Monday, May 16, 2011

Breaking Through...

Two teeth in week thirty-eight for Judah! Yep, he finally has some teeth! I still can’t really see them, but I can definitely feel them. Not only has Judah had the blessing of getting some teeth, but he started the week off with a cold. By mid-week he was sick, sick, sick…lots of v&d up in this house. You are always reminded of how much you love your children when they blanket you in vomit…several times. And the sickness spread to entire household over the weekend…fantastic. Always thankful for an incredible husband when I am sick (seriously, Jake is an AMAZING husband). Also, I think it is wrong that moms get sick – kind of think we should get “byes” until our children are five years or older. It is hard to be a mom when you are sick (well, at least it is for me…honestly, I just want to focus on me when I am sick). Glad the majority of us are back to healthy…except poor Judah. It has hit him the hardest and he is still sick, but hoping he is on the mend because Judah does not enjoy being sick…not one little bit, but he has been quite the trooper this past week. Praying for a healthy boy soon!

So, what else did week thirty-eight bring for Judah? Well, it brought his first time celebrating his Dada’s b-day…unfortunately, he (Judah) was sick. Best birthday week ever for Jake…just ask him. Judah is Jake’s biggest fan right now…LOVES his Dada and he says “dada” all the time. And when I try to get him to say “mama”…all he does is say “dada” louder and louder with a big smile. I think I remember Hugh doing this same thing. He still loves his Mama, but that very special bond with Dada is forming. He has been super cuddly this past week and even fell asleep on Jake…so sweet (these moments are few and far between now). He continues to love to pull himself up on everything, and has started to cruise a little bit…get back, my baby is leaving the nest…well, not quite and he would prefer to leave the nest on my hip right now, but still…what happened to my baby?!? Jake swore he was standing on his own tonight (and he was if leaning against a couch on your belly is considered as independent standing nowadays). Did a little bit of Halloween in May (he is our baby and we can do what we want...and he loved least that is what we are telling ourselves). He continues to love being loud and pounds on everything much to his brother’s dismay (Hugh is not a big fan of loud noises). You should see the joy he gets from pounding on things…pure joy. He is still crawling everywhere, but still doesn’t enjoy tile or other hard surfaces…poor buddy. Hugh continues to come up with new nicknames – the new one is Judies (hoping that one doesn’t stick). He is still not eating solids well…barely anything, but he is trying and gets an “A” for effort. He is starting to snub formula, which is a bummer for him because that is going to need to be his favorite drink in about another week. Hopefully, he gets his tail on the formula train because it is departing whether he likes it or not. He is still super serious and people pretty much need to dance on their heads to get this kid to crack a smile. You should see the looks he gives people…like “you are so dumb”…makes me laugh. I guess you just really need to be entertaining to get his attention, but he is super smiley and silly with us. He has an obsession with the computer (think he probably learned that one from me…awesome…we are working on it (on me that is)). He is curious and wants to play…Hugh is adjusting. He continues to be such a sweet, sweet boy. We are so blessed to have him in our family!

We are praying for a full recovery this week for Judah Bear. He doesn’t wear “sick” very well and I don’t blame him (I don’t either). Thank you for your prayers!


Amy said...

Love those sweet boys! Every day is Halloween over here...yay for dress up!

Clayton said...

Sorry to hear you've all been sick :( Here's to Judies feeling better this week (and staying well!)!!

Brandie said...

Happy belated birthday Jake!

Praying there are NO more sick bugs for you guys (v&d bugs are the WORST). :(

Love the dress up - but for the sake of Halloween in May, I hope there were some teets too! :)