Monday, July 18, 2011

Slowly, but Surely...

Forty-seven weeks? Really, already forty-seven weeks? It is crazy that in five weeks, our sweet little boy is going to be fifty-two weeks or a year old…whatever (and I’ll be done with the weekly posts, which will be nice. It may sound crazy (or lazy), but the weekly post can be draining at times…I love it, but I don’t always love it while in it.). Hard to believe that almost a year has gone by. Judah has been such an amazing blessing to this family…just what we needed. I see this little guy pushing limits and desiring to explore, but don’t all boys?!? He’ll keep parenting interesting and me on my toes…God knows exactly what I need…and exactly what Hugh needed. When Judah starts walking, things will get very interesting over here. As I watch him play right now, it is crazy to see how much he has changed…he becomes more of a little boy every day. He is still my baby for sure, but he doesn’t want to be a lot of the time. Don’t get me wrong, this kid loves some good hold time, but he loves his independence. What a blessing!

So, what did week forty-seven bring for Judah? Another tooth! Woot, woot…three teeth for this champ. I knew those teeth were coming with the early waking, but he's still getting up early…sigh…maybe another tooth is coming. I assumed this other top tooth would come as well (Hugh’s teeth always came in pairs), but nope…just one lone soldier up top. Not that that soldier has much work to do since Judah doesn’t really eat. Maybe more teeth will bring more eating? I swear he mimics a lot of what I say – no one else experiences this, but I swear he does it…special thing just for me. He really does want to speak and I think he’ll be a loud talker/screamer. He continues to be quite the speed crawler and is cruising on everything, but no signs of walking. He loves to play with toys and actually has really good hand/eye coordination, which does not come from me…you should see me do step aerobics. It is crazy because you would think I have really good hand/eye coordination because I am such an amazing dancer. He puts up with A LOT from his brother…he is tough and a trooper. He is doing awesome with his signs and think we’ll introduce “please” and “thank you” soon. He will actually sit and listen to about three pages of a book…that is a big step for him. He continues to love the water…and any water…even water in toilets…toilets that have pee in them…didn’t think that would happen twice…oh well, worse things could happen for sure. We are desperately trying to break the “Judee” and the “Judees” nickname, but we are failing…that is all Hugh will call him…and unfortunately, I do at times as well…it just sticks. He has learned to open cabinets…oh, joy. My children are born with a list of things in their heads to drive me crazy…cabinets are on that list. And he still does the pirate face in like every picture. Peek-a-boo is still a big favorite for him and I love to see him have so much fun with it. He loves to jump around, wrestle, get tickled, laugh, and just have fun…what a sweet, sweet boy!

I have been flying solo with parenting (Jake will be home soon) and I have realized once again that my single parenting skills are truly lacking…I am thankful for my husband…I am a better parent when he is around. I tend to lack patience and lose my patience at an alarming rate (and it NEVER seems too early for naps or bedtime). I am normally found seeking forgiveness from my children. It is sad that my standards of them are much higher than of myself. Praise God for His grace…think He has been showering His grace on the Saylor house!


AprilJ said...

We'll (Kara and I) finally get to meet Judah in week 48! Not great but not horrible, I guess :) Tell him to get ready!!

Amy said...

Looks like he's doing great! Praise God!