Monday, May 30, 2011

Back on Track

Judah is back on in week forty…at least I thought he was. After a very tough week, it seemed like Judah is getting better…but of course now, it seems like he has gotten or cold or allergies or whatever to provide to my insanity. Ugh! Children being sick are hard, but I know it is nothing in the grand scheme of things and we have so much to be thankful for – praise God! So, we pray for additional healing for Judah (and Hugh and Jake…yep, a house full of sickies and some a lot more whiney than others (Jake…kidding))! So, with being sick means the greatest sleeping…tis’ our season…right?!? Anyway, we are getting back on track in this house…yes, we are!

So, what else did week forty bring? Well, it brought some early rising…like it should be illegal to get up that early kind of rising…5:30 in the morning is WAY too early. So, we are trying some “tough” love, but it is hard – it was SO much easier getting Hugh to a 7AM wake-up…hoping Judah gets on the 7AM train very soon. We have early risers in this house – there is no other way around it…not trying to play like we don’t. Our kids like to get up early…period. And yes, I know people say we’ll miss this when they are older, but I am not really sure I’ll really miss this…just being honest. A few 9AM Saturdays would not be a bad thing…just sayin’. He also had his nine month well visit – 19lbs. 3oz. (around 25%) and around 28in. (around 50%)…so, right around the same weight as Hugh, but two inches shorter. They said he looks great, but thought he should have a few more words…really, he is nine months?!? Give me a break. AND, I always love it when it comes from a resident with no kids. So, not worried about it…his word is “da da” and he is not adding any other any time soon. He is becoming quite the speed crawler and he normally likes to crawl with something in one of his hands because it makes him go faster. Papa got him to enjoy walking while holding his hands – he gets very excited about it. His favorite things to do are to clap, click his tongue (that is his party trick – mine is sticking my whole fist in my mouth…clearly he gets genius from me), bang on everything (a possible drummer??? too bad he will NEVER own a drum set), balloons (can keep him entertained for a solid hour when he has nothing else), and kicking – he kicks with some serious force. He enjoyed his first time in a big pool – LOVED it! He was kicking all around and splashing – he thought he could swim. He also didn’t mind the cold – Hugh on the other hand was freezing. He is a total water baby. He will now stand up in the crib – doesn’t do it very often…normally, he just sits and waits for us…sweet boy. I think he is losing his love for milk (knew it couldn’t be a true love affair in this house); however, he is eating a ton of baby food. He continues to have a love for any type of booty – loves himself the Cheetos booty (and yes, we are so healthy in this house). He is still pulling himself up on everything, but not really cruising just yet. He loves to watch Jake (from the window) when Jake is outside. He loves when people sing to him and it will normally calm him down (especially my ah-mazing voice). He follows in his brother’s footsteps and loves blankets and stuffed animals – already has a few faves. He continues to be a very solemn child with most people, and we wish people could see the side we see…so smiley and happy. Seriously, this kid has the biggest smiles, but he doesn’t give them out. He continues to sign “more” and will use it correctly occasionally – he needs to learn “all done”. He continues to love playing with Hugh and they will now play together for at least fifteen minutes with no tears. He has a lot to say and it is so sweet to watch him get so serious about what he has to say. He is such a sweet baby…he is such a blessing to us!

So, here is to hoping to a healthy week…we are making progress, but need some additional work. Thanks to you all for your prayers!

Monday, May 23, 2011


Judah is still recovering in week thirty-nine. Yes, still recovering. This sickness has really rocked this little one, which is so sad...for all of us. It has been a tough week. When Judah is sick...we all feel it. I feel so bad for him - I HATE seeing him sick. However, I think he turned a corner this weekend and is really getting better. He has been on antibiotics since last Tuesday, and I think they are helping. He hasn't really slept well for the past week plus, but I think he seemed a little more on schedule is to really hoping with everything I can cross!

