Monday, February 7, 2011

Moving On...

Another road trip for Judah in week twenty-four. Yes, we took a mini vacation – you know, the kind where your kids cry in the car – can’t sleep in a new location – wake up throughout the night – your husband sleeps on the couch kind of vacation…what happened to sleep in – relax – do whatever I want vacations?!? Oh, I remember…we had children. Sorry, I digress. Yes, we went to Flagstaff for the weekend to visit Uncle Jared – besides the usual drama when traveling with small children, it was a great weekend…but would have enjoyed another Sunday to relax from the weekend…you know what I am saying? A vacation from a vacation? Overall, the boys did great and we had lots of fun!

So, what did week twenty-four bring? Well, it brought first sight of snow for Judah, and that was it…not first touch, or first taste,…just first sight. We have Phoenix babies…need I say more…total wimps in the cold. We are sleep training…again. The tenure in the swing has officially been retired. It is time…lots of signs (falling out of the swing, the swing crying because Judah is so heavy, constant battery changes, etc.) have been pointing me to this, but I didn’t want to see them. So, we figured with the trip to Flag (where we would be sans swing) would be a good time to start the training. Rough…always a rough transition in the Saylor house, but we are praying about it and know God is SO faithful and we know Judah will be napping in his crib before we know it and this will all be a distant memory (a girl can hope). He had his first sleep in the tent – we decided to bring the tent rather than bring the pack-n-play to Flag. Well, that equaled a big FAIL in Judah’s book. Seriously, who doesn’t like to be in a small, enclosed space and all zipped up? Judah doesn’t, that is who. Lesson learned. He had his first visit to the fire station and his first ride on a fire truck – lucky boy. I found my trained monkey – Podee…the hands free bottle…love it. And, I am sure you are thinking, why doesn’t he hold his own bottle at almost six months…well, we don’t breed babies that hold their own bottles…no judgment necessary. He got to see Uncle Clayton again – lots of love (except for the moment when Uncle Clayton made Judah burst into tears because he was poking fun at Judah for he likes to suck on his top is funny). He tried squash this week – loves it. Yes, I am introducing foods slowly – nothing to do with being worried about allergies or anything like that (those worries don’t ever cross my mind)…just lazy (I think before I start solid feeding I think how fun and cool it will be…and then once I am doing it, I remember that it is more work which at times equals no fun). Still no rolling for Judah – he tries, but cannot commit. He is trying to sit-up, but I explain to him that there is a “right way” to doing things, which means learning to roll needs to come before learning to sit. Maybe (probably) he’ll want to do things his way – big shock. He normally falls within a minute of sitting – good thing he wears a helmet. He still grabs at EVERYTHING – seriously, this kid wants everything (including everything on your face)…I am getting a glimpse into my future…I have a feeling this little boy is going to give me a run for my money. Hey, I need someone to keep me on my toes. He is still struggling with his bottles (ah, my Saylor boys and their disdain for milk) and I told Jake the other night that I feel like I am feeding an octopus. Do you think they make feeding straight jackets for babies? If they do, sign Judah up…seriously. He is still so ticklish, and of course I torture him every chance I get. He is still so sweet – lots of smiles and giggles.

And finally, the “bling”…well, not really bling…just stickers, but they look great. This is design one and we’ll bring out design two in a few weeks…you know, everybody needs options, even babies.

Thanks for all your prayers!

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AprilJ said...

I like the bling but was secretly hoping for business in the front, party in the back :) Good luck with the sleep training. My last foray into that was when Clayton was in Iraq and Clay was 4 months old.. 3 or 4 nights and it was done but it was a rough road (but totally worth it when he was back to his 12 hour nights).