Monday, June 27, 2011

Ten Months!

(Clearly, I am struggling with a is late.) Wow...week forty-four! It is hard to believe that Judah has been with us for forty-four weeks...ten months! Crazy to think there are only two months left of his first year! So glad he is on the outside this summer rather than the is so hot! Ugh, the heat...still haven't 100% figured out the party for him (and yes, I still know it is two months away)...but I've got some options, which is great! It will be here before we know it!

So, what else did week forty-four bring for Judah? Well, to be honest, it wasn't a huge week for him. (It wasn't a big week for any of us, which is nice. However, this week "Wally" is coming to town (he is the weight loss wonder...aka "the treadmill"), next week is going to be a HUGE week.) He - back to Judah, not talking about Wally here - still continues to be very weary of solid food, but he likes noodles (the blue box), watermelon, and ice cream...seems to be hitting all the major food groups, so we are good (and he still loves Cheetos...the puffs kind). He has also been loving his milk (aka nasty formula) this last week...since we bumped him up to the level three nipple...woot woot! Yes, it took ten months to get there...he likes a slow flow...he was on a preemie nipple for over two months! My boys and their issues...all from Jake. It will be great to have a child who loves milk and it will be even better to switch to whole milk! He continues to love the pool (thanks to Uncle Troy and Aunt Melissa for their kindness)...and he still believes he can swim. He continues to be a speed crawler (people comment how fast he is...must be an impressive skill) and still pulls up on everything. I have seen him stand a few more times, but he'll immediately drops down once he realizes what he is doing. He is getting better with his signs - will sign "all done" now (well, sometimes...ask Jake about that one). We'll keep working on them. We didn't find him playing in any toilets this week...score one for us, but he peed in his (you know, a girl would NEVER do that...boys...and their toys). He has started doing this new super excited face...normally for Jake when he comes home from work. Seriously, Jake has hung the moon in this boy's life. He LOVES himself some Dada. However, I did hear "Mama" this week, but it was clearly a slip for Judah and he went right back to his Dada ways. He enjoyed some time in the sprinklers (or frinklersong as Hubey calls them)...this kid loves water (I think Hugh was hiding). He is enjoying time at the Children's Museum (now that I'll let the bear loose)...I see us there a lot this summer because it is so hot! It is hard to remember October through April when it is this hot outside! He continues to find lots of things to entertain himself...and he can always be entertained by his brother (even if that means crying). He TOTALLY knows the word "no" and likes to push the limits...fantastic (luckily, I always have my mommy's "helper" who lets me know EVERY time Judah is doing what he should not be doing). He is doing great - sleeping (thanks to some trashy aluminum foil) great, happy boy, and sweet, sweet, sweet! So in LOVE!

We are so thankful for God's grace in our lives everyday!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Same Story, Different Week

Same old, same old for Judah in week forty-three. As I learned with Hugh, not every week can be a grocery cart experience kind of week…not even for Judah. Some weeks are a repeat of the week before…and here we are, on repeat. And you know what, we don’t need excitement every week. (And, as I type this post, I am super tired…so, we’ll see how much I can even remember (awesome)).

So, what else did week forty-three bring for Judah? Well, as I stated above, I am super tired and can barely remember my kid’s names…ugh. Well, Judah continues to be his aggressive self and we hear ourselves say “gentle Judah” MANY times throughout the day. Seriously, he is that kid that you can sweetly be looking into his eyes and then he slaps you across the face. Sort of catches people off guard (no joke). Again, we are working on it. He is a little mimic and will mimic certain things we say and do (like when I say “uh-oh” – he’ll try to say it back)…it is very cute. Just a reminder that our kids are always watching (great, just what I needed). Guess who we found playing in the toilet this week? A toilet with pee… JAKE! I tell him time and time again how disgusting that is, but fun is fun to him. And kidding…Judah, we found Judah playing in the toilet…like a moth to a flame (if I found Jake playing in the toilet, we would have some big problems on our hands). So gross. Well, at least urine is sterile (at least that is what I tell myself). So, keeping the toilet seats down. If playing in the toilet and a little pee is the worst of it, then no big deal. He has stood independently a few times, honestly – he has great balance. However, he acts like his legs are falling off when you try to have him stand, or try to get him to walk with you…awesome. He got to celebrate his first Father’s Day, and I personally think the boys could have done a better job to celebrate their Dada (will need to work on that for next year). I think I have a plan for his first year party…yep, I am a planner – not trying to hide it. Honestly, his party has stressed me out a little bit. Summer birthdays in AZ are tough when you don’t have a pool (or an ice rink), but I think we’ll get something figured out (and you know what…it all doesn’t matter one single bit…clearly, this is something I have needed to learn). I think we are finally done with baby food and not a day too soon (maybe the spitting will stop…doubtful). Not quite sure what we have figured out to feed him, but we are working on it…right now, it consists of a lot of booty (the pirate’s kind), veggie sticks, and Cheetos (yep, that MOTY award is coming, but you know what, I like Cheetos too…they are good and that is truth). He got to enjoy some time with cousins (well, not quite cousins…but close enough)…he enjoyed having a playmate that was just his speed. He continues to perfect his crawl to speed crawling. His trash can fascination continues to grow and we have added dishwasher to his list – he can hear the dishwasher opening from a mile away and races his tail over EVERY.TIME. to pull out knives and other fun toys. He also loves to play with the kitchen toys and the tupperware cabinet. He continues to have an extreme love of water and we are waiting for his gills to grow in (he approaches water like he has gills already…trying to drive his Mama to an early grave). He still loves everything loud - the louder, the better. He is living in a land of constant “no”…he knows the word rather well…and could completely care less…ugh. Years to work on this…thank God! Praise God for our healthy and happy little boy!

