Monday, May 23, 2011


Judah is still recovering in week thirty-nine. Yes, still recovering. This sickness has really rocked this little one, which is so sad...for all of us. It has been a tough week. When Judah is sick...we all feel it. I feel so bad for him - I HATE seeing him sick. However, I think he turned a corner this weekend and is really getting better. He has been on antibiotics since last Tuesday, and I think they are helping. He hasn't really slept well for the past week plus, but I think he seemed a little more on schedule is to really hoping with everything I can cross!

So, what else did week thirty-nine bring for Judah? Besides more clean-up (and oh so much clean-up...more than we would ever like to see), it brought more crawling and pulling himself up on everything. Took a hard spill in bathtub (because of his constant need to pull himself up on EVERYTHING) - the spill happened on Dada's watch...that never happens...EVERYTHING happens on my watch...everything (feeling a little vindicated right that wrong?!?). He still isn't really cruising...don't think he has figured out that his feet are supposed to move when he stands. He locks his knees a lot of the time and is just so proud to be able to stand. Also, if you try to walk with him, he turns to jello and will normally start that is my Saylor early walking in this house. He has started eating baby food again - yay for Judah! He needed to start eating something. I will never be able to figure out my children and their eating...I call this time period the "dark days"...because they drive me crazy! Praise God for answered prayers on the eating again! He has been signing "more"...but not sure he knows what it means. Still saying "dada" all the time...and no "mama"...whatever, I wasn't the one who had to carry him for thirty-nine weeks, lose my body shape (oh wait, that happened years ago), breastfeed, eat tons of junk to support my milk fat (that was a huge sacrifice), and the list goes, I am not bitter (bitter party of one)...don't worry about me. He likes to be right on Hugh's side for all playing...I think it is sweet, but Hugh would disagree. He still gets tackled by Hugh all the time and it still not enjoying it (honestly, the problem is, I encourage the rough housing...guess I should stop that). We have been taking him for rides in his tricycle (has the seat belt) and he LOVES it! He continues to love the swings at the park and going for walks. He is definitely his Dada's best-friend and gets SO excited to see Jake...highlight of his day (probably for both of them!). He is a cuddler and we LOVE it...there is nothing better than a baby cuddling into you while they are sleeping. He is so ticklish and loves to laugh (still mostly at us only). He is a sweet, sweet boy - hoping for a full recovery in week forty!

Thank you all for your prayers! We cannot believe this little boy is nine months old (today)! Need to start thinking about that one year birthday party (and of course, we all know that I have already starting thinking about it)...honestly, the summer birthday in Arizona stresses me out a little bit. I know it will all come together...still have three more months!


AprilJ said...

Sorry the recovery has been so slow! Hard to believe his bday is coming up. Clay's is next week and i have not one thing planned!! You've got plenty of time :)

Amy said...

So glad he's doing better...for you too momma!