Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Hubey Monkey!

Three?!? Really, it has already been three years?!? A little hard to believe at times, and then at times it feels like ten years! Our sweet Hugh "Hubey" William is three years old today.

You, our sweet boy, add so much joy to our lives. The joy started from the moment we found out I was pregnant. We knew you would change our lives forever, but I don't think we knew how much change one child could really bring. You can bring the brought it from day one and you bring it everyday!

It is hard to look back and remember the last year (it was much easier when I was blogging every week)...I can barely remember last week. You have grown so much this past year...more in personality than weight (about three pounds this year isn't much...wish I could say the same for my weight gain).

You have shown us what an incredible big brother you are - you adore Judah. He is your best bud. You are such a big helper - you want to help all the time (I wish I could be a more relaxed mom and let you help more...that is a goal of mine for your third year). I am looking forward to you helping with the new baby - since you still tend to enjoy waking in the night, you can take the middle of the night feeding. You are going to be a terrific big brother to this new brother as well. You already love talking to my belly.

We learned that God is always in control (we already knew this, but the constant reminder is always needed for us) and that you are His child and He has entrusted us to raise you. We saw you be so strong during your first surgery (and hopefully, your last) this past year. God is continuing to show us that He is in control with your recent RAD diagnosis. You make life interesting...we would rather you keep things boring.

You are a tender hearted child and tears can come very easily for you. God is tempering my heart to not just dismiss your tears...He is teaching me a lot about compassion and patience. Thank you my sweet boy for being patient with me as we figure each other out. You are so verbal, but as your teacher said to me today, you are a one on one talker. Big groups are hard for you - you are normally seen on the edge of a group or doing your own thing. I love that you care about others and choose a more peaceful route most times (however, I do wish at times that you would stand up for yourself rather than back down). You are not one to follow the crowd and we love may just be because you are three, but we'll take it for you. We pray you always follow the Lord and not others.

You continue to love to learn...I just wish I wasn't so lazy and would teach you more. You know your letters, letter sounds (thank you LeapFrog), colors, shapes, numbers (1-20), many Bible verses, and so much more...we got lots to work on this year and you are so excited. You still do a lot of "baby" talk...however, at times I think you are actually making up your own language since you'll repeat a lot of the same phrases...just so you know, it drives me really crazy and I ask you to stop constantly. We love that you love to learn and pray this never ends. You still love to read anything and could sit for hours with books. We love to sit the Lord plant seeds in your heart to desire to read stories from His word and to learn verses. We pray these verses are written on your heart.

You are a great eater (you wouldn't know by the weight gain). You'll try lots of different foods, but you still mostly finish to enjoy a treat. It works for us and you get lots of treats. You are a sugar baby...a baby after my own heart. You LOVE candy! And we still give you treats for using the potty...yep, that will last joke.

You are a child on the go and would like to go somewhere everyday. Sorry buddy, but Mama likes to stay her pjs ALL day! The grocery store is even a great place to go for you...unless Daddy is doing yard work or washing the LOVE your special time with Daddy and wouldn't trade it for the world. You are still Daddy's boy, but you are very sweet to me as well. You still LOVE your Grammas and Papas, your aunts and uncles, and your cousins...especially love Logan. I love that you love your family so much.

You are crazy energy all the time...and still think sleep is overrated. You can read a least you know the number seven! I am sure napping is going out the window this year and that is sad...just plain sad. So, now you'll just have "rest" time for a VERY long time.

It has been such a great year with so many firsts - you can swim (yay! one of the most exciting things for us to watch as a parent), your first time in a wedding (you looked so handsome in your "burrito"), riding a bike (you still prefer your are FAST), your first kill (a nice, soft duck...we were so proud), using vasoline as hair gel, getting the BEST haircut ever, and the list goes on. You make us laugh and pull out our hair everyday. You say the funniest things and we so look forward to seeing your personality grow more and more. We look forward to your fourth year of life!


Clayton said...

HBD again to Hubey. 3 years has gone by in a flash.. especially considering we've lived up here his whole life! Hope he's practicing being cold..

Brandie said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Hugh! I think the 3 year old phase is so much fun! You all have been on my heart so much lately (and in my prayers). I wish we lived closer so we could visit and our kids could play. That would be amazing. I feel terrible that I still haven't met Judah and one of the few times I got to see Hugh was in the GI office. :( It's so busy isn't it? Hope you are hanging in there. BTW: I am so excited you are having a BOY! Our sibling group was 2 boys/2 girls, but I bet there is something REALLY special about a group of 3 brothers (Jake would know for sure!). I love, love, love having a boy. I have a few newborn size outfits (tags still on) if you could use them, they are YOURS! :) Much love! B

Brooke said...

Three years! It goes SO fast. I have to say I'm glad to hear that my 3yr old isn't the only one out there reverting to baby-talk and driving their mother bonkers. :) Hugs to Hugh, miss you guys!