So, what else did week thirty-nine bring for Judah? Besides more clean-up (and oh so much clean-up...more than we would ever like to see), it brought more crawling and pulling himself up on everything. Took a hard spill in bathtub (because of his constant need to pull himself up on EVERYTHING) - the spill happened on Dada's watch...that never happens...EVERYTHING happens on my watch...everything (feeling a little vindicated right that wrong?!?). He still isn't really cruising...don't think he has figured out that his feet are supposed to move when he stands. He locks his knees a lot of the time and is just so proud to be able to stand. Also, if you try to walk with him, he turns to jello and will normally start that is my Saylor early walking in this house. He has started eating baby food again - yay for Judah! He needed to start eating something. I will never be able to figure out my children and their eating...I call this time period the "dark days"...because they drive me crazy! Praise God for answered prayers on the eating again! He has been signing "more"...but not sure he knows what it means. Still saying "dada" all the time...and no "mama"...whatever, I wasn't the one who had to carry him for thirty-nine weeks, lose my body shape (oh wait, that happened years ago), breastfeed, eat tons of junk to support my milk fat (that was a huge sacrifice), and the list goes, I am not bitter (bitter party of one)...don't worry about me. He likes to be right on Hugh's side for all playing...I think it is sweet, but Hugh would disagree. He still gets tackled by Hugh all the time and it still not enjoying it (honestly, the problem is, I encourage the rough housing...guess I should stop that). We have been taking him for rides in his tricycle (has the seat belt) and he LOVES it! He continues to love the swings at the park and going for walks. He is definitely his Dada's best-friend and gets SO excited to see Jake...highlight of his day (probably for both of them!). He is a cuddler and we LOVE it...there is nothing better than a baby cuddling into you while they are sleeping. He is so ticklish and loves to laugh (still mostly at us only). He is a sweet, sweet boy - hoping for a full recovery in week forty!

Thank you all for your prayers! We cannot believe this little boy is nine months old (today)! Need to start thinking about that one year birthday party (and of course, we all know that I have already starting thinking about it)...honestly, the summer birthday in Arizona stresses me out a little bit. I know it will all come together...still have three more months!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Breaking Through...

Two teeth in week thirty-eight for Judah! Yep, he finally has some teeth! I still can’t really see them, but I can definitely feel them. Not only has Judah had the blessing of getting some teeth, but he started the week off with a cold. By mid-week he was sick, sick, sick…lots of v&d up in this house. You are always reminded of how much you love your children when they blanket you in vomit…several times. And the sickness spread to entire household over the weekend…fantastic. Always thankful for an incredible husband when I am sick (seriously, Jake is an AMAZING husband). Also, I think it is wrong that moms get sick – kind of think we should get “byes” until our children are five years or older. It is hard to be a mom when you are sick (well, at least it is for me…honestly, I just want to focus on me when I am sick). Glad the majority of us are back to healthy…except poor Judah. It has hit him the hardest and he is still sick, but hoping he is on the mend because Judah does not enjoy being sick…not one little bit, but he has been quite the trooper this past week. Praying for a healthy boy soon!

So, what else did week thirty-eight bring for Judah? Well, it brought his first time celebrating his Dada’s b-day…unfortunately, he (Judah) was sick. Best birthday week ever for Jake…just ask him. Judah is Jake’s biggest fan right now…LOVES his Dada and he says “dada” all the time. And when I try to get him to say “mama”…all he does is say “dada” louder and louder with a big smile. I think I remember Hugh doing this same thing. He still loves his Mama, but that very special bond with Dada is forming. He has been super cuddly this past week and even fell asleep on Jake…so sweet (these moments are few and far between now). He continues to love to pull himself up on everything, and has started to cruise a little bit…get back, my baby is leaving the nest…well, not quite and he would prefer to leave the nest on my hip right now, but still…what happened to my baby?!? Jake swore he was standing on his own tonight (and he was if leaning against a couch on your belly is considered as independent standing nowadays). Did a little bit of Halloween in May (he is our baby and we can do what we want...and he loved least that is what we are telling ourselves). He continues to love being loud and pounds on everything much to his brother’s dismay (Hugh is not a big fan of loud noises). You should see the joy he gets from pounding on things…pure joy. He is still crawling everywhere, but still doesn’t enjoy tile or other hard surfaces…poor buddy. Hugh continues to come up with new nicknames – the new one is Judies (hoping that one doesn’t stick). He is still not eating solids well…barely anything, but he is trying and gets an “A” for effort. He is starting to snub formula, which is a bummer for him because that is going to need to be his favorite drink in about another week. Hopefully, he gets his tail on the formula train because it is departing whether he likes it or not. He is still super serious and people pretty much need to dance on their heads to get this kid to crack a smile. You should see the looks he gives people…like “you are so dumb”…makes me laugh. I guess you just really need to be entertaining to get his attention, but he is super smiley and silly with us. He has an obsession with the computer (think he probably learned that one from me…awesome…we are working on it (on me that is)). He is curious and wants to play…Hugh is adjusting. He continues to be such a sweet, sweet boy. We are so blessed to have him in our family!

