Monday, June 27, 2011

Ten Months!

(Clearly, I am struggling with a is late.) Wow...week forty-four! It is hard to believe that Judah has been with us for forty-four weeks...ten months! Crazy to think there are only two months left of his first year! So glad he is on the outside this summer rather than the is so hot! Ugh, the heat...still haven't 100% figured out the party for him (and yes, I still know it is two months away)...but I've got some options, which is great! It will be here before we know it!

So, what else did week forty-four bring for Judah? Well, to be honest, it wasn't a huge week for him. (It wasn't a big week for any of us, which is nice. However, this week "Wally" is coming to town (he is the weight loss wonder...aka "the treadmill"), next week is going to be a HUGE week.) He - back to Judah, not talking about Wally here - still continues to be very weary of solid food, but he likes noodles (the blue box), watermelon, and ice cream...seems to be hitting all the major food groups, so we are good (and he still loves Cheetos...the puffs kind). He has also been loving his milk (aka nasty formula) this last week...since we bumped him up to the level three nipple...woot woot! Yes, it took ten months to get there...he likes a slow flow...he was on a preemie nipple for over two months! My boys and their issues...all from Jake. It will be great to have a child who loves milk and it will be even better to switch to whole milk! He continues to love the pool (thanks to Uncle Troy and Aunt Melissa for their kindness)...and he still believes he can swim. He continues to be a speed crawler (people comment how fast he is...must be an impressive skill) and still pulls up on everything. I have seen him stand a few more times, but he'll immediately drops down once he realizes what he is doing. He is getting better with his signs - will sign "all done" now (well, sometimes...ask Jake about that one). We'll keep working on them. We didn't find him playing in any toilets this week...score one for us, but he peed in his (you know, a girl would NEVER do that...boys...and their toys). He has started doing this new super excited face...normally for Jake when he comes home from work. Seriously, Jake has hung the moon in this boy's life. He LOVES himself some Dada. However, I did hear "Mama" this week, but it was clearly a slip for Judah and he went right back to his Dada ways. He enjoyed some time in the sprinklers (or frinklersong as Hubey calls them)...this kid loves water (I think Hugh was hiding). He is enjoying time at the Children's Museum (now that I'll let the bear loose)...I see us there a lot this summer because it is so hot! It is hard to remember October through April when it is this hot outside! He continues to find lots of things to entertain himself...and he can always be entertained by his brother (even if that means crying). He TOTALLY knows the word "no" and likes to push the limits...fantastic (luckily, I always have my mommy's "helper" who lets me know EVERY time Judah is doing what he should not be doing). He is doing great - sleeping (thanks to some trashy aluminum foil) great, happy boy, and sweet, sweet, sweet! So in LOVE!

We are so thankful for God's grace in our lives everyday!


Amy said...

The first pic of Judah looks SO mature! He's really growing up! I love the pee in the mouth...such skill. Go Judah!

Heidi said...

Boys and their toys!! Hilarious. Just woke my boys up laughing with that one. Not sure I ever had that happen so kuddos to Judah, he is one talented little man!