Thursday, December 8, 2011

Odds and Ends...

So, has it really been over a month since my last post? Yep, it sure has. Life is always. And I am sure life will just get busier come March...or hopefully, February 29th! Yes, I would love to have a leap year baby...I think it would be husband disagrees.

So, there has been a lot that has happened in the last month. Hubey had his birthday party...which looked the same as the year before and the year before...I am not creative. God has blessed me with boys...I don't need to be creative...they don't care about the details...they care about the candy. So, he wanted a "letters" b-day party (I gave him a series of other "typical" party ideas for a three year-old boy...Hubey is not typical...he is typical with his behavior and the terrible threes have have they arrived...will save for another post)...I did have grand ideas with cupcakes, but he wanted a cake and not scratch my idea and he saved me some time...good for me. So, we just put a "H" on his cake, which I didn't get any pictures of...oh, well. I am terrible at taking pictures. He enjoyed the could he not?!? There was a pinata! He has the same passion for pinatas as I do (I did have them at my parties until I was twelve...did I mention what a cool child I was...doubtful). It was a good time!

The boys enjoyed Halloween...Hubey more so than Judah. Hubey was so thrilled to run up to every door to say, "Trick or Treat" was a highlight. He was a puppy...again. Hey, if it ain't broke...don't fix it. He'll be sad when his puppy costume no longer fits next year and Judah is the puppy! Judah was a monkey this cute! His highlight of the night was being pushed in his tricycle and if you tried to take him out, he would scream bloody murder! We hit about fifteen houses, which provided a lot of candy...for me. I have eaten every piece of chocolate from the bowl...seriously, every.single.piece. I love kids get dressed in costumes and bring me free candy...I wish everyday was Halloween.

Overall, the boys are good...terrible threes for Hugh and Judah is a our little tornado who enjoys pushing buttons. Judah makes us laugh...he is the kid that will run past his brother and slap him and keep on running (not like Hugh would go after least not yet). Judah can also be the sweetest little baby ever since he is such a cuddler...I LOVE IT! He also likes to pat your back when you pat cute. I was going to put their stats in the blog, but it has been a month since their appointments...but I'll guess...Judah was around 24lbs. and 31in. and Hugh was around 32lbs. and 38in. - I figure I am close and it is good enough.

I am twenty-seven weeks and little boy Saylor looks great. We are certain we have a first name for our boy...Samuel...and of course, I will be calling him Sammy. Hubey calls him Lucas and he is certain that will be his name...sorry buddy, it isn't going to happen. Lucas is a favorite of mine, but we think Sammy is a good fit for our newest son...the goal is to just have one syllable names for our sons...Hugh, Jude, and Sam! I still get sick about four times a week...either right after breakfast or before I go to sleep at night. Like I have said before, it would not be a pregnancy for me unless I got sick. Honestly, my gut tells me I will be getting sick this entire pregnancy since I had an easy start...ah, sigh. It is so crazy to me that some women never get sick during pregnancy...what a foreign concept. No, once again...there will be no belly pictures...I don't document belly pictures. I have the joy of seeing my belly everyday. I really popped out the last couple of weeks...yippee! I can already see my "friends" (stretchmarks) coming back to play...yippee! I eat terrible all the