We are praying for a full recovery this week for Judah Bear. He doesn’t wear “sick” very well and I don’t blame him (I don’t either). Thank you for your prayers!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

We have our hands full with Judah in week thirty-seven! He has really grasped the crawling thing and is all over the place now…and he is fast! And pulling himself up on everything he can…awesome. I really feel like he feels like he has this crawling thing mastered and he is ready to move on. We’ll see, but I guess mobile is mobile…once you go mobile there is no going back. I would be surprised if he is an early walker, but he definitely has the desire. He is still not loving the tile and will tend to drag one leg. His little knees get bright red – I feel bad for him. Also, the crawling is reminding me how clean my floor is…spotless. He continues to enjoy a little more independence, and I am all for it (as long as I can still see him).

So, what else did week thirty-seven bring? Well, it brought that independence – crawled himself into the playroom and played by himself…ALL.BY.HIMSELF! Hugh still wouldn’t do that (kidding, but he REALLY prefers a playmate). He still loves to have someone around as well, but crawling to play by himself really surprised me…what happened to my baby?!? He is all done with the baby food – short lived in the Saylor house. So, at least he is drinking more milk since he isn’t really eating much – we give whatever we are eating, but he has no teeth (yep, still no teeth!). We realize we give him whatever – normally it goes like this, “Can I give him nuts yet? No. Okay…dang, just him pesto…it has nuts.” Oops…so not careful with the food. We just go with the fact that we don’t have food allergies so our kids won’t either…I know, the logic is great. Cannot wait for this food/eating stage to pass. Good news is – he is willing to try things. He is saying some sounds…and of course it is “dada” – and he actually uses it in the correct context. It is official, I have lost another one…I need a puppy…a puppy would stay with me (who am I kidding? a puppy would leave me too!). But I couldn’t have lost him to a better person – the best Dada in the world…Jake is truly adored by his boys, and it is very sweet to watch. Judah has a very sweet nature – he can get so excited over things and it is so sweet. He also does not enjoy being tormented by his big brother – we are working on that (with Hugh). He is tough, but loses his patience quickly – this also happens when he wants something Hugh has and has no problem beating on Hugh to get it (we are working on this one with Judah). He continues to love to make A LOT of noise and will bang on anything he can. He seems to have a love of the trash can like his big brother…oh joy. Honestly, I can’t blame him – he can see himself in it and he can bang on it…good times. He celebrated his first Mother’s Day (did a very good job – spa day for me…definitely trumped his brother from last year…you can ask Jake about it). He continues to love music. He continues to have the sweetest smiles when I get him from the crib – melts my heart. Life is so carefree and sweet at this age – wish it could stay this way forever. I think we are close to putting away the rest of the “baby” toys…crazy how fast this time goes! Can’t say it enough – love, love, love this boy – he makes such a great number four in our family!

I have been convicted lately that my boys don’t get my best – I can focus on other things rather than stopping to play with them or give them my 100% focus. I truly desire for this to change and will be praying that God helps me in this struggle. My boys deserve my time – they deserve the training, they deserve my all. This time is so short – I pray I enjoy every moment and don’t wish for the time to pass, or not focus my heart where it should be. Hope you all are well!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Party Time!

We had a wonderful time celebrating Papa Mike's retirement! Troy and Melissa opened their home for the large gathering and it was a great time. Of course, we missed Clayton, April, Kara, and Clay!

No, we didn't get any surprise pictures (as you can see from the terrible quality from the first picture) because some of my dad's friends walked up when he did...what part of "Shhh!!! It's a Surprise!" don't people understand...clearly my dad's friends. Also, do you get it, "Shhh!!! It's a Surprise!"? (Jake and I are so mature...and we laugh every time we see it.)

