Monday, March 28, 2011

All Alone

Judah was all alone in week thirty-one. Well, not alone - he did have supervision, but it was the first time he was away from his Mama and his brother for more than a few hours. Yep, Jake and I had a weekend alone (sans children) and it was glorious (no, I am not one of those moms that missed my children every waking minute)...we missed the boys and were so excited to get back to them, but it was REALLY nice to get away for a weekend. We are thankful for wonderful grandparents who graciously watched our boys and very thankful for an amazing friends that let us use their place in California for the weekend. Judah did great while we were away - lots of laughs, smiles, and sleep (cannot say the same for his brother). So, the pics are a little lame this week...oh, well. (And, for all I know he could have started talking and walking while we were gone, but now won't do it...we'll never know...we will always wonder...that is what we get for leaving our kids...we'll deal.) Overall, it was a great week.

So, what else did week thirty-one bring? Besides the life of an only child for half a week, Judah continues to really love his brother and would never want to be an only child (I'll just tell myself that...he'll never have a choice). He seems to want to start to move and he can get what he wants when he wants it...with a combination of rolling, scooting, waving his arms, etc. (basically, whatever he can do to get a little movement). If it works, great. I see the desire he has to get to his knees, but it always results in a belly flop (that darned Johnson belly - I tell you, that Johnson belly is a curse). It is only a matter of time before he will be all over the place and it makes me sad...really sad. He continues to become more purposeful in his playtime - he'll play alone times, and at other times...not so much (he likes an eye on Judah...he gets that from Hugh). He LOVES to play outside and can sit in the grass for hours just playing and enjoying the outside. We haven't been as diligent with the signs with him - really need to get on that this week...don't need a screamer on our hands to communicate with us. I am really trying to be more diligent with reading to him as well...we read to him, but he gets, at times I back off...need to be faithful to read to him (as you can tell, this is really important to is my thing). And yes, Judah gets wild - waving arms and legs with a big open mouth wild. He loves to laugh - and his cousin, Logan, can really get him to laugh. He is at such a fun age right now and we love to see him having so much fun with everything. He has been eating his solids like a rockstar now and likes anything that is orange, which is great. Unfortunately, he is terrible with his milk, which is no big shock...can never get both perfectly and you know what?...that is ok! He is doing great - healthy, sweet, happy...we love this boy!

Thank you all for prayers. Excited to be back and be refreshed for another week! God has blessed us with so much and we want to focus on His incredible blessings!

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AprilJ said...

A weekend away? What is that?? Is it like a date? I may have had a date once... Glad you guys had a good time. I'm laughing about sitting in the grass. We still have snow! Grass will be here in about 2 months, I hope!