Monday, February 28, 2011


Yes, sickness was the theme for Judah in week twenty-seven. He got a cold, which led to pink eye…viral pink eye. In case you all are wondering, there are several types of pink eye and viral is the most common in children. I was convinced it was bacterial pink eye, but I needed six hours of wasted time, sixty dollars, two trips to the pediatrician, three doctors, and a trip to the Wal-Mart pharmacy with two VERY tired children to finally convince me that it is indeed viral pink eye, of which we are still fighting. Next time…listen to the doctor the first time who has the MD and not my inner voice with the MOTY award. Yes, week twenty-seven will go down as a very special week in my book of weeks (one that left all three of us crying at the doctor’s office…it was that awesome).

So, what else did week twenty-seven bring? Well, besides some nasty VIRAL pink eye (and all other sorts of sick) it brought lots of smiles, giggles, and cuddles. Judah has been needing some more cuddle time due to being sick and still sleep training (yes, STILL sleep training – poke me in the eye already…ALL DONE with the sleep training) – I love to cuddle this sweet boy, so it works great for us. I love to put him in the Ergo and he loves to be in it. We are starting to see his “true” nature – crying when something gets taken from him, taking what isn’t his, etc. It is crazy how early this all starts. He is trying to work on some fine motor skills, but usually just slaps at everything still. He is playing a lot more – and he loves to play…especially with Hubey. And normally, if you cannot find Judah…just look under Hubey. Yes, Hubey likes to lay on top of Judah and normally, Judah is all smiles (he only weighs about ten more pounds than Judah). Judah had his six month visit – around 17lbs. (50%), 25.5in. (25%), and his head in the 75%. He needs to grow into his head…he’ll get there. He had to get a lot of shots and he did great – cried for less than a minute (I would cry longer than that). He only has two more weeks in the band – awesome news! His head looks great. When playing, he now will throw himself on his belly trying to grab a toy…but eventually I find him with his head buried into the ground defeated (just roll over already). It is sad. I am trying to limit the time in front of the tv, which is hard to do with the tv marathon we are having right now – I actually found him today laying on his back, over the Boppy, watching tv (which would have been upside down for him). He loves tv – you wouldn’t take a puppy from the boy, why should we take away the tv? Still don’t think being mobile is in his near future, which is fine by me – he has the rest of his life to be mobile. He has been trying more foods and liking them (back to my original theory that waiting until six months for solids is not a bad thing); however, nothing is quite as terrific as a big ol’ bowl of rice cereal. This kid hearts himself some rice cereal…with a passion. He is changing so much and I get sad to think that six months has already flown by…I am going to miss these days. Love this sweet boy – he is so lovable with those chunky cheeks!

This has been a tougher week – a sick Mama with two sick boys is never a good combo. I am very lucky to have an AH-MA-ZING husband who takes care of everything when I am sick. God is faithful and He sustains me…He also convicts my heart when it is so needed. Hoping to a healthier week and a happier heart (for me).

Oh, and we blinged that band again…cuz that is just how we roll. And yes, we think it is funny and no, we don’t really care what everyone else thinks about it. And yes, in about twenty plus years, Judah will think it is funny as well (it is all about how you present it).

(Judah was all done with pictures - all Business tonight.)


AprilJ said...

I LOVE the new bling! It's awesome. I also am a big fan of big headed kids. I should know, I have 2 of them. Clay still hasn't grown into his head, so prepare yourself :) Here's hoping next week is a well week.. so sorry you've been sick.

Dos said...

You need to give yourself a mental break mama, when the kids are sick and so are you the t.v. is on more. They will be fine and you are still a great mommy!! So sorry about your very hard week! I love Judah's new bling..the stars totally make it! :)

Dos said...

OYE ...Dos=Amy