Monday, June 6, 2011


Now it is really week forty-one for Judah! I had to go back and change my previous post because I totally posted week forty as week forty-one - totally skipped (maybe on purpose?!?) a week of Judah's life (so much for my proofreader - he is totally getting fired...consider yourself on notice my friend). Okay, back to week forty-one...honestly, it is late and details of the week are escaping me...ugh. And the "Arrived" title? Hugh and Judah will play together in the playroom...alone...arrived my friends, arrived. Oh, how I so look forward to seeing this relationship grow! Sad to say Judah still seems to have a slight cold (not contagious by any means...I know what some of you are thinking since we were at church on Sunday)...just a constant running nose, which he loathes having wiped...seriously, he will cry and cry and cry about it! However, he is having a better week - sleeping later...however, we are still going to go ahead and make his room a "crack" room and put foil in the windows...oh yeah, that is how we roll! Hoping the trailing effects of the cold are long gone this next week!

So, what else did week forty-one bring? Well, he still isn't really cruising - he'll sidestep a little bit, but nothing much. And, he won't really walk when you hold his hands big deal, just not his thing. He has also started to adapt his crawl - still hates hitting his knees so he has been bear crawling a lot more or dragging one leg as he tucks it under. He still continues to be very fast. Still loves pulling himself up on everything and finds no object as an obstacle for him. He gets into everything - and of course, I let him get into way more than I ever did Hugh. I mean just the other day he was playing with knives...silly boy (kidding...just kidding). You can find him several times during the day pulling out every DVD we own with a big smile. He understands the word "No", but he definitely doesn't love it (shocking) and will give an annoyed expression to me. He continues to be a total blanket and stuffed animal lover - like HUGE. My boys love themselves some soft snuggles (as in Hugh sleeps with over twenty friends every night). He is beside himself when you pull out a certain panda bear - it is so cute and he had the best giggle attack with it the other night...almost had it on camera, but that darned red light gets him every time. Honestly, I love their love for stuffed animals - there is something so childlike with it and innocent, very sweet to me (and of course I'll be able to use it against them when they're older). He is becoming more and more vocal - and we need to work on his signs more (I cannot handle a child who screams at me for things...nails on a chalkboard for me). He is back to his hunger strike...and why not? I just bought a bunch of baby food...ugh. I'll say it again - children and eating is the thorn in my side. We still have late night feedings for him...dream feeds (or maybe just time for us to wake him so we can snuggle it...and yes, we still rock him to sleep at night (when he allows it)...I know Babywise would be so disappointed with us). We have seen him "embrace" some dog qualities - licking the trash can, playing in the toilet, chewing on shoes, putting EVERYTHING in his mouth, and my personal favorite...carrying things in his mouth while crawling. Gotta love the dog phase. We see him changing everyday - he wants to do more, be bigger like his brother...sad, but happy all at the same time. We feel so blessed by this little one!

Please continue to pray for more healing for this boy! He is so sweet and we continue to pray more people will see it...we're breaking down walls one stone at a time (I made that up all by myself)!


Amy said...

Yay for puppy Judah! Just kidding...but that did make me laugh :)

Karla said...
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Karla said...

Love the puppy phase. He reminds me of Eric. Eric licked the trash can, chewed on shoes, but my favorite was the licking of the electrical sockets. My baby proofing wasn't perfect but it did help him not get electrocuted.

AprilJ said...

Yay for foil on the windows! We can certainly relate to the attempt at keeping the sun out of a sleeping kid's room. You do what you have to do:)