And to bed…at like nine. And, who knows how I can be so tired when I spent the morning relaxing at the spa (yep, I have a wonderful husband...happy mama's day to me)?!?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Dada's Day!

Happy Father's Day to the best Dada there is! Jake, you are a one of a kind Dad and your boys adore (have a serious obsession with) you!

I hope you know each and every day what you mean to this family - as an incredible father and husband!

Our boys are so blessed to have you!

I love you AND an extra special Father's Day gift for years of marriage! Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband and bestest friend!

I pray God blesses you this year and continues to grow you more into the image of Him!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Here is a pic of Hugh right around the same age as Judah...

And the pic of Judah (yes, deja vu since you just saw it in the last post)...

The funny thing is, they don't really look alike and neither one looks like me...maybe the milk lady's kids?!? Need to talk with Jake about that one. Oh, wait...I have the baby weight and stretch marks to prove I carried these boys. Are my Johnson genes really that weak?!? Still think they are cute...even if they are all Saylor!

Monday, June 13, 2011


Sleeping late in week forty-two (too bad it isn't week forty-eight then it would have rhymed, which I of course would have loved...oh well) for Judah! And I am sure I am going to get the blog curse now since I just wrote that...we shall see. Honestly, we just put up the "classy" (totally not white trash) foil on Judah's window yesterday, but first day was a success. Since we have the blackout shades on the window already, it makes it like a tomb in there (not so much of a tomb that he sleeps like his cousin, Evie, but sleeping until seven is a success in this house for sure). And I am sure some of you are thinking, "seriously, you need foil when you already have the blackout shades?" and yes, we do. And it makes it so our HOA doesn't trip out on us. Woot woot. Now, all we need to do is start a meth lab...kidding (my proof reader is absent, so I get total creative out!). So, we are praying for late sleeping in the Saylor house (and by late, I mean past six)!

So, what else did week forty-two bring for Judah? Well, it has brought cruising! Yep, he can officially "cruise". He is slow, but he is trying...A for effort. He is still not enjoying the walking while we hold his hands so I am holding to no early walking in this house. I have been known to be wrong...clearly, Judah is a boy and 90210 was not best show ever created (no wait, it was the best show eva!...oh, and when I state 90210, I am talking about Dylan and Brenda 90210...not the new years...but I have been known to catch an episode or two...and I digress), but I don't think I'll be wrong. He continues to love to pull himself and pound away - could be one of his most favorite things to do. He still has an incredible love for his panda bear - LOVES this thing. He also LOVES balloons...passion for them. He continues to do great with his independent play (not that we really do independent play - sure I will regret this later...nope, never brought "rage in the cage" back out...another one of my amazing ideas...Jake, the treadmill will be different...I promise), but when he is done...he is done. Good to know. He continues to tolerate his older brother - I am sure he is thinking, "Enough with the 'love is kind, love is gentle' bit - discipline this kid already." Hugh is normally great with him, but he can go all "Hubey" on him and gets wild...Judah doesn't so much care for it and I don't blame him. We are trying to teach him to give kisses and he'll do it every once in a while...mostly for Jake (big shock there). He continues to be a little snuggle bear and I LOVE it, like really love sweet to snuggle with him. This kid is one happy camper in the Ergo (as long as I am moving...that is a sticking point) and I love it. He continues to get more and more verbal everyday and has been making this high pitch noise when he sucks air in - too funny. We still need to work on signing with him...he'll get there. He is back on his hunger strike - this kid drives me crazy. We tried dropping the bottle and moving him to a sippy cup for his milk...big FAIL, and then I just reminded myself that he won't be five with his bottle at kindergarten so we are all good and won't be trying that transition any time soon. And when the doctor gives me the "bottle" speech, I'll just smile and nod and ask, "So, when I leave orange soda in the bottle with him in the crib, that is a bad thing?" He continues to LOVE the water and he really (and I mean really) thinks he can swim...newsflash my friend, you CANNOT swim. He goes wild for the pool. AND he enjoys splash parks - that is pure crazy in Hugh's world. Ah, my boys and their it. Judah is doing great - cannot believe he is ten weeks away from being one year did that happen?!?

