Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Party Time!

We had a wonderful time celebrating Papa Mike's retirement! Troy and Melissa opened their home for the large gathering and it was a great time. Of course, we missed Clayton, April, Kara, and Clay!

No, we didn't get any surprise pictures (as you can see from the terrible quality from the first picture) because some of my dad's friends walked up when he did...what part of "Shhh!!! It's a Surprise!" don't people understand...clearly my dad's friends. Also, do you get it, "Shhh!!! It's a Surprise!"? (Jake and I are so mature...and we laugh every time we see it.)

Jake was our camera man - Michelle was home with a sick boy and Melissa's camera broke...so enough said with the pics...Jake gets burned out...quickly. He didn't even get any of me singing Katy Perry's, Firework...sad day because I was SO awesome! Also, we didn't get any pics of Hugh and Evie hittin' the margs...yep, they were filling their water bottles up...not sure how much they drank, but they sure smelled like some serious drunkards...and where were the parents...singing karaoke...duh (kidding...but not sure where we were)...ah, good times!

Happy Retirement Papa! Now get to work! Lots of love!


Amy said...


Filleman Family said...

Glad I go to see the pictures. That picture of you, Judah and your mom is great!

Clayton said...

We were sad to miss.... I enjoyed the pics and mostly the story of the kids in the margs.