Monday, April 25, 2011

Hoppy Easter!

Eight months and Hoppy Easter in week thirty-five! He got to celebrate his first Easter…unfortunately, he was sleeping during the Easter egg hunt and missed out on all the egg-stravaganza (like that?). We also shopped too late and the tie wearing tradition ended…so sad, I would have LOVED to have seen both my boys in some cute ties! Oh well, there will many more Easters and many more times to torture my boys with ties (for sure…they are lucky I don’t make them dress up as the Easter bunny). And we did dress them matchy matchy, which is cute for boys (at least I tell myself that…everyone else will need to remind them of that when I am still making them do it in their teens). We pray that Judah (and Hugh) will learn the true meaning of Easter – not the bunnies and chicks, but the sacrifice that was made in Christ crucified and the GOOD news that Christ is risen and we are alive in Him!

So, what did week thirty-five bring? Well, I think it brought less “needy” of me…there are still some needy moments, but he is enjoying his new independence. However, he still loves some Mama time and has enjoyed the hip hold in the Ergo (have I mentioned how much I love the Ergo?!? gift ever!)…however, the hip hold does not love me and it looks like a gang of piglets fighting in a pillowcase when I put the Ergo on (unfortunately, the Ergo is very unforgiving across my muffin top with all those straps)…oh well, what am I going to do?...workout….doubtful. We lowered his crib mattress since we found him sitting up. He actually fell asleep sitting up one day and napped the whole time that way…guess he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to sit up again?!? He loves being able to sit up now – always has the biggest smiles when I come in to get him…so sweet. He has the sweetest smiles when he wakes up, I love it. (And yes, he does sleep much better now…I just know that our kids will have a rough period of transition…check, got that one down in the baby book.) And Judah is so close to crawling (I know, I know…I keep saying that every week, but he gets closer and closer). Honestly, I would say he is crawling…he will crawl and then land on his belly, get back up and crawl and then land on his belly…and the cycle continues. He gets everywhere now…I believe the “discipline” stage will be starting very soon…the world of “no touch” is getting oh so close for Judah. However, I know he is enjoying his new found freedom, which I think is great. It is crazy to see how much a little one can change in eight short months – God’s creation is beyond amazing. I have noticed that he doesn’t mind playing alone some times and his cries during playing are normally because his big brother is driving him crazy (Hugh truly loves Judah…and sometimes his “love” is truly annoying to Judah)…we are working on this. This kid is just waiting to get into EVERYTHING…I see us locking up the rest of our cabinets. Judah loved being around cousins and family – he loves to be with others, just takes him a little time to warm up (but he doesn’t cry with others, which is such a great thing). He is still hating on the solids and wants to be big – he got to try pancakes, french fries, banana, pear, peas, and lots of other goodies…still not 100% ready, but getting closer…I will be so ready for this. He actually has been doing great with his pincher grab...gets better every day. He still loves his straw cup, but we are in no way ready to transfer milk. This “ugh” eating phase is just a season and it too shall pass. Hugh has given him a new nickname…Jude Dude…I am sure this one will stick. He is desperately trying to pull himself up on things – like the water table (he LOVES it) and would prefer to stand than sit (can I stop time just for a little bit?!?). Judah is happy guy and we love him to pieces – we are so blessed!

We pray you all had an egg-mazing (wow, even better) Easter! And just for purposes of recording (because I have been very good about not going into my woes of breastfeeding/pumping), this well has dried up…dang dried up. Thank you all for your prayers!

Monday, April 18, 2011


And we continue into week thirty-four. I cannot believe we are already at week thirty-four and Judah will eight months by the week’s end! Eight months?!? How does that happen?!? There are times (especially when I look at him next to Hugh) that he looks like such a baby to me (and he is my baby), but when I look at him next to a newborn, he is SO huge and I cannot believe that he once was that small. And I seriously cannot remember that he was that small…no really, I can’t…I can barely remember what I ate for breakfast this morning. However, I do love each new stage and wouldn’t go back (I do love the little babies, but the lack of sleep is not good for me…not good at all). Judah is still needy – he “needy” to be held all the time, but under his conditions – he prefers constant movement…oh joy. God is tempering my heart to Judah’s neediness and I appreciate this time with him (I truly do). I know he won’t “needy” me forever!

