Monday, February 14, 2011

Milestone Maker

Another milestone reached for Judah in week twenty-five…yes, he is a roller. Well, I don’t know if you can say “roller”…he has rolled, but only twice and both times in the crib…so, not sure if the “roller” label can really be applied, but we’ll go ahead and slap this one on Judah (and just in time before the six month appointment). He always tries really hard to roll when we are watching him, but he just can’t do it…not sure why he can do it in the crib. And the first time he rolled over to his tummy, I nearly had a heart attack. He had been crying in the crib during some “sleep training” and then he got really quiet, so I checked the monitor and he flipped to his tummy and was sleeping. I seriously thought I was going to have a heart attack. But, he was fine…and so was I. I think we can also say he is officially sitting up…so, another big milestone! He still falls from time to time (good thing he wears a helmet), but is a lot more stable. So, big week!

So, what did week twenty-five bring for Judah? Well, clearly it was a big week with the rolling and the official sitter label. It was also a week of continued sleep training and lets just say we’ll be continuing this training into next week. Our boys have a hard time giving up the swing for the crib during nap time, but we know we’ll get through it. Some days are better than other days. We are mixing up the schedule a bit and adding a third solid feeding in during the day. He still hearts rice cereal and still hasn’t really found anything he enjoys quite as much…not even sweet potatoes…crazy boy. I realize he likes it when I hum to him while he is eating…don’t think his ear is trained enough to truly appreciate my singing voice…we’ll get there. He is starting to grow crazy hair…and he looks like a clown (good thing he wears a helmet). He goes for weekly appointments for his band and everything looks good…almost five weeks down. I really wish he didn’t wear the band – I miss snuggling him…the band makes it hard…very sad. He is starting to enjoy the double stroller now that he can sit-up…finally. He still loves the time in the Ergo and I LOVE it too! Seriously, I could do an infomercial for the Ergo because I heart it that much! Moving on… Hugh and Judah now play together (well as much as an almost six month old can play), but I love it! I have been waiting for this day. I have also noticed that Hugh wants EVERY toy Judah is playing with…Judah can be a little aggressive…so, things could get interesting in the near future…maybe a little WWF in the Saylor house. Hugh normally seems to give in to his little brother (except for always wanting his toys) – so sweet to him. He still doesn’t really enjoy tummy time, which means being mobile is not in the near future…no complaints here. He loves stuffed animals and goes after them like a wild dog…lock up your stuffed sheep, lock up your stuffed puppies…Judah’s going crazy wild on them all (seriously, all the stuffed animals have all been seriously violated up in da Saylor house). He is still crazy active and cannot sit still to save his life – wild baby. He loves to laugh and smile all the time. We LOVE this boy…big time!

We hope all are doing well! We appreciate your prayers and continue to pray for you all. Oh, and as you’ll see there is no mention of a Happy V Day for Judah…maybe one day (when he like forty) he’ll have a sweet lady to celebrate with…for now, it is me…and I am one sweet lady. Happy V Day to all!


Ann @TheAssetEdge said...

I loved the giggles video!!

AprilJ said...

So sweet! He's really getting big.. this is of course coming from someone who has never actually seen him in real life :)

Cristina said...

I love the helmet decor! It is simply genious!

Amy said...

Once again, children running into the room asking why I am laughing so hard! Love your posts, love Judah! :)