Monday, April 4, 2011

Don't Leave Me

The theme of week thirty-two has been "don't leave me or I will burst into tears"...yes, it has been one of those weeks for Judah. Honestly, I think he is teething (yes, I know this is something that I will continue to say and he still won't get teeth until nine months). I swear I feel some tooth bumps coming in...I swear...anything to convince me of his off week. So, yes - it has been a tough week for Judah. He is sad, not eating well, wants to be held a lot, and can burst into tears with a roar (just ask Jake). I am sure I would have a tough week if I had teeth coming...I know how I get with a toothache. We love this sweet boy - tough week or not.

So, what else did week thirty-two bring? Well, with the teething (that is what I am telling myself and I am allowed to tell myself anything I want for my sanity) brought one of his worst eating weeks ever. Seriously, it is like feeding an octopus - this kid is all over the hear a lot in this house "Judah is wild."...from all of us. He is just busy, busy, busy...and he is fourteen year-old girl scrappy...pulls hair, scratches, bites, pinches...and he does this all while trying to drink a bottle. It makes for some interesting eating experiences...eating is just not his thing and that is okay (telling myself as I am rocking in a corner). He is also got peed the shower...and in the face (yuck)...Jake can be so mean ( was Hubey and it was an accident...I think). He continues to have an obsession with things that light up...especially cell phones. He gets very upset when you take one away from him. He got pulled over for speeding (bad Judah)...luckily, he just got a warning (which was shocking since it was a motorcycle cop)...and yes, he knows to slow down in the future and no, he doesn't need any lectures on speeding and its dangers. He continues to love to sing while Jake plays the guitar (need to get this on of those memories that I never want to forget...and since I can barely remember what I had for breakfast, I need to get it on video). He got to spend hours in the Ergo on my back while I did chores (yep, that kind of week)...and now I know what it feels like to have a monkey on my back. He is really trying to get on his knees more, but no such luck (I'll say it again...darned Johnson belly). He totally gets what he wants - still not quite sure exact method, but they work. Even with a hard week, he still laughs all the time - he does this wheezing laugh and it is so funny. He gets so excited - makes us laugh. He is a sweet baby - cute as can be and we love him! On a happy note - we gave Judah an early birthday gift...he (as in his older brother) really seems to enjoy the water/sand (only water at the Saylor house...have you met Jake?!?) table...Judah does seem to like - he just sits in it...he loves the water!

Overall, a tough week - I don't think it helps that I have been crazy busy with things and I think you notice your kid's moods more when you are busy (especially when they are not the moods you are so desiring)...something about my sinful nature and focusing on self and my agenda. I said to Jake a few times this past week that I haven't been the best mom. Ugh, so hard to do it all.

Thanks to you all for prayers - I know we need them!

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AprilJ said...

If it's not teething, you can always fall back on "he's so tired" as your go-to. I use it with Clay.. even though most of the time he's just being Clay. After all these years, I still like an excuse for his crabbiness. I LOVED water tables for the kids.. we don't have one of those here. I guess we'll just let them hike down to the river and fight with the bears over the river water :)