Monday, January 24, 2011

Still Going...

Week twenty-two and officially five months old! We cannot believe it has already been five months!?! Almost time to get ready to celebrate a half birthday. It is seriously crazy how fast the time goes by – I swear my days are measured by pumping sessions and my weeks by blogging. It has been a long time since I felt like my days dragged, which is a good thing. This last week was a bit crazy – Hugh had his surgery (thank you for your prayers – he is healing) and we watched A LOT of bideos (as Hugh calls them). So, Judah also got to watch A LOT of bideos – yes, I am fully aware that I am failing as a mom with letting him watch TV. He loves it – I cannot help that, but I am really trying to curb the love. So, this week wasn’t too eventful for Judah – not every week can be exciting.

So, what did week twenty-two bring for Judah? Well, he is still doing fine with the helmet – no bling yet, but the order was placed today…so bling (aka “stickers”) are coming. He continues to be very vocal and loves to growl…very loudly. His new thing is, he likes to snuggle into you and bite your shoulder (that is a total Jake thing – watch out). Nothing new developmentally to report – no rolling yet…I think the helmet makes him like a cat with a sock over its head (if you don’t know what I am talking about, try it – it is funny). He continues to be very purposeful with his playing and grabs at everything…everything. And he has daggers for fingernails and they hurt like the dickens…and yes, I know we can fix that…darn laziness, but they grow so quickly. He could be the most distracted eater ever. Seriously, a kid can sneeze down the street and he needs to stop eating to check it out. Why can’t I just have babies that like to gulp down their milk?!? Is that too much to ask?!? He is still enjoying his solid feedings with rice cereal still being the fave. He tried avocado and the jury is still out on that one. He also tried Gerber bananas and prefers that to fresh bananas – what can I say; he prefers a little preservative in his food. We are a preservative family – not going to deny it…we are a non-organic, gluten loaded, heavy dairy, sugar overload, additive loving family…yes we are and proud of it. At stated above, he loves himself some TV – whatever…as long as some crazy characters are signing and dancing on the TV…he is watching it and loving it. He sat in the highchair – way better than the Bumbo for eating. He is starting to wear six to nine months clothes and we always think it will be so huge on him and then he fits into just fine. I have been thinking about breaking the swing naps…I think about it everyday and then when it is naptime – my sanity kicks in (we all know I am not trying to win mother of the year) and I put him in the swing. And during nap, I hear the swing crying to me…”Judah too heavy, Judah too heavy”…oh well swing, buck up and do your job…until Judah really does break your motor.

He is starting to enjoy being read to a little more – we are a reading family, get on the bus Judah. He is still so ticklish and it is cute to hear him squeal in anticipation of being tickled – I look at it as torture, but he looks at it as pure enjoyment. He still LOVES to be held…by anyone (need to find a trained monkey). Still doesn’t like to take a pacifier…yes, it has been five months and I am still trying…I am no quitter. However, he’ll suck his thumb at times and it is so cute. BUT, I still hear myself saying many times, “Life would be easier if this boy took a pacifier.” He is a sweet boy – super cute and animated…we are so excited to see his personality come out a little more each day. God has truly blessed us!

We thank you all for your continued prayers. God is very faithful to us. I am reminded of His incredible grace in our lives as well. He saved us while we were still sinners – nothing else needs to be said. Our God is awesome and we pray our boys know the incredible love of our Lord and Saviour! We pray you all know it!


Amy said...

you are soooo funny...I was busting a gut about the trained monkey!....I didn't miss the wine bottle in the last pic :)

AprilJ said...

Carry on with your non-organic, gluten laced, sugar loaded food. You wouldn't be a Johnson if you didn't! In fact, you'd have to surrender the Johnson eyes for sure if you tried to turn over some crazy new leaf in the diet dept. When you asked for a trained monkey, I briefly considered sending Clay in box with holes.. Keep wishing, sometimes they do come true :) (Dang if Hugh doesn't look exactly like Jake in that last picture)