Monday, July 11, 2011

My Sweet Baby

Hard to believe my baby is forty-six weeks! He is just my baby. And a baby that was so tired he slept in my arms at McD’s after the Children’s Museum (yes, I said McD’s…that is how we roll our big unhealthy train…woot, woot). I LOVE a sleeping baby in my arms…very few things are sweeter to me. AND he NEVER sleeps in my arms any more…sad. So, today was such a special treat for me. And it didn’t stop me from eating my fries (or ice cream…sigh). Judah had a great time at the Museum this morning…gave him a little more freedom and he was all over it. The Museum is wonderful, one of our favorite places to go, but it also is one of those places that is bound and determined to get even your most healthy child sick…so, I am a little skeptical of letting my baby crawl all over the filthy, dirty floor…call me crazy…wait, call me Jake because that is who I sound like right now. Anyway, loved my special “baby” moment with Judah…cherish every single one.

So, what else did week forty-six week bring for Judah? He has become quite the game player with peek-a-boo…so cute when they figure things out. And he is a little delayed with his peek-a-boo game, but he is still a game player…don’t hate the player, hate the game…but you can’t really hate peek-a-boo or any other games he plays…and I digress. He also responds to “so big”…where he’ll raise his arms in the air, but again…he plays his way…raises one arm. That is my boy. He likes to wave “hi” and gives great kisses (normally, just for Mama…he knows what’s up). He is doing great with his signs (however, at times he throws all of his signs out at once…thinking one of these has GOT to work), and has continued to enjoy his times in his chair until he signs “all done”…yep, his fave part of the day. He continues to mimic and will throw his cup on the ground and say “uh-oh”…my fave part of the day when he does like eight billion times in a row (and yes, I am going to start outsmarting the game player and not giving it back). He will also mimic “hi” and I think he calls me “Nana”…whatever, works for me. We put away the high chair and moved him up to the booster chair…feels like he is more a part of the family rather than the baby in the corner and we all know…nobody puts baby in the corner. Another baby item put away…yay. He is still loving the crawl, and has not showed any love for walking. He loves to stand and the best is when he pulls to a stand by using my pants and pulls them down…awesome. He continues to love to pound and was having a serious jam session with Jake and Hugh this past weekend. He can play with the drum and xylophones for quite some time without getting bored. He continues to give the best smiles, but saves his biggest grins for Dada. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say again…Judah + Jake = Big Love…and no, not that kind of “big love”. He continues to love the pool and bath…water baby. He is starting to do a weird picture face (like a pirate face), and the sad thing is I think he is trying to mimic my smile...and if I look like that when I smile then I have got some BIG problems (and I was TERRIBLE this week with pictures...oh, well). He has been getting up too early the last week…I am guessing teeth (good a guess as any…and I would think he would need more than two teeth…one would think). Eating is still at the bottom of his list of things he would like to do and what a smart mother would do is probably cut the milk intake, but oh, no…not this mama…my baby wants to drink milk, then drink milk…the days of eating will be plenty in the future…and cheese puffs, booty, and fruit (yes, he loves fruit) are good enough. Judah is such a sweet boy, and our family is so blessed to have him…we cannot imagine our life without him!

Thanks to you all for your prayers. We are truly blessed living under the grace of God everyday. I realize everyday (through my sinful heart) that God has shown so much grace to us and I pray that we show that same grace to our sweet boys!


AprilJ said...

Clay had a crazy smile around first year mark. We even managed to capture it at a picture place. It was gone soon after it started so good for you for getting it on camera.

Heidi said...

Love the face! Probably half of Luke's baby pictures are of him scrunching his face up. Still very cute!

Love that Judah is loving his Mama. Cuddle time is precious!

Cristina said...

Love cuddle time!!! Take as much as you can!

Amy said...

Sweet boy, love you pirate Judah! It all makes sense now why you love the booty so much.