Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Yay for Uncle Jared and Aunt Julie!

Ugh, late again in week forty-nine! So sorry to my sweet boy…Big Surf really took it out of me and I was wiped last night. I woke up in a total panic last night and realized the blog would have to wait until today…oh well. Life will go on and Judah will continue to love his mother, and this will not be my last failure and will surely not be my biggest failure. Week forty-nine has been a big week…Uncle Jared married Aunt Julie! We are so excited for them! Judah enjoyed the wedding (from the Crying Room…he wasn’t crying, but he needed his own space to express his excitement) and sadly (not really), was booted for the reception. I love my son, but after a very LONG night before the wedding the thought of bringing him to the reception was painful…seriously painful. He did great at the rehearsal dinner, but Judah is not wedding ready and I will be the first to admit that. It will not be the last wedding he attends…God is preparing a great girl for him as I type this blog…in another forty years!

So, what else did week forty-nine bring for Judah? Well, he got to meet the rest of his family…TN Saylors and AK Johnsons! This has been a long time coming and he was very excited to meet new aunts, an uncle, and cousins…so much family to love on him, he is blessed. He really enjoyed being watched by Daniel (the oldest cousin on Jake’s side)…Daniel will be a fantastic baby-sitter one day! He continues to stand independently for longer periods of time and almost looks like he wants to take some steps…go Judah…take the steps already…say goodbye to crawling! As I stated before, he enjoyed a busy wedding filled week - he rocked the rehearsal dinner and was quite the ham. Lots of people loved on him and he was all over it, which is so not Judah. He really seems to be coming out of his shell a little more – he will go to people, smile at them…growing up, I guess. I think he prefers men over women…not sure why…I am sure I will need years of therapy to figure it all out. Two of his wonderful aunts gave him an early birthday gift…a drum set…he loves it…and so do we (with everything we have in us…we love that drum set). One day, when he is a famous drummer, I will thank those aunts for the wonderful gift. He has started doing the Indian thing (I know, so not PC) where he hits his hand against his mouth…so proud of himself. He has started this fake laugh thing and it is so funny because it is almost like he is mocking people and their “funny” jokes…ah, makes me laugh every time. He totally cracks himself up when he does it, and I love that so much too. I love seeing more of his personality come out. He will be our little joker. This kid pees on me EVERY time after a shower or bath...he waits for it every time and then laughs...too funny, but it also gets in his mouth at times...that is what you get...mess with the bull and you get the horns. He continues to “appreciate” all the love from his brother, but has really realized that we respond quicker to the “love” (torture) if he starts crying…smart baby. Hugh is very good with him, but he is a big brother…enough said. Still not the greatest eater, but he does love fruit and I think he may have eaten a watermelon rind this week…oops. He’ll be our fruit baby. He is such a sweet little guy who always has the best kisses, hugs, and smiles…so blessed!

Hard to believe he is going to be one in a few weeks. It is absolutely crazy how fast time can really go. I don’t want to miss this sweet time with him when he still wants us to hold him and love on him…Hugh told Jake the other day to go away so he could play alone with his cousins…sad day. Judah can be our baby forever! God has blessed us so much – all praise and glory to Him!


Amy said...

Was Hubey in the wedding? I see the tux but no mention! A separate post? :)

Ann @TheAssetEdge said...

great pics!

AprilJ said...

Keep on drumming, Judah.. you'll be even better than the Def Lepard drummer b/c you have two arms :)