So, what else did week thirty-four bring? Well, it continues to bring his constant desire to be mobile…so close. He can get back to a sitting position from lying down as long as he was sitting when he started…make sense? He gets frustrated and will do push-ups (he looks better doing them than I do and he doesn’t do the “girl” kind…like Jake does (kidding)). He still moves backwards and gets where he wants to go, but he knows that he would have a lot more speed if he was crawling. He even pulled himself up to a standing position on one of his toys today (I believe it is a one time deal rather than a new thing…at least that is what I am telling myself). So, I see our lives drastically changing in the next month. We started him on yogurt – jury is still out. He still really wants to eat what we are eating – and we continue to give him a few things…and we have learned he has a sensitive gag reflex like his brother and his mother…oh joy. Cannot wait until the baby food stage is over…not a favorite stage for me. He continues to do well with his straw drinking and will actually hold it himself. No, our babies never hold their own bottles…we want to keep them babies (truth – they would throw their bottles and NEVER eat, so we hold the bottle for Judah…I mean if he was holding his own bottle then he wouldn’t be able to scratch me, pull my hair, pinch my fat (even in places I didn’t know I had fat…which I have realized is now everywhere…bummer)…and we wouldn’t want that would we?!? We do teach them to hold their cups, just not the bottles. We cannot even get him to take a level three nipple…our children and there inept bottle skills. He gets super excited to see Jake now and will cry if he leaves the room (yep, another child slowly being lured to the “Dada” side…it was bound to happen). I love that my boys love their Dada (honestly, I do…it melts my heart and want them to have the best relationship!). He loves the water table - just sitting in it and doesn't mind being freezing cold (so unlike Hugh). He tried a little faux hawk on him this week - this boy needs some help in the hair department...has an interesting halo of fuzz. He enjoyed new childcare this week since his Gramma Anne fell and broke her elbow (we pray she heals quickly) and are thankful for Jake’s cousin, Evy, who is watching them for the next month. He enjoyed a birthday party for his cousins this past weekend and looks forward to the day that he can play with them all. He loves to suck on his toes and I will find him that way a lot in the car seat – gross, but he likes it…whatever. He has learned how to clap and does it all the time now. It is very cute. He loves to learn new things. He is such a sweet boy and honestly, he is a good baby…just a little needy. We love his sweet smiles and his infectious laugh…LOVE LOVE LOVE this boy!

Thankful my power is through Christ to do all things…need to always remember that in everything I do (especially with my boys). God will make me into the mother He has designed me to be…I just need to trust in Him (easier to type than to do)…thankful for His faithfulness. Thanks to you all for your prayers! So looking forward to our first Easter with Judah and continuing to teach our boys why Easter is so incredibly special – He is Risen! Happy Easter to you all!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I discovered the “truth” in week thirty-three! And what is that “truth”? Well, first off, I totally spaced doing my blog last night – I had been thinking about it all day and then woke up this morning and realized I didn’t post it…yes, already forgetting about my second born son…feel like a bad mama (or a bad mammajamma…whatever). I have a good excuse as to why I spaced it, but at the end of the day…it is just an excuse. Okay, moving on…back to the “truth”. And the “truth” is (as my sister-in-law so kindly pointed out to me (and I was starting to figure it out on my own))…we left Judah and he wants us to remember that the next time we think of leaving him, we better do a double take. He doesn’t want us to leave him – got it. He even cried in the church nursery – he never does that! So, I am sure he is “teething” (because aren’t all babies teething?!?), but I think he doesn’t want us to leave him. Okay Judah, we got it – check…now let’s move on and get back to being my super happy guy!

