Monday, March 14, 2011

Healthy Baby = Happy Baby

Our happy baby is back in week twenty-nine! He is so back! Loving life once again now that he is healthy. And, we are all much happier because he is happy…and yes, I know my mood shouldn’t be contingent based on the mood of my children…easier said than done. I just love it when Judah is happy because he is so happy – he has a nickname of Jolly Judah for a reason…because he is so jolly (duh). Praise God he is healthy once again and pray (pray, pray, pray) that sickness will not enter this house again during this season. We hope everyone is healthy as well!

So, what else did week twenty-nine bring? Well, besides lots of happy…not sure what else. This hasn’t been a big, crazy week…no highchair adventures or moving up a diaper size. He is getting back to eating a little more solids – fruits and veggies. Still doesn’t eat a whole lot – we have determined we aren’t meant to have the cute, chunky babies. He still continues to be the MOST distracted eater (well, Hugh was equally as bad). I realize that I set these kids up for it – I cater to the behavior (one of the many things I cater to…oh, well). He has been introduced to the world of biter biscuits and he likes them…big shock there…have no flavor and taste like paper, sign Judah up! He does this new thing where he shakes his head all around and starts laughing – it is very fun and so cute. I took both boys on a regular grocery shopping trip (insert – “oh wow, you are so awesome” here) and we did fantastic…Judah was in the Ergo and it was great (love the Ergo…have I mentioned that before?). It was a big week of outgoings…the zoo, the grocery store, the library – we so crazy. He is doing awesome in the double stroller now. Also, he is starting to roll outside of the crib now. He is still throwing himself to his belly when he wants something and continues to tolerate belly time. Still think crawling is a long way out. I almost forgot the big news – he moved to a big boy car seat and he loves it! Seriously loves it! You can hear him get all excited (heavy breathing) when we are driving. And Hubey LOVES having him in the big boy car seat as well…it is a win all around. Judah is still enthralled with Hubey – he just loves him. I do love the no helmet thing – I love rocking my babies to sleep and now I can snuggle his sweet head (and yes, I have read Babywise and eight thousand other books on sleeping…and yes, I will still be rocking my babies to sleep because they are my babies). I have started busting out the baby signs again – oh yeah, bringing the goodies back. It has been a great HEALTHY week! Love, love, love to see the smiles and hear the giggles of our sweet Judah again!

So, overall it was a great week – would much rather have the low-key, healthy week than the crazy, sick week. Seriously, Judah is such a happy guy (and even happier to be done with his meds). I continue to learn that I cannot control everything and I am also learning that I cannot latch onto everything I read – I swear, I can get pulled in a million directions (except the organic, non-vaccinating direction…that will not happen). I need to stop reading so many things, or I am going to start to go crazy (well, I am already crazy, but you all know that you can get crazier…Charlie Sheen, need I say more?). We are thankful for your prayers and for our ever faithful God – He is so good to us when we are so undeserving. I pray each and everyday that I can show my kids the same love, patience, and grace that God shows me everyday!


Amy said...

Yay for healthy babyies! Charlie Sheen reference was AWESOME! LOL! In the last picture, Hubey SO much older!! :)

Amy said...

babyies? sorry :)

AprilJ said...

Yay for happy babies (as well).. I am enjoying the redneck look in the last picture. They will fit right in with their cousin Clay.

Heidi said...

So glad that the Saylor household is finally well!

And surviving a shopping trip by yourself? Kuddos lady. I still don't even try that.