Monday, June 20, 2011

Same Story, Different Week

Same old, same old for Judah in week forty-three. As I learned with Hugh, not every week can be a grocery cart experience kind of week…not even for Judah. Some weeks are a repeat of the week before…and here we are, on repeat. And you know what, we don’t need excitement every week. (And, as I type this post, I am super tired…so, we’ll see how much I can even remember (awesome)).

So, what else did week forty-three bring for Judah? Well, as I stated above, I am super tired and can barely remember my kid’s names…ugh. Well, Judah continues to be his aggressive self and we hear ourselves say “gentle Judah” MANY times throughout the day. Seriously, he is that kid that you can sweetly be looking into his eyes and then he slaps you across the face. Sort of catches people off guard (no joke). Again, we are working on it. He is a little mimic and will mimic certain things we say and do (like when I say “uh-oh” – he’ll try to say it back)…it is very cute. Just a reminder that our kids are always watching (great, just what I needed). Guess who we found playing in the toilet this week? A toilet with pee… JAKE! I tell him time and time again how disgusting that is, but fun is fun to him. And kidding…Judah, we found Judah playing in the toilet…like a moth to a flame (if I found Jake playing in the toilet, we would have some big problems on our hands). So gross. Well, at least urine is sterile (at least that is what I tell myself). So, keeping the toilet seats down. If playing in the toilet and a little pee is the worst of it, then no big deal. He has stood independently a few times, honestly – he has great balance. However, he acts like his legs are falling off when you try to have him stand, or try to get him to walk with you…awesome. He got to celebrate his first Father’s Day, and I personally think the boys could have done a better job to celebrate their Dada (will need to work on that for next year). I think I have a plan for his first year party…yep, I am a planner – not trying to hide it. Honestly, his party has stressed me out a little bit. Summer birthdays in AZ are tough when you don’t have a pool (or an ice rink), but I think we’ll get something figured out (and you know what…it all doesn’t matter one single bit…clearly, this is something I have needed to learn). I think we are finally done with baby food and not a day too soon (maybe the spitting will stop…doubtful). Not quite sure what we have figured out to feed him, but we are working on it…right now, it consists of a lot of booty (the pirate’s kind), veggie sticks, and Cheetos (yep, that MOTY award is coming, but you know what, I like Cheetos too…they are good and that is truth). He got to enjoy some time with cousins (well, not quite cousins…but close enough)…he enjoyed having a playmate that was just his speed. He continues to perfect his crawl to speed crawling. His trash can fascination continues to grow and we have added dishwasher to his list – he can hear the dishwasher opening from a mile away and races his tail over EVERY.TIME. to pull out knives and other fun toys. He also loves to play with the kitchen toys and the tupperware cabinet. He continues to have an extreme love of water and we are waiting for his gills to grow in (he approaches water like he has gills already…trying to drive his Mama to an early grave). He still loves everything loud - the louder, the better. He is living in a land of constant “no”…he knows the word rather well…and could completely care less…ugh. Years to work on this…thank God! Praise God for our healthy and happy little boy!

And to bed…at like nine. And, who knows how I can be so tired when I spent the morning relaxing at the spa (yep, I have a wonderful husband...happy mama's day to me)?!?


AprilJ said...

Cheetos are good. I can't decide if I like the puffs more than the original or not.. 30+ years into the debate! Judah is a cutie for sure. He's getting so big.

Amy said...

the original Cheetos for me...hands down. Judah looks great Jenn and no one is surprised that he needs shepherding. Remember, we all get borned with it? :)Loved FUN Judah time in the nursery Sunday!