Monday, May 9, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

We have our hands full with Judah in week thirty-seven! He has really grasped the crawling thing and is all over the place now…and he is fast! And pulling himself up on everything he can…awesome. I really feel like he feels like he has this crawling thing mastered and he is ready to move on. We’ll see, but I guess mobile is mobile…once you go mobile there is no going back. I would be surprised if he is an early walker, but he definitely has the desire. He is still not loving the tile and will tend to drag one leg. His little knees get bright red – I feel bad for him. Also, the crawling is reminding me how clean my floor is…spotless. He continues to enjoy a little more independence, and I am all for it (as long as I can still see him).

So, what else did week thirty-seven bring? Well, it brought that independence – crawled himself into the playroom and played by himself…ALL.BY.HIMSELF! Hugh still wouldn’t do that (kidding, but he REALLY prefers a playmate). He still loves to have someone around as well, but crawling to play by himself really surprised me…what happened to my baby?!? He is all done with the baby food – short lived in the Saylor house. So, at least he is drinking more milk since he isn’t really eating much – we give whatever we are eating, but he has no teeth (yep, still no teeth!). We realize we give him whatever – normally it goes like this, “Can I give him nuts yet? No. Okay…dang, just him pesto…it has nuts.” Oops…so not careful with the food. We just go with the fact that we don’t have food allergies so our kids won’t either…I know, the logic is great. Cannot wait for this food/eating stage to pass. Good news is – he is willing to try things. He is saying some sounds…and of course it is “dada” – and he actually uses it in the correct context. It is official, I have lost another one…I need a puppy…a puppy would stay with me (who am I kidding? a puppy would leave me too!). But I couldn’t have lost him to a better person – the best Dada in the world…Jake is truly adored by his boys, and it is very sweet to watch. Judah has a very sweet nature – he can get so excited over things and it is so sweet. He also does not enjoy being tormented by his big brother – we are working on that (with Hugh). He is tough, but loses his patience quickly – this also happens when he wants something Hugh has and has no problem beating on Hugh to get it (we are working on this one with Judah). He continues to love to make A LOT of noise and will bang on anything he can. He seems to have a love of the trash can like his big brother…oh joy. Honestly, I can’t blame him – he can see himself in it and he can bang on it…good times. He celebrated his first Mother’s Day (did a very good job – spa day for me…definitely trumped his brother from last year…you can ask Jake about it). He continues to love music. He continues to have the sweetest smiles when I get him from the crib – melts my heart. Life is so carefree and sweet at this age – wish it could stay this way forever. I think we are close to putting away the rest of the “baby” toys…crazy how fast this time goes! Can’t say it enough – love, love, love this boy – he makes such a great number four in our family!

I have been convicted lately that my boys don’t get my best – I can focus on other things rather than stopping to play with them or give them my 100% focus. I truly desire for this to change and will be praying that God helps me in this struggle. My boys deserve my time – they deserve the training, they deserve my all. This time is so short – I pray I enjoy every moment and don’t wish for the time to pass, or not focus my heart where it should be. Hope you all are well!


Amy said...

Yay Judah!

Heidi said...

Such a sweet boy. Thanks for sharing your heart as a mom as well. That is a hard thing and I feel constantly pulled in two directions: spending time with the boys or trying to get my to do lists done!

Clayton said...

Time does fly.. it seems like a week is a year at times but then you blink and your kids are almost 8 and 6. It's shocking (and not really in a good way all the time).