Jake was our camera man - Michelle was home with a sick boy and Melissa's camera enough said with the pics...Jake gets burned out...quickly. He didn't even get any of me singing Katy Perry's, Firework...sad day because I was SO awesome! Also, we didn't get any pics of Hugh and Evie hittin' the margs...yep, they were filling their water bottles up...not sure how much they drank, but they sure smelled like some serious drunkards...and where were the parents...singing karaoke...duh (kidding...but not sure where we were)...ah, good times!

Happy Retirement Papa! Now get to work! Lots of love!

Monday, May 2, 2011

On the Move...

And Judah is “officially” crawling in week thirty-six…and it is a good solid crawl (I know, that is only important to me). He happened to beat his brother out on this milestone (actually, Hugh’s post at week thirty-six has the same title; however, Judah is actually crawling and Hugh was still figuring it all out). However, you can tell that he does enjoy crawling as much as his brother did. He’ll try to stand multiple times while crawling the length of a room – seriously, it looks like he is trying to stand…maybe an early walker? Doubtful in the Saylor house. He also dislikes crawling on the tile – I am assuming it hurts his knees (Hugh didn’t develop kneecaps until he started walking – seriously, we use to look at him crawling and it would hurt us.). I think he'll grow to like it more and more and he is getting much faster at it. Oh, joy! I tried many times to get a video of it, but he gets very camera shy and starts to get very dramatic (guess that is a second born trait…just kidding). I posted the video anyway, but he really does crawl better than the video shows. So, we have a baby on the go now…which results in me letting him down wherever and Jake taking Valium to deal with the disgustingness of it all (I look at it as more of a part of life…Jake, not so much). Go Judah!

So, what else happened in week thirty-six? Well, the good crawling was a big deal this week. He is continuing to enjoy more and more freedom, which means we are enjoying more and more stress. Honestly, he hasn’t really gotten into too many things (and here comes the blog curse) and Hugh manages to successfully talk him out of all the things he really wants (since Hugh really wants them). I see a little more exploring starting to happen in the next few weeks…yippee! He has started spitting – honestly, I was getting prideful (in my head) that he wasn’t a spitter and I was so proud…oh, yes, he is a spitter and he thinks it is SO funny…I do not. (To be honest, I provoke the spitting…I tend to “sneak” bites in…let’s just say he is not a fan…guess I get what I deserve.) Can’t say it enough times…cannot wait until we are past this eating stage. Seriously, baby food is the worst stage ever (at least it is for me…honestly, all the eating stages the first year for me are bad). We continue to try new foods – he likes cheese puffs (we have gone over this before – we are a chemical, preservative, food dye loving kind of family…and we like to start our kids young). He still doesn’t have any teeth, but I swear they are right there (didn’t I swear that two weeks ago? Need to stop swearing!). He had egg this week and it looked like he was having a reaction to it, which would be a bummer…eggs are a staple in the Saylor household. He continues to become more and more vocal – love hearing his sweet voice. He also loves to pound on his tray and anything else – drummer in the future…I think not, but he does love music. We haven’t been as disciplined with working on the signing with him (need to get on it…the first born gets the best parenting). Also, if you say, “Yay, Judah!” – he will normally start clapping…so cute! He got to enjoy his Papa’s retirement party and my amazing singing voice (I am REALLY good at karaoke…who knew?!?). He is starting to look so much older to me (you know when you have those moments when you look at your kids and they look bigger/older – had one of those moments this morning). He is still loving sitting up in his crib and always has a big smile for whoever gets him (normally, it is me…and I LOVE it!). And I was a wonderful mother again this week…Judah fell out of the water table…head first onto the pavers (and yes, I was right there). Yes, we put him in the water table to play – I am sure there is a picture on the box with a baby sitting in the water table with a big red “X” (similar to the picture you find on large plastic bins). We put him in the water table to play because he isn’t able to stand and walk around the table yet and we want him to enjoy his birthday present. Yes, I am justifying it. So, it sounded bad (heads hitting concrete is never a good sound), but he cried for a minute and was fine (which of course then made me panic more, but he really was fine). And I put him right back into the water table…wow, truly get a MOTY award for that. Thankful to God for protecting our little boy – he needs it! He is a sweet boy and we are so blessed by him!

We hope you all are doing well – thank you for your prayers!