Monday, March 28, 2011

All Alone

Judah was all alone in week thirty-one. Well, not alone - he did have supervision, but it was the first time he was away from his Mama and his brother for more than a few hours. Yep, Jake and I had a weekend alone (sans children) and it was glorious (no, I am not one of those moms that missed my children every waking minute)...we missed the boys and were so excited to get back to them, but it was REALLY nice to get away for a weekend. We are thankful for wonderful grandparents who graciously watched our boys and very thankful for an amazing friends that let us use their place in California for the weekend. Judah did great while we were away - lots of laughs, smiles, and sleep (cannot say the same for his brother). So, the pics are a little lame this week...oh, well. (And, for all I know he could have started talking and walking while we were gone, but now won't do it...we'll never know...we will always wonder...that is what we get for leaving our kids...we'll deal.) Overall, it was a great week.

So, what else did week thirty-one bring? Besides the life of an only child for half a week, Judah continues to really love his brother and would never want to be an only child (I'll just tell myself that...he'll never have a choice). He seems to want to start to move and he can get what he wants when he wants it...with a combination of rolling, scooting, waving his arms, etc. (basically, whatever he can do to get a little movement). If it works, great. I see the desire he has to get to his knees, but it always results in a belly flop (that darned Johnson belly - I tell you, that Johnson belly is a curse). It is only a matter of time before he will be all over the place and it makes me sad...really sad. He continues to become more purposeful in his playtime - he'll play alone times, and at other times...not so much (he likes an eye on Judah...he gets that from Hugh). He LOVES to play outside and can sit in the grass for hours just playing and enjoying the outside. We haven't been as diligent with the signs with him - really need to get on that this week...don't need a screamer on our hands to communicate with us. I am really trying to be more diligent with reading to him as well...we read to him, but he gets, at times I back off...need to be faithful to read to him (as you can tell, this is really important to is my thing). And yes, Judah gets wild - waving arms and legs with a big open mouth wild. He loves to laugh - and his cousin, Logan, can really get him to laugh. He is at such a fun age right now and we love to see him having so much fun with everything. He has been eating his solids like a rockstar now and likes anything that is orange, which is great. Unfortunately, he is terrible with his milk, which is no big shock...can never get both perfectly and you know what?...that is ok! He is doing great - healthy, sweet, happy...we love this boy!

Thank you all for prayers. Excited to be back and be refreshed for another week! God has blessed us with so much and we want to focus on His incredible blessings!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Days

I cannot believe our little guy is thirty weeks…thirty weeks?!? He’ll be seven months this week, which is so crazy to me. Yes, I know babies get older everyday, but it is hard to embrace at times because I get younger everyday. This stage is so much fun – figuring things out, so happy all the time – love it. Yep, he is still healthy (praise God!) so he is still happy…he is such a happy baby. We love seeing how much Judah changes everyday – we are so blessed by this little boy!

So, what else did week thirty bring? Well, again – not a big week in the book of weeks…but a happy week and for that, we are grateful. He did ride in a grocery cart for the first time – big time. I have come to realize he is a little like Goldilocks with his milk – too hot is not good, too cold is not good…it needs to be just right or he is tight lipped…ugh. I have also come to realize (I realize this every week because I need to realize it over and over and over again) that our kids eat when they want…not because I want them to or a book says they should (why do I struggle with THIS so much!?!). It is constant learning for me. We are still sleep training – he is doing so much better and I continue to learn that you cannot make a baby sleep just because you will it to happen (I need some super powers – I would be so awesome with some super powers.). He is doing so much better with his solid feedings – he definitely likes vegetables (still LOVES rice cereal) and is not a fan of fruits. SO different than Hubey…we’ll see what the future holds for us…ugh, one more thing I cannot control (yes, I pray about it and know God is working on my heart each and everyday…it is a process). As I have mentioned before, he does the funniest bobble head thing – I tried hard to get on camera, but he wasn’t having it. The things I never want to forget about these stages! He LOVES to listen to Jake play the guitar and actually starts singing (think howling at the moon) while Jake is playing, it is so sweet. He is starting to cry a little when he is left in a room (nobody puts baby in the corner) and he still gets mad when you take anything away from him. Hubey is still his favorite and he puts up with a lot from him (since Hugh thinks it is funny to sit on him every chance he gets…why is that funny?!?...Judah doesn’t actually care). Jake thinks crawling will be coming soon (we’ll see) – not sure I am ready for mobile Judah – he is going to go crazy when he gets mobile – he already tries to get into everything. He is so fun – love this little boy!

We are so blessed. Some days are crazy, but everyday is a blessing (I need that reminder each day as well). Thank you all for your prayers.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Healthy Baby = Happy Baby

Our happy baby is back in week twenty-nine! He is so back! Loving life once again now that he is healthy. And, we are all much happier because he is happy…and yes, I know my mood shouldn’t be contingent based on the mood of my children…easier said than done. I just love it when Judah is happy because he is so happy – he has a nickname of Jolly Judah for a reason…because he is so jolly (duh). Praise God he is healthy once again and pray (pray, pray, pray) that sickness will not enter this house again during this season. We hope everyone is healthy as well!

