Monday, February 28, 2011


Yes, sickness was the theme for Judah in week twenty-seven. He got a cold, which led to pink eye…viral pink eye. In case you all are wondering, there are several types of pink eye and viral is the most common in children. I was convinced it was bacterial pink eye, but I needed six hours of wasted time, sixty dollars, two trips to the pediatrician, three doctors, and a trip to the Wal-Mart pharmacy with two VERY tired children to finally convince me that it is indeed viral pink eye, of which we are still fighting. Next time…listen to the doctor the first time who has the MD and not my inner voice with the MOTY award. Yes, week twenty-seven will go down as a very special week in my book of weeks (one that left all three of us crying at the doctor’s office…it was that awesome).

So, what else did week twenty-seven bring? Well, besides some nasty VIRAL pink eye (and all other sorts of sick) it brought lots of smiles, giggles, and cuddles. Judah has been needing some more cuddle time due to being sick and still sleep training (yes, STILL sleep training – poke me in the eye already…ALL DONE with the sleep training) – I love to cuddle this sweet boy, so it works great for us. I love to put him in the Ergo and he loves to be in it. We are starting to see his “true” nature – crying when something gets taken from him, taking what isn’t his, etc. It is crazy how early this all starts. He is trying to work on some fine motor skills, but usually just slaps at everything still. He is playing a lot more – and he loves to play…especially with Hubey. And normally, if you cannot find Judah…just look under Hubey. Yes, Hubey likes to lay on top of Judah and normally, Judah is all smiles (he only weighs about ten more pounds than Judah). Judah had his six month visit – around 17lbs. (50%), 25.5in. (25%), and his head in the 75%. He needs to grow into his head…he’ll get there. He had to get a lot of shots and he did great – cried for less than a minute (I would cry longer than that). He only has two more weeks in the band – awesome news! His head looks great. When playing, he now will throw himself on his belly trying to grab a toy…but eventually I find him with his head buried into the ground defeated (just roll over already). It is sad. I am trying to limit the time in front of the tv, which is hard to do with the tv marathon we are having right now – I actually found him today laying on his back, over the Boppy, watching tv (which would have been upside down for him). He loves tv – you wouldn’t take a puppy from the boy, why should we take away the tv? Still don’t think being mobile is in his near future, which is fine by me – he has the rest of his life to be mobile. He has been trying more foods and liking them (back to my original theory that waiting until six months for solids is not a bad thing); however, nothing is quite as terrific as a big ol’ bowl of rice cereal. This kid hearts himself some rice cereal…with a passion. He is changing so much and I get sad to think that six months has already flown by…I am going to miss these days. Love this sweet boy – he is so lovable with those chunky cheeks!

This has been a tougher week – a sick Mama with two sick boys is never a good combo. I am very lucky to have an AH-MA-ZING husband who takes care of everything when I am sick. God is faithful and He sustains me…He also convicts my heart when it is so needed. Hoping to a healthier week and a happier heart (for me).

Oh, and we blinged that band again…cuz that is just how we roll. And yes, we think it is funny and no, we don’t really care what everyone else thinks about it. And yes, in about twenty plus years, Judah will think it is funny as well (it is all about how you present it).

(Judah was all done with pictures - all Business tonight.)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Cryin', Cryin', Cryin'...

If Judah’s week twenty-six had a theme it would be “Cryin’”…seriously. He has not been a happy camper this past week…he tries to be, but doesn’t normally succeed. He is TIRED! And, he doesn’t understand that he is tired, but I know he is (Mama always knows best). And yes, still working on the sleep training…I see this in our future for the next month (at least)…I looked back on Hugh’s blog and it was like six weeks of sleep training. Ugh! So, the bad naps create an unhappy baby who latches onto Mama (all day) for dear life…he has a monkey latch now, where he’ll swing his back leg up to latch around my back…thank goodness for my muffin top or he wouldn’t be able to do that. As if you couldn’t tell…I HATE the sleep training at the Saylor house. I know it will be short lived (well, I pray (I mean really pray) it is), but it is hard to see through that when you are in it. So, I pray for grace and patience each day for myself and we get through this short season.

