Monday, April 25, 2011

Hoppy Easter!

Eight months and Hoppy Easter in week thirty-five! He got to celebrate his first Easter…unfortunately, he was sleeping during the Easter egg hunt and missed out on all the egg-stravaganza (like that?). We also shopped too late and the tie wearing tradition ended…so sad, I would have LOVED to have seen both my boys in some cute ties! Oh well, there will many more Easters and many more times to torture my boys with ties (for sure…they are lucky I don’t make them dress up as the Easter bunny). And we did dress them matchy matchy, which is cute for boys (at least I tell myself that…everyone else will need to remind them of that when I am still making them do it in their teens). We pray that Judah (and Hugh) will learn the true meaning of Easter – not the bunnies and chicks, but the sacrifice that was made in Christ crucified and the GOOD news that Christ is risen and we are alive in Him!

So, what did week thirty-five bring? Well, I think it brought less “needy” of me…there are still some needy moments, but he is enjoying his new independence. However, he still loves some Mama time and has enjoyed the hip hold in the Ergo (have I mentioned how much I love the Ergo?!? gift ever!)…however, the hip hold does not love me and it looks like a gang of piglets fighting in a pillowcase when I put the Ergo on (unfortunately, the Ergo is very unforgiving across my muffin top with all those straps)…oh well, what am I going to do?...workout….doubtful. We lowered his crib mattress since we found him sitting up. He actually fell asleep sitting up one day and napped the whole time that way…guess he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to sit up again?!? He loves being able to sit up now – always has the biggest smiles when I come in to get him…so sweet. He has the sweetest smiles when he wakes up, I love it. (And yes, he does sleep much better now…I just know that our kids will have a rough period of transition…check, got that one down in the baby book.) And Judah is so close to crawling (I know, I know…I keep saying that every week, but he gets closer and closer). Honestly, I would say he is crawling…he will crawl and then land on his belly, get back up and crawl and then land on his belly…and the cycle continues. He gets everywhere now…I believe the “discipline” stage will be starting very soon…the world of “no touch” is getting oh so close for Judah. However, I know he is enjoying his new found freedom, which I think is great. It is crazy to see how much a little one can change in eight short months – God’s creation is beyond amazing. I have noticed that he doesn’t mind playing alone some times and his cries during playing are normally because his big brother is driving him crazy (Hugh truly loves Judah…and sometimes his “love” is truly annoying to Judah)…we are working on this. This kid is just waiting to get into EVERYTHING…I see us locking up the rest of our cabinets. Judah loved being around cousins and family – he loves to be with others, just takes him a little time to warm up (but he doesn’t cry with others, which is such a great thing). He is still hating on the solids and wants to be big – he got to try pancakes, french fries, banana, pear, peas, and lots of other goodies…still not 100% ready, but getting closer…I will be so ready for this. He actually has been doing great with his pincher grab...gets better every day. He still loves his straw cup, but we are in no way ready to transfer milk. This “ugh” eating phase is just a season and it too shall pass. Hugh has given him a new nickname…Jude Dude…I am sure this one will stick. He is desperately trying to pull himself up on things – like the water table (he LOVES it) and would prefer to stand than sit (can I stop time just for a little bit?!?). Judah is happy guy and we love him to pieces – we are so blessed!

We pray you all had an egg-mazing (wow, even better) Easter! And just for purposes of recording (because I have been very good about not going into my woes of breastfeeding/pumping), this well has dried up…dang dried up. Thank you all for your prayers!


Clayton said...

Congrats on being through with the pump again. I'm sure it wasn't a day too soon :) I still sometimes have nightmares about pumping... even 6 years out. There are few things I have enjoyed less in life. And I've lived a lot of life at this point!!!!

Krista said...

You have a beautiful family! And I dress my boys matchey-matchey too. :)

The Martins said...

sweet family!

how did one of your kids end up with a Brutus the Buckeye shirt?