He is still so super sweet and easy going for the most part. We love our Judah Bear!

Thank you to all for your prayers. We have seen God answer so many of them this past week. We know God is faithful to us even we are not faithful to Him…it is sad, but very true. Honestly, I have already gotten so use to Judah wearing the band, that is a little weird to see him without it on…the band has become part of the family!


Heidi said...

Oh my, that boy is so cute! Your description of him being a pirate made me to hear that Hugh is his biggest fan.

Amy said...

That's so funny, I did see the eye scrunch today when he gave me that sweet Judah smile. Fat pirate - you are so hilarious!

AprilJ said...

Good point about the helmet in the summer.. that would be miserable. Cant wait to see it all tricked out. Hopefully we'll get to meet pirate baby before too long.

Cristina said...

I agree, he loos adorable with the helmet, good pracitce for when he plays football!