So, what else did week twenty-six bring? Well, besides a lot of crabby (A LOT of crabby)…it brought lots of smiles and giggles. He wants to be happy. We continued in the sleep training (ugh) – this week has been especially bad because he has been getting up in the fours…yikes. And yes, I feed him – I know, I know, but if I feed him he will go back to sleep and more importantly, so will we…it is worth it right now, but feel free to judge me when I am still doing it three months from now. It brought a few days away from Dada (Jake went to visit a friend…and yes, the boys and I survived…shocking, I know.). It brought his continued love of rice cereal – this kid loves rice cereal. Nothing else even comes close…however, he did enjoy some bites of ice cream with a big smile. We keep trying to push some other foods – in between rice cereal bites. I think this shows our future with a picky eater who will like bland foods and sugar (because who doesn’t love sugar?!?). Still not doing a lot of rolling, but as I stated last week…we have checked this milestone off the list because he has done it once…and that is what counts. He is doing much better with sitting up, but we still put the Boppy around him to support the falls. Since he is loving the sitting up, he is loving the toys…the community toys (or Hubey’s toys in Hubey’s world)…still working on sharing/happy hearts. Still loathes tummy time so crawling is not in the near future. He likes music and will even let me sing to him now (upgraded from humming) and he likes to sit and listen to Jake play the guitar. He got lots of cousin time this week and he loves his cousins – they are very sweet with “her” (that is Logan’s name for Judah). Overall, it was more a “down” week with the crabbiness, but he is still such a sweet, little boy…we love, love, love him!

I struggle with not having perfect control over everything in my life – I have always known it is a struggle for me and I pray about it…a lot. I want to control our children’s eating, sleeping, attitudes, etc. And, I know I have no control…such a HUGE struggle for me and it affects my attitude, which is so sad. Letting go is hard for me, but I will continue to work on it. I also have seen what an ugly heart I can have with my husband going away for the weekend. I really wanted him to enjoy his trip, but also wanted him to feel guilty about leaving and to realize what an incredible martyr I was for staying with the boys (my OWN children for four days) and caring for them…wow, typing it out makes me even feel like a better wife…totally. Someone once told me she was a better mother when her husband was home – so true. God is revealing the true depravity of my heart everyday and it is ugly…like really ugly. This life isn’t all about me…sigh. I thank God for his patience and grace with me…I sure need it. I have also realized that a little coffee with a lot of cream is not a bad thing (I have NEVER been a coffee drinker)…just another vice to add to my long list.

Thank you all for your prayers! We hope you all are doing well!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Milestone Maker

Another milestone reached for Judah in week twenty-five…yes, he is a roller. Well, I don’t know if you can say “roller”…he has rolled, but only twice and both times in the crib…so, not sure if the “roller” label can really be applied, but we’ll go ahead and slap this one on Judah (and just in time before the six month appointment). He always tries really hard to roll when we are watching him, but he just can’t do it…not sure why he can do it in the crib. And the first time he rolled over to his tummy, I nearly had a heart attack. He had been crying in the crib during some “sleep training” and then he got really quiet, so I checked the monitor and he flipped to his tummy and was sleeping. I seriously thought I was going to have a heart attack. But, he was fine…and so was I. I think we can also say he is officially sitting up…so, another big milestone! He still falls from time to time (good thing he wears a helmet), but is a lot more stable. So, big week!

So, what did week twenty-five bring for Judah? Well, clearly it was a big week with the rolling and the official sitter label. It was also a week of continued sleep training and lets just say we’ll be continuing this training into next week. Our boys have a hard time giving up the swing for the crib during nap time, but we know we’ll get through it. Some days are better than other days. We are mixing up the schedule a bit and adding a third solid feeding in during the day. He still hearts rice cereal and still hasn’t really found anything he enjoys quite as much…not even sweet potatoes…crazy boy. I realize he likes it when I hum to him while he is eating…don’t think his ear is trained enough to truly appreciate my singing voice…we’ll get there. He is starting to grow crazy hair…and he looks like a clown (good thing he wears a helmet). He goes for weekly appointments for his band and everything looks good…almost five weeks down. I really wish he didn’t wear the band – I miss snuggling him…the band makes it hard…very sad. He is starting to enjoy the double stroller now that he can sit-up…finally. He still loves the time in the Ergo and I LOVE it too! Seriously, I could do an infomercial for the Ergo because I heart it that much! Moving on… Hugh and Judah now play together (well as much as an almost six month old can play), but I love it! I have been waiting for this day. I have also noticed that Hugh wants EVERY toy Judah is playing with…Judah can be a little aggressive…so, things could get interesting in the near future…maybe a little WWF in the Saylor house. Hugh normally seems to give in to his little brother (except for always wanting his toys) – so sweet to him. He still doesn’t really enjoy tummy time, which means being mobile is not in the near future…no complaints here. He loves stuffed animals and goes after them like a wild dog…lock up your stuffed sheep, lock up your stuffed puppies…Judah’s going crazy wild on them all (seriously, all the stuffed animals have all been seriously violated up in da Saylor house). He is still crazy active and cannot sit still to save his life – wild baby. He loves to laugh and smile all the time. We LOVE this boy…big time!

