Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oh, boy! Oh, boy! OH, BOY!!!

Yep, we are in for three boys come early March! My gut told me boy...and it was a boy (my gut told me girl on Judah...and it was a boy...we make boys). A girl would have been lots of fun, but we are very excited for another sweet and fun boy. I love third boys...shoot, I married one. And one day (like thirty-five years from now), there will be a girl just like me looking for our third boy. We haven't fully decided yet on the name, but I think we are close...we'll see. So, how did we announce...well, my sister-in-law gave me a great idea. We took our sealed "sex" envelope to a baker and she made cake pops for us.

Blue or pink cake to reveal our third baby.

Well, we had to spice it up a little...we told her all white and one blue if we were having a boy, or all blue and one pink for a girl. So, we knew as soon as we bit into the cake pop and saw the white that we were having a boy...but our guests did not...they had to go around and find the colored cake pop...and my sister found the blue one.

God has blessed us with exactly what we need...soon to be three beautiful boys. We have big prayers for these brothers and pray God will do big things in their lives. Our prayer for our boys is that they will be the best of friends...encouraging one another, spurring one another in righteousness, and of course, driving one another crazy because that is what brothers do!


Heidi said...

You knew! What a fun way to do I thought you were still waiting to find out the sex while everyone took a bite of a cake pop! A third Saylor boy...your sort of outnumbered aren't you?

DeeBoyzMomma said...

So excited that you are having a boy! Love little boys! That is such a great idea to find out. SO fun! Congratulations!

Cynthia said...

35 years huh? Did the boys get the memo that they have to wait that long to get married? Congrats on the wonderful news. Love you!