Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I discovered the “truth” in week thirty-three! And what is that “truth”? Well, first off, I totally spaced doing my blog last night – I had been thinking about it all day and then woke up this morning and realized I didn’t post it…yes, already forgetting about my second born son…feel like a bad mama (or a bad mammajamma…whatever). I have a good excuse as to why I spaced it, but at the end of the day…it is just an excuse. Okay, moving on…back to the “truth”. And the “truth” is (as my sister-in-law so kindly pointed out to me (and I was starting to figure it out on my own))…we left Judah and he wants us to remember that the next time we think of leaving him, we better do a double take. He doesn’t want us to leave him – got it. He even cried in the church nursery – he never does that! So, I am sure he is “teething” (because aren’t all babies teething?!?), but I think he doesn’t want us to leave him. Okay Judah, we got it – check…now let’s move on and get back to being my super happy guy!

So, what else did week thirty-three bring? Judah is desperately trying to get mobile (my worst nightmare…honestly, I am in no way trying to hurry my kids to get mobile and I laugh when moms brag about their kids and how they are crawling or walking so early…that is not for me!). He can get up on his knees, but he tries to go backwards rather than forwards…he’ll scoot backwards and gets where he wants. We’ll keep working on form (yes, I'm big on form when it comes to crawling – feel free to ask me about it) and I am sure he’ll be crazy mobile before we know it (sad). He is also getting over the baby food stage – he does not enjoy baby food…not really even rice cereal any longer. We’ll bust out the yogurt this next week and see if he enjoys it. He has been enjoying his puffs and his Pirate’s Booty (yep, just like his older brother, he enjoys himself some Booty…can I get a woot woot!!). I wish we could start some more finger foods…maybe we can (if I wasn’t so lazy I would look into it). He has had a better week…still needy (and for some reason I don’t do well with needy babies…but I am getting much better and Judah LOVES me and it is so nice to be loved by your little ones…and I know I’ll miss this all one day (at least that is what I tell myself)). He has mastered (I use that term loosely) the straw (yes, another thing we are big on in the Saylor house…when you spend lots of coin on a speech therapist for your child and the first thing she tells you is no traditional sippy cup…we listen…and yes, we still do use sippy cups, but we introduce them later…everybody has their things). He peed on a seat at PCH (shhh!!!...don’t tell them) while waiting with his big brother in the ER (Hugh was fine). He enjoys standing, but normally cries if you try to walk with him. He reaches for me now…I love that – love the reaching (oh, and he sort of reaches for Jake…you see, I cherish these moments with my babies when they slightly prefer me…it is VERY short lived and I know Judah will be a Daddy’s boy soon enough). He continues to very vocal, but normally it is just for us. He is a stoic baby around others – he really examines people before he warms up to them…I didn’t think that would be his personality, but it seems to be playing out that way right now…but then again, he is only seven months old. He still is crazy – reaches and pulls for everything and is non-stop the majority of the time (I see my “interesting” future when he is officially mobile). He is our sweet boy – love him so much (and maybe he’ll forgive us this next week for leaving him)!

Cannot believe we are less than twenty weeks until a full year – crazy! Life is fun…even when it is crazy. God is faithful to us all the time and He is so patient and loving with us…I just wish I had a small percentage of that same patience and love…I pray for it each day. Thank you all for your prayers.


Amy said...

He is so sweet and he just really loves his mammajamma!

Clayton said...

IDK, sometimes boys continue to love their mommas way past infant-hood. Just saying... Look at Clay (he loves Clayton but I'm the kid's love in life still... and this is NOT me bragging).