Thursday, July 14, 2011

One Hundred Thirty Plus...

So, I started this post when Hugh was two and a half...or one hundred and thirty weeks as we like to roll in this house. And then...I got lazy, I roll a lot like that in this house as must be the house. Anyway, it has been too long since I last posted about Hugh...he says something funny everyday. He brings so much joy (and hair pulling frustration) to our lives everyday...I wouldn't trade the joy (and sanctification) for anything!...(however, there are some days when I wish I had an "off" button for the whining!)

Hugh is a GREAT talker, and is still super shy so not sure many people know it, but I forget he is in his twos at times because he is such a great talker. He says so many funny things...

He pronounces his "sm" blends as "f"...and of course I make him say, "I am a very smart boy" or "I am a big smarty pants", it sounds more like, "I am a very fart boy" or "I am a big farty pants"...honestly, it provides me lots of entertainment and it never gets old. Oh, and smack is a good one as well..."Fack it"...again, so much entertainment.

He will normally tell people to drive safe.

He says "I don't know" all the time...curses on me because I taught it to him because he use to "na na" and it drove me crazy...oh, the "I don't know" drives me crazy as well.

He is going to be in his first wedding and is going to wear a tuxedo, or a burrito as he likes to call it. He will look handsome.

He is getting better, but you would frequently hear him ask, "Mama, do you have a wiener?" It is a big deal figuring that out. Can't quite say he has his girl vs. boy down yet...Jake is a girl, but wait, Jake is a maybe he has that one down...ha, ha.

He always says, "What do you say to me?" or when we are going to see someone he'll say, "What do you think they'll say to me, Mama?" He has to know.

He has been potty trained since he was two...started at twenty-two months...we did the three day method...clearly it worked in sixty days. You know what though, we would do it all over again - we are BIG supporters of the potty training before two. I know everyone has their opinion on this and what I believe is you do what is best for you and your family, and for this family...the earlier the better. And yes, we still give treats for poop in the potty...we have trained him well. He'll sometimes say, "Mama, I'll do it myself." when I take him to the potty...I am proud of him and enjoy my time cleaning up the pee. How hard is it to aim into a very large hole?!? I ask Jake the same question. The other day he slipped into the potty, so he'll now say, "Mama, don't let me fall into the potty." Another reminder he gives me when taking him to the potty, "Mama, you can't eat poop or pee."...thanks, Buddy...I needed that reminder.

He knows all his ABCs now and about 90% of the lowercase letters. We sing about the letter sounds but he has NO idea how it all works. We gave up on patience fuse only runs so long, but he got his numbers! Wow, I didn't know if it was going to happen, but it did! He still loves to read, but also has quite the love for TV and asks for videos quite often. Ratatouille is his favorite movie, but he also enjoys Baby Einstein and singing videos. His favorite song is still "Holy, Holy, Holy" and we love to hear him sing it.

He loves to play with his brother, and is great with him...but can also be a total nightmare to him as well. I hear myself saying MANY times a day, "Hugh, just leave Judah alone. Do not touch your brother." Judah does a much better job of independent play. The word independent is not in Hugh's dictionary. Never was and I doubt it ever will be.

He loves to ride his trike and rides a two wheeler (with training wheels); however, he prefers his trike because he is much faster. He is starting to enjoy building tracks for his trains (shoot me in the eye...seriously...because we all know that means Mama builds them over and over and over...). He loves to "cook" and has quite an imagination. He likes to build towers and then knock them down (so boy). And, he likes to pretend like he is shooting things...this is something boys are born with, they are not taught to play pretend guns...crazy to me.

His surgery back in January went great. And we are thankful we did it when we did since it would most likely need to be corrected at some point in his life...the younger, the better. He'll talk about it sometimes...he has an incredible memory...shoot, he is already reminding me of things.

One of his favorite activities is to be naked - any excuse to get naked and this kid is would think we are such free spirits over here.

He has an obsession with pajamas and he prefers the fleece, footed Arizona. He starts asking in the morning about what pajamas he is going to wear to bed. It is a BIG deal. And, getting him out of his even BIGGER deal. Every time he puts on t-shirts or shorts, he asks if he can roll them cold boy.

We were at the Children's Museum (Hugh's favorite place) and we were in the gift shop. Of course, he was running wild and touching everything. So, I stopped him and told him that we can "touch with our eyes"...he is in a very literal stage and the next thing I saw was him trying to "touch" with his funny.

He loves his cousins...especially Logan. He talks about him ALL THE TIME. In his mind, they do everything together.

He is a great eater, but eats for treats. This kid could live on fruit snacks and soda...and McD's fries and hamburgers. Wow, once you write it out you realize how bad it truly sounds...we do squeeze in some healthy items...sometimes.

He LOVES his Bible stories and Bible verses. He loves to memorize Scriptures. We pray God writes them on his heart because we know head knowledge is useless. We pray God gives us the grace to parent him everyday. And we pray most of all that God would show Hugh His grace and save him.

He is a sweet boy, but has his moments. He whines, complains, desires to have his way A LOT, and is defiant...he may not look like me, but he sure acts like me...sigh. Again, thankful for God's is the only thing that saves. I am thankful to know my parenting can't save him.

We love him so much! What a fun age!


Evy said...

What a sweet, cute, and very smart boy! :)

AprilJ said...

I wonder myself what people will say to me when I get somewhere.. great minds thinking alike :)

Cynthia said...

Love this post! Hubey has a lot of words now and I love talking with him. Tell him when he sees Aunt Cindy she will talk to him in Spanish and tell him that she loves him very much! As for his eating preferences, he's his mother's son for sure :)