Thursday, August 25, 2011

We Have a Swimmer!!!

So, after a few days of screaming full blown screaming fits...he would get put in time-out and we would have to clicked.

And we have a swimmer...and a safe swimmer. He prefers to float any chance he gets. When asked by his swim teacher, "When we are in trouble (in the water), what should we do?" He responded with "pray" sweet. Water does not come easy to this child...there is lots of fear, which results in lots of tears.

He doesn't use his arms (but he has even come along way with trying to use his arms...he has the coordination of a blind monkey...sadly, he looks like his Mama), but he has some good kickers.

We practiced his jumps with him (jumping out of his bed to the floor)...he has more work to do, but he has come SO far (he would stand at the fence thinking he could jump from there, which normally led to being pulled into the pool). It is so crazy to me how things will just click with kids. We are so proud that he overcame his fear! And we are so thankful to God for meeting us in all the little things in life as well!

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Evy said...

yay!!! awesome! I would like her number for next year since summer is almost over I'd like to get Landon trained for next summer.