Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Days

I cannot believe our little guy is thirty weeks…thirty weeks?!? He’ll be seven months this week, which is so crazy to me. Yes, I know babies get older everyday, but it is hard to embrace at times because I get younger everyday. This stage is so much fun – figuring things out, so happy all the time – love it. Yep, he is still healthy (praise God!) so he is still happy…he is such a happy baby. We love seeing how much Judah changes everyday – we are so blessed by this little boy!

So, what else did week thirty bring? Well, again – not a big week in the book of weeks…but a happy week and for that, we are grateful. He did ride in a grocery cart for the first time – big time. I have come to realize he is a little like Goldilocks with his milk – too hot is not good, too cold is not good…it needs to be just right or he is tight lipped…ugh. I have also come to realize (I realize this every week because I need to realize it over and over and over again) that our kids eat when they want…not because I want them to or a book says they should (why do I struggle with THIS so much!?!). It is constant learning for me. We are still sleep training – he is doing so much better and I continue to learn that you cannot make a baby sleep just because you will it to happen (I need some super powers – I would be so awesome with some super powers.). He is doing so much better with his solid feedings – he definitely likes vegetables (still LOVES rice cereal) and is not a fan of fruits. SO different than Hubey…we’ll see what the future holds for us…ugh, one more thing I cannot control (yes, I pray about it and know God is working on my heart each and everyday…it is a process). As I have mentioned before, he does the funniest bobble head thing – I tried hard to get on camera, but he wasn’t having it. The things I never want to forget about these stages! He LOVES to listen to Jake play the guitar and actually starts singing (think howling at the moon) while Jake is playing, it is so sweet. He is starting to cry a little when he is left in a room (nobody puts baby in the corner) and he still gets mad when you take anything away from him. Hubey is still his favorite and he puts up with a lot from him (since Hugh thinks it is funny to sit on him every chance he gets…why is that funny?!?...Judah doesn’t actually care). Jake thinks crawling will be coming soon (we’ll see) – not sure I am ready for mobile Judah – he is going to go crazy when he gets mobile – he already tries to get into everything. He is so fun – love this little boy!

We are so blessed. Some days are crazy, but everyday is a blessing (I need that reminder each day as well). Thank you all for your prayers.


Dos said...

It's hard to believe that I will be talking about rice cereal, crawling, sleep training etc again. He is getting so big! Love him!! (proof read - whew!)

Dos said...

buuut never can remember to change the i.d. :)

Ann @TheAssetEdge said...

"Some days are crazy, but everyday is a blessing" - great quote!

AprilJ said...

Glad to hear he's still well! I love the pics.