So, what else did week twenty-nine bring? Well, besides lots of happy…not sure what else. This hasn’t been a big, crazy week…no highchair adventures or moving up a diaper size. He is getting back to eating a little more solids – fruits and veggies. Still doesn’t eat a whole lot – we have determined we aren’t meant to have the cute, chunky babies. He still continues to be the MOST distracted eater (well, Hugh was equally as bad). I realize that I set these kids up for it – I cater to the behavior (one of the many things I cater to…oh, well). He has been introduced to the world of biter biscuits and he likes them…big shock there…have no flavor and taste like paper, sign Judah up! He does this new thing where he shakes his head all around and starts laughing – it is very fun and so cute. I took both boys on a regular grocery shopping trip (insert – “oh wow, you are so awesome” here) and we did fantastic…Judah was in the Ergo and it was great (love the Ergo…have I mentioned that before?). It was a big week of outgoings…the zoo, the grocery store, the library – we so crazy. He is doing awesome in the double stroller now. Also, he is starting to roll outside of the crib now. He is still throwing himself to his belly when he wants something and continues to tolerate belly time. Still think crawling is a long way out. I almost forgot the big news – he moved to a big boy car seat and he loves it! Seriously loves it! You can hear him get all excited (heavy breathing) when we are driving. And Hubey LOVES having him in the big boy car seat as well…it is a win all around. Judah is still enthralled with Hubey – he just loves him. I do love the no helmet thing – I love rocking my babies to sleep and now I can snuggle his sweet head (and yes, I have read Babywise and eight thousand other books on sleeping…and yes, I will still be rocking my babies to sleep because they are my babies). I have started busting out the baby signs again – oh yeah, bringing the goodies back. It has been a great HEALTHY week! Love, love, love to see the smiles and hear the giggles of our sweet Judah again!

So, overall it was a great week – would much rather have the low-key, healthy week than the crazy, sick week. Seriously, Judah is such a happy guy (and even happier to be done with his meds). I continue to learn that I cannot control everything and I am also learning that I cannot latch onto everything I read – I swear, I can get pulled in a million directions (except the organic, non-vaccinating direction…that will not happen). I need to stop reading so many things, or I am going to start to go crazy (well, I am already crazy, but you all know that you can get crazier…Charlie Sheen, need I say more?). We are thankful for your prayers and for our ever faithful God – He is so good to us when we are so undeserving. I pray each and everyday that I can show my kids the same love, patience, and grace that God shows me everyday!

Monday, March 7, 2011


Yes, Judah is an official graduate of the band! His misshapen head days are behind us now – all round and pretty from now on. He was supposed to wear it one more week, but his head has grown so much that the band was now putting pressure on his head – poor buddy. So, all done with the band. Sad that we didn’t get to show off his latest bling all that much, but SO glad to be all done with the band. Honestly, it wasn’t that big of a deal. I’ve had to remember now that he isn’t wearing his protective gear anymore – clipped a few corners a little too close (and yep, that was his head…not his helmet…ouch). God was so faithful to our little guy – continued growth, milestones reached, still slept, etc. Now onto the next thing for Judah!

So, what else did week twenty-eight bring for Judah? Well, it brought more sickness – double ear infection. They were actually concerned that he was getting something more serious since he was running a high fever (almost 104), but once he actually started taking the antibiotic, he started getting better. The antibiotic is a heavy duty one (not your typical amoxicillin) – and it smells like a pina colada (where do I sign-up?). Judah is not down with the pina colada (so sad) and actually had full vomit sessions the first four days of taking it. Let’s just say it was horrible (and our couch, carpet, my jeans, and Fuddruckers will never be the same). So, after a call to the triage nurse on Sunday, we got it all worked out and he is doing SO much better. And, I didn’t have to go back to the pediatrician again (save my sanity…because seriously, if I had to go back to the doctor again I was going to pop out my eyes). I am really hoping he’ll be back to 100% soon. Judah is tough (way tougher than Hubey), but when he is miserable, he is MISERABLE. We are still sleep training (too hard to do when little ones are sick…will get back on the train soon). All we want Judah to learn is that we wake up happy in the Saylor house…end of story.period. (Oh, and that waking up before 7AM is a crime.) We are getting use to seeing his head all the time now – it is a little weird. He is getting use to it as well – he likes to hit himself in the head…funny boy. Also noticed that he has a bit of an Eddie Munster hairline (awesome)…things you don’t notice when your kid wears a helmet. He’ll grow into it. And, this baby TOTALLY looks like Jake with my eyes. Seriously, this boy is all Jake. I know most people don’t see this (because of the eyes), but it is so true. He is back to really only tolerating rice cereal again – trying to get him to take anything else is murder. We’ll get back on the fruits and veggies train this week. He is starting to tolerate tummy time a little more – especially to get a toy he wants. Judah is very dramatic when he doesn’t get something he wants (totally reminds me of Jake). He has flipped himself to his belly a few times to sleep…he doesn’t like it and will normally cry until you come to roll him over (this morning, I didn’t do it and he figured it out himself – good boy). He is enjoying the double stroller now (I knew I would eventually love this stroller.). He loves to eat paper just like a goat. I swear he is teething, but I know I’ll be swearing this for the next three months until he actually gets teeth. This was a big week, besides getting his band off, he also sat in a restaurant high chair (covered, of course, those things are nast-y…big time (and yes, I am becoming Jake)) and swung in a swing at the park. Like I said, BIG week. He is still such a sweet boy, but he needs to be healthy again! Hoping for a healthy and happy baby this week (didn’t I put this request in last week? what happened?)!

Thank you all for your prayers. It has been a rough sick season in the Saylor house (yes, I know I am preaching to the choir). Praying for us and you all to be healthy again and put this sick season to bed already. The highlight of my week was being vomited on at Fuddruckers – it will go down in my favorite’s book (probably won’t go down in the favorite’s books of the people that were sitting around us)!