Monday, January 3, 2011

Rough Week

Hard to believe it is already 2011…but it is, it really is…and Judah has celebrated week nineteen for the New Year! Yep, Judah has officially been with our family (outside of the womb) for nineteen weeks! Crazy how fast time flies, but it really does…not every moment because clearly this has been a long, rough week…but it is all worth it…even the VERY long weeks! Why such a rough week? More sickness in the Saylor house…Judah has a cold, which has now become an ear infection and it is lingering and he is not sleeping at night very well (like crying out four to five times a night). So, makes for a rough week. It feels like sickness has been in our house since Thanksgiving…no joke; however, it should be noted that I (being the stronger sex) have not gotten sick at all (and no, I am not worried about the blog curse). So, here is hoping to healthier and more restful week.

So, what did week nineteen bring? Well, it brought the New Year and it ended the year with a cold, as stated above. My boys and their colds…like their best-friends that never leave. So, he has been sleeping really poorly and it is getting draining. It has been so nice having Jake home these last two weeks and I am going to be VERY sad to see him go back to work. The boys have also loved having Jake home and now they are going to be stuck with boring Mama…oh, well...such is life. So, with Judah’s cold has brought the nose sucker, which he HATES with everything in him. He also HATES getting his nose wiped, which we are doing all the time – he makes the process into a contact sport. He had his appointment to get his head checked out and he suffers from moderate plagiocephaly and torticollis. We have decided to go with a band that he will wear from eight to ten weeks. He’ll be fitted within the next month. We decided that we cannot know he has a jack-y head and not do anything about it – that would be wrong for us to do to him. So, we are going to fix his jack-y head and when he asks why he has to go to ASU (because this band is pricey), we’ll tell him that at least you don’t have a jack-y head! He’ll have to wear it for twenty-three hours a day, which is such a bummer…but it will go by fast and he won’t even remember any of this…and it will give him some added protection from his big brother. Should have focused more on tummy time, but we don’t really know if we could have prevented this condition or not…so, we just focus on what we can do about it now. Now to thinking how to decorate it…or bling it...cannot leave it just white so we’ll see. He tried rice cereal (Jake won this battle)…can’t tell if he really likes it or not (who would?!?). I think he is too congested right now to really figure out the whole rice cereal thing – so, we’ll try more once he is feeling better. He seems to love his amoxicillin, and I don’t blame him – still have fond memories of taking that pink goodness as a child. He loves having a “cuddle” by his face (cuddle = soft blanket) – just like his big brother. He grabs at EVERYTHING – pens, glasses, food, you name it and he is grabbing it. He wants everything we have and gets frustrated when he cannot get what he wants. He is still trying to roll to his tummy from his back. He totally lights up every time Hubey is around – he loves his big brother! Jake can really get him going on total giggle fits – so cute. He really wants to sit-up, but he is not there yet – he is working on those tummy muscles (I should be too…working on my tummy muscles that is…I can already sit-up). We cannot wait to see what his personality is going to be like. He is sweet – lots of smiles and laughs. Hopefully, he’ll turn back to his normal happy, sleeping self soon…very soon!

Thanks to you all for your prayers. Hoping 2011 is a wonderful year for you all and for our family as well. It is starting out a little different than we would have hoped, but we know God is good and always in control. We are thankful for His love and pray our focus will be on Him for 2011!


AprilJ said...

I don't see the jack-y head at all. I'm sure he'll LOVE the posts on this years down the road :) I'm sorry you guys are still sick. That blows.. sometimes literally! Clayton was home a lot the last 2 weeks, too, sad to have reality set back in and then his big trip in Feb. Oh well. Love you guys.

Amy said...

So sorry about all the illness! We can relate! Judah will look so cute with his jack-y head, he can't help but look cute! I think, if I remember correctly, Eli McInturf had one. Maybe it was Chase, idk.

Melissa said...

We're plagio survivors, too! The cost is a big bummer, but I'm glad my cutie pie doesn't have a movie theater screen for a head anymore! :) Good luck!

Mindy said...

I haven't read any posts for so long. He is getting so big! Sorry about the head band, but you are right it will go by fast. Gotta try not to dwell on whether these things would not have happened if we would have done something different. (I know easier said than done, I still have my episodes over Sophia's issue.) You are doing great with the boys. Hope to see you soon!