We hope all are doing well! We appreciate your prayers and continue to pray for you all. Oh, and as you’ll see there is no mention of a Happy V Day for Judah…maybe one day (when he like forty) he’ll have a sweet lady to celebrate with…for now, it is me…and I am one sweet lady. Happy V Day to all!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Moving On...

Another road trip for Judah in week twenty-four. Yes, we took a mini vacation – you know, the kind where your kids cry in the car – can’t sleep in a new location – wake up throughout the night – your husband sleeps on the couch kind of vacation…what happened to sleep in – relax – do whatever I want vacations?!? Oh, I remember…we had children. Sorry, I digress. Yes, we went to Flagstaff for the weekend to visit Uncle Jared – besides the usual drama when traveling with small children, it was a great weekend…but would have enjoyed another Sunday to relax from the weekend…you know what I am saying? A vacation from a vacation? Overall, the boys did great and we had lots of fun!

So, what did week twenty-four bring? Well, it brought first sight of snow for Judah, and that was it…not first touch, or first taste,…just first sight. We have Phoenix babies…need I say more…total wimps in the cold. We are sleep training…again. The tenure in the swing has officially been retired. It is time…lots of signs (falling out of the swing, the swing crying because Judah is so heavy, constant battery changes, etc.) have been pointing me to this, but I didn’t want to see them. So, we figured with the trip to Flag (where we would be sans swing) would be a good time to start the training. Rough…always a rough transition in the Saylor house, but we are praying about it and know God is SO faithful and we know Judah will be napping in his crib before we know it and this will all be a distant memory (a girl can hope). He had his first sleep in the tent – we decided to bring the tent rather than bring the pack-n-play to Flag. Well, that equaled a big FAIL in Judah’s book. Seriously, who doesn’t like to be in a small, enclosed space and all zipped up? Judah doesn’t, that is who. Lesson learned. He had his first visit to the fire station and his first ride on a fire truck – lucky boy. I found my trained monkey – Podee…the hands free bottle…love it. And, I am sure you are thinking, why doesn’t he hold his own bottle at almost six months…well, we don’t breed babies that hold their own bottles…no judgment necessary. He got to see Uncle Clayton again – lots of love (except for the moment when Uncle Clayton made Judah burst into tears because he was poking fun at Judah for he likes to suck on his top is funny). He tried squash this week – loves it. Yes, I am introducing foods slowly – nothing to do with being worried about allergies or anything like that (those worries don’t ever cross my mind)…just lazy (I think before I start solid feeding I think how fun and cool it will be…and then once I am doing it, I remember that it is more work which at times equals no fun). Still no rolling for Judah – he tries, but cannot commit. He is trying to sit-up, but I explain to him that there is a “right way” to doing things, which means learning to roll needs to come before learning to sit. Maybe (probably) he’ll want to do things his way – big shock. He normally falls within a minute of sitting – good thing he wears a helmet. He still grabs at EVERYTHING – seriously, this kid wants everything (including everything on your face)…I am getting a glimpse into my future…I have a feeling this little boy is going to give me a run for my money. Hey, I need someone to keep me on my toes. He is still struggling with his bottles (ah, my Saylor boys and their disdain for milk) and I told Jake the other night that I feel like I am feeding an octopus. Do you think they make feeding straight jackets for babies? If they do, sign Judah up…seriously. He is still so ticklish, and of course I torture him every chance I get. He is still so sweet – lots of smiles and giggles.

And finally, the “bling”…well, not really bling…just stickers, but they look great. This is design one and we’ll bring out design two in a few weeks…you know, everybody needs options, even babies.

Thanks for all your prayers!