Thanks to you all for your prayers. We need them...every last one. I also need prayers to just relax at times and enjoy the moment I am in...even if my house is dirty and dinner isn't ready. And as I read this week, I need to enjoy every teachable moment with my children...every.single.moment...even when my ears are bleeding because of the whining. From Ginger Plowman in reference to James 1:2-4, "We should be joyful and thankful every time that we are provided with an opportunity to point our children to their need for Jesus by training them in His Word. If we could view all of their sinful behaviors as precious opportunities to teach them then we would be far more righteous in our training." Ah, so true...and thank God for His grace that sustains me. Without Him, I would be a lost cause.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Look! My baby can read! He loves his books...and he appears to be a "speed reader" just like me! I promise a post on Hugh is coming soon...who would have thought that blogging more than once a week would be so difficult!

Monday, June 6, 2011


Now it is really week forty-one for Judah! I had to go back and change my previous post because I totally posted week forty as week forty-one - totally skipped (maybe on purpose?!?) a week of Judah's life (so much for my proofreader - he is totally getting fired...consider yourself on notice my friend). Okay, back to week forty-one...honestly, it is late and details of the week are escaping me...ugh. And the "Arrived" title? Hugh and Judah will play together in the playroom...alone...arrived my friends, arrived. Oh, how I so look forward to seeing this relationship grow! Sad to say Judah still seems to have a slight cold (not contagious by any means...I know what some of you are thinking since we were at church on Sunday)...just a constant running nose, which he loathes having wiped...seriously, he will cry and cry and cry about it! However, he is having a better week - sleeping later...however, we are still going to go ahead and make his room a "crack" room and put foil in the windows...oh yeah, that is how we roll! Hoping the trailing effects of the cold are long gone this next week!

So, what else did week forty-one bring? Well, he still isn't really cruising - he'll sidestep a little bit, but nothing much. And, he won't really walk when you hold his hands big deal, just not his thing. He has also started to adapt his crawl - still hates hitting his knees so he has been bear crawling a lot more or dragging one leg as he tucks it under. He still continues to be very fast. Still loves pulling himself up on everything and finds no object as an obstacle for him. He gets into everything - and of course, I let him get into way more than I ever did Hugh. I mean just the other day he was playing with knives...silly boy (kidding...just kidding). You can find him several times during the day pulling out every DVD we own with a big smile. He understands the word "No", but he definitely doesn't love it (shocking) and will give an annoyed expression to me. He continues to be a total blanket and stuffed animal lover - like HUGE. My boys love themselves some soft snuggles (as in Hugh sleeps with over twenty friends every night). He is beside himself when you pull out a certain panda bear - it is so cute and he had the best giggle attack with it the other night...almost had it on camera, but that darned red light gets him every time. Honestly, I love their love for stuffed animals - there is something so childlike with it and innocent, very sweet to me (and of course I'll be able to use it against them when they're older). He is becoming more and more vocal - and we need to work on his signs more (I cannot handle a child who screams at me for things...nails on a chalkboard for me). He is back to his hunger strike...and why not? I just bought a bunch of baby food...ugh. I'll say it again - children and eating is the thorn in my side. We still have late night feedings for him...dream feeds (or maybe just time for us to wake him so we can snuggle it...and yes, we still rock him to sleep at night (when he allows it)...I know Babywise would be so disappointed with us). We have seen him "embrace" some dog qualities - licking the trash can, playing in the toilet, chewing on shoes, putting EVERYTHING in his mouth, and my personal favorite...carrying things in his mouth while crawling. Gotta love the dog phase. We see him changing everyday - he wants to do more, be bigger like his brother...sad, but happy all at the same time. We feel so blessed by this little one!

Please continue to pray for more healing for this boy! He is so sweet and we continue to pray more people will see it...we're breaking down walls one stone at a time (I made that up all by myself)!