Monday, May 30, 2011

Back on Track

Judah is back on in week forty…at least I thought he was. After a very tough week, it seemed like Judah is getting better…but of course now, it seems like he has gotten or cold or allergies or whatever to provide to my insanity. Ugh! Children being sick are hard, but I know it is nothing in the grand scheme of things and we have so much to be thankful for – praise God! So, we pray for additional healing for Judah (and Hugh and Jake…yep, a house full of sickies and some a lot more whiney than others (Jake…kidding))! So, with being sick means the greatest sleeping…tis’ our season…right?!? Anyway, we are getting back on track in this house…yes, we are!

So, what else did week forty bring? Well, it brought some early rising…like it should be illegal to get up that early kind of rising…5:30 in the morning is WAY too early. So, we are trying some “tough” love, but it is hard – it was SO much easier getting Hugh to a 7AM wake-up…hoping Judah gets on the 7AM train very soon. We have early risers in this house – there is no other way around it…not trying to play like we don’t. Our kids like to get up early…period. And yes, I know people say we’ll miss this when they are older, but I am not really sure I’ll really miss this…just being honest. A few 9AM Saturdays would not be a bad thing…just sayin’. He also had his nine month well visit – 19lbs. 3oz. (around 25%) and around 28in. (around 50%)…so, right around the same weight as Hugh, but two inches shorter. They said he looks great, but thought he should have a few more words…really, he is nine months?!? Give me a break. AND, I always love it when it comes from a resident with no kids. So, not worried about it…his word is “da da” and he is not adding any other any time soon. He is becoming quite the speed crawler and he normally likes to crawl with something in one of his hands because it makes him go faster. Papa got him to enjoy walking while holding his hands – he gets very excited about it. His favorite things to do are to clap, click his tongue (that is his party trick – mine is sticking my whole fist in my mouth…clearly he gets genius from me), bang on everything (a possible drummer??? too bad he will NEVER own a drum set), balloons (can keep him entertained for a solid hour when he has nothing else), and kicking – he kicks with some serious force. He enjoyed his first time in a big pool – LOVED it! He was kicking all around and splashing – he thought he could swim. He also didn’t mind the cold – Hugh on the other hand was freezing. He is a total water baby. He will now stand up in the crib – doesn’t do it very often…normally, he just sits and waits for us…sweet boy. I think he is losing his love for milk (knew it couldn’t be a true love affair in this house); however, he is eating a ton of baby food. He continues to have a love for any type of booty – loves himself the Cheetos booty (and yes, we are so healthy in this house). He is still pulling himself up on everything, but not really cruising just yet. He loves to watch Jake (from the window) when Jake is outside. He loves when people sing to him and it will normally calm him down (especially my ah-mazing voice). He follows in his brother’s footsteps and loves blankets and stuffed animals – already has a few faves. He continues to be a very solemn child with most people, and we wish people could see the side we see…so smiley and happy. Seriously, this kid has the biggest smiles, but he doesn’t give them out. He continues to sign “more” and will use it correctly occasionally – he needs to learn “all done”. He continues to love playing with Hugh and they will now play together for at least fifteen minutes with no tears. He has a lot to say and it is so sweet to watch him get so serious about what he has to say. He is such a sweet baby…he is such a blessing to us!

So, here is to hoping to a healthy week…we are making progress, but need some additional work. Thanks to you all for your prayers!


Amy said...

So sorry there is MORE sickness in the house! Praying for you all!

Heidi said...

The neighbors may mock you but I swear by putting tinfoil on my windows to make my kids sleep in.

And I am sorry but nine months? I can't remember even getting asked if my kids had any words at nine months, when they were one yes, but even then it was 4 to five words that they expected. So if he has one at 9 months he is well on his way:0)

Hoping for healthy baby's and husband!

Theresa said...

Oh, Judah is such a cutie! And I laugh at Heidi's post, Mike LOVED my idea of foil in the windows, commenting that we looked like a crack house! haha! I actually got a black out sheet from Jo-Ann's and hung it in the window. idk...makes me feel better! :) Enough about me! your boys are precious!!

AprilJ said...

Clay is fighting something right now... he'll seem OK for a day then backslide. I hate summer sickness. You can velcro blackout to your window. Since I now know how to sew, I can help you make window stuff for the boys when we come out :)