So, what else did week thirty-three bring? Judah is desperately trying to get mobile (my worst nightmare…honestly, I am in no way trying to hurry my kids to get mobile and I laugh when moms brag about their kids and how they are crawling or walking so early…that is not for me!). He can get up on his knees, but he tries to go backwards rather than forwards…he’ll scoot backwards and gets where he wants. We’ll keep working on form (yes, I'm big on form when it comes to crawling – feel free to ask me about it) and I am sure he’ll be crazy mobile before we know it (sad). He is also getting over the baby food stage – he does not enjoy baby food…not really even rice cereal any longer. We’ll bust out the yogurt this next week and see if he enjoys it. He has been enjoying his puffs and his Pirate’s Booty (yep, just like his older brother, he enjoys himself some Booty…can I get a woot woot!!). I wish we could start some more finger foods…maybe we can (if I wasn’t so lazy I would look into it). He has had a better week…still needy (and for some reason I don’t do well with needy babies…but I am getting much better and Judah LOVES me and it is so nice to be loved by your little ones…and I know I’ll miss this all one day (at least that is what I tell myself)). He has mastered (I use that term loosely) the straw (yes, another thing we are big on in the Saylor house…when you spend lots of coin on a speech therapist for your child and the first thing she tells you is no traditional sippy cup…we listen…and yes, we still do use sippy cups, but we introduce them later…everybody has their things). He peed on a seat at PCH (shhh!!!...don’t tell them) while waiting with his big brother in the ER (Hugh was fine). He enjoys standing, but normally cries if you try to walk with him. He reaches for me now…I love that – love the reaching (oh, and he sort of reaches for Jake…you see, I cherish these moments with my babies when they slightly prefer me…it is VERY short lived and I know Judah will be a Daddy’s boy soon enough). He continues to very vocal, but normally it is just for us. He is a stoic baby around others – he really examines people before he warms up to them…I didn’t think that would be his personality, but it seems to be playing out that way right now…but then again, he is only seven months old. He still is crazy – reaches and pulls for everything and is non-stop the majority of the time (I see my “interesting” future when he is officially mobile). He is our sweet boy – love him so much (and maybe he’ll forgive us this next week for leaving him)!

Cannot believe we are less than twenty weeks until a full year – crazy! Life is fun…even when it is crazy. God is faithful to us all the time and He is so patient and loving with us…I just wish I had a small percentage of that same patience and love…I pray for it each day. Thank you all for your prayers.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Don't Leave Me

The theme of week thirty-two has been "don't leave me or I will burst into tears"...yes, it has been one of those weeks for Judah. Honestly, I think he is teething (yes, I know this is something that I will continue to say and he still won't get teeth until nine months). I swear I feel some tooth bumps coming in...I swear...anything to convince me of his off week. So, yes - it has been a tough week for Judah. He is sad, not eating well, wants to be held a lot, and can burst into tears with a roar (just ask Jake). I am sure I would have a tough week if I had teeth coming...I know how I get with a toothache. We love this sweet boy - tough week or not.

So, what else did week thirty-two bring? Well, with the teething (that is what I am telling myself and I am allowed to tell myself anything I want for my sanity) brought one of his worst eating weeks ever. Seriously, it is like feeding an octopus - this kid is all over the hear a lot in this house "Judah is wild."...from all of us. He is just busy, busy, busy...and he is fourteen year-old girl scrappy...pulls hair, scratches, bites, pinches...and he does this all while trying to drink a bottle. It makes for some interesting eating experiences...eating is just not his thing and that is okay (telling myself as I am rocking in a corner). He is also got peed the shower...and in the face (yuck)...Jake can be so mean ( was Hubey and it was an accident...I think). He continues to have an obsession with things that light up...especially cell phones. He gets very upset when you take one away from him. He got pulled over for speeding (bad Judah)...luckily, he just got a warning (which was shocking since it was a motorcycle cop)...and yes, he knows to slow down in the future and no, he doesn't need any lectures on speeding and its dangers. He continues to love to sing while Jake plays the guitar (need to get this on of those memories that I never want to forget...and since I can barely remember what I had for breakfast, I need to get it on video). He got to spend hours in the Ergo on my back while I did chores (yep, that kind of week)...and now I know what it feels like to have a monkey on my back. He is really trying to get on his knees more, but no such luck (I'll say it again...darned Johnson belly). He totally gets what he wants - still not quite sure exact method, but they work. Even with a hard week, he still laughs all the time - he does this wheezing laugh and it is so funny. He gets so excited - makes us laugh. He is a sweet baby - cute as can be and we love him! On a happy note - we gave Judah an early birthday gift...he (as in his older brother) really seems to enjoy the water/sand (only water at the Saylor house...have you met Jake?!?) table...Judah does seem to like - he just sits in it...he loves the water!

Overall, a tough week - I don't think it helps that I have been crazy busy with things and I think you notice your kid's moods more when you are busy (especially when they are not the moods you are so desiring)...something about my sinful nature and focusing on self and my agenda. I said to Jake a few times this past week that I haven't been the best mom. Ugh, so hard to do it all.

Thanks to you all for prayers - I know we need them!