Monday, August 8, 2011

Still Not Walking...

Yep, still no walking for Judah in week fifty! I could say he is still super close, which he is, but it doesn't matter because he has been super close the last two weeks and still cannot commit. He is his Dada...just ask Jake the story of the ring and non-proposal. He does continue to stand independently and has actually gotten to a standing position a few times unassisted. Honestly, I think I want it too bad for him...all done with the crawling. He seems a little more daring lately, so we'll see what this week brings!

So, what else did week fifty bring for Judah? Well, it brought lots of time with the AK Johnsons and other fun cousins and friends; however, you wouldn't know it since I have yet to snap a single picture. I get supa lazy with the camera at times since my children are normally never camera ready and they won't perform for the camera...oh well. It has been very fun the last two weeks to have so much family in town! He has started to pretend talk on the phone - he'll put the phone up to his ear and say "hi" would think he sees me do this all the time, but I am rarely on the would be more fitting for him to learn to pretend text or pretend send calls to voicemail. It is very cute. He started to "tease" his brother...he'll take something very endearing to his brother (like his prized letters), pop it in his mouth and then take off crawling. And he likes to look back to see his brother in total horror. Ah, the joys of a younger sibling. He also loves to knock down anything Hubey is building, which again provides for much angst for the big brother and much delight for the little brother. I guess it is payback for Hubey's torture to Judah over the last couple of months! I forgot to mention last week that Judah now has four teeth...woot, woot! He seems to be eating a little better, and we think Italian is his favorite food. We have made the transition to whole milk and he LIKES it! Yay! That is so huge for us because Hugh hated it (and still does...he says it is too thick, he drinks skim milk...yes, our doctor has explained all the benefits of the fatty milk...oh, well). And this is so great for the budget...formula is such a budget killer! I did try to transition to a sippy cup this week for his milk, which was a major fail. The sippy cups drown him...trying to find one that works...seriously thinking about spending $15 on one sippy joke. So, bottles for now. However, he looks like he might be getting a rash and I will be SUPER sad if this boy to allergic to cow's milk...he already seems to have some type of reaction to eggs...maybe he has something against farms? He continues to love to get into EVERYTHING and will keep us on our toes for sure. He gives you this look like, "did you really just tell me no? because I don't think you meant it..."...oh, I mean it...yes, I do. Even though he can be crazy and wild, he is super fun and we love all of his mischievous and sweet ways! He can always make us smile!

So, week fifty has been a little tough for me...hurt my back...most likely from falling while roller skating. Yep, roller skating...I bust out my white skates and my high knee socks and get to it...kidding. However, I do have fond memories of skating and took my AK niece and nephew...they loved it (and why wouldn't they? it is awesome). My back will heal and it is good for Judah to have to stand up for me pick him up out of his crib...and I only drop him like six inches when I lay him down in his crib...he is falling onto a big deal. Thanks to you all for your prayers and watch for our "special" guest blogger next week!

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Clayton Johnson said...

He'll be walking by Thanksgiving!! Such a fun week despite my stupid cold. Hug the boys for me again.. I will miss eating cheeto puff thingys with Judah for sure.