Monday, July 25, 2011

Getting Closer...

Walking is starting to look a lot more promising in week forty-eight! He has been doing a lot more independent standing, taken a few steps (as he is falling...into Jake of course), and will walk all the time pushing things or holding hands. However, he is still really not into it. I know most people look at their babies and think they don't want them to start walking, but mobile is mobile in my book...and crawling is great, but it gets old fast. It is so much easier to let a child down and wander when s/he is walking rather than, bring on the walking! Wish I could find something to motivate a glass of wine or a nap, oh wait...those are my motivators. Hmmm...will keep thinking.

So, what else did week forty-eight bring for Judah? Well, it didn't bring another tooth...looks like that will happen in week forty-nine. However, he may not have a thumb if he continues gnawing on it like he has been...and that would be sad. He likes pizza and fruit snacks! That is my boy (no really, that is my boy...if I would have said he likes something healthy than that would not be my boy). He continues to drink A LOT of formula and if he continues down this path with milk, he will be drinking a gallon of milk every other day...makes me vomit in my mouth a little bit. His Dada came back home and all was right with the world again...seriously, Judah is a HUGE Dada's boy...and the world is not in correct order when Jake is not around. However, Jake is starting to realize he created quite the "special friend", who will crawl after him everywhere and demand to be made your bed, now lie in it. He pulled down the oven door on top of himself at my mom's house...that is scary...luckily it wasn't turned on. Hoping that doesn't happen again and envision it will if we don't really put "no touch" into full gear. He totally understands the phrase, but totally touches things just to spite me...ah, my little depraved son...he is in desperate need of the gospel. He continues to love his pirate face in like every.single.picture. He continues to love toys and his coordination surprises me all the time. I really believe music (the drums) is his love...he will play on anything and keeps a decent beat (again, he gets that from should hear me sing...ah-mazing). He continues to be quite the mimic...I see that driving Hubey crazy one day. I use to mimic my brothers when I was little (and little means anything under thirty) would drive them crazy, but it was so worth it...especially with Clayton because he wouldn't retaliate...I was totally not that annoying younger sibling. Judah is such a sweetheart - he always gives me a big hug and huge smile when I get him in the mornings...he knows how to start my day. He has the sweetest expressions and smiles...we cannot get enough of this little guy!

Thanks for the prayers...hard to believe he is eleven months old and we are less than a month away. Seriously, it goes by so fast...especially with your second one. Now, I just need to start actually doing things for his party...not just thinking about them or searching on Pinterest (which can become addicting)!


Amy said...

I love his expressions!!

AprilJ said...

Cute! Looking forward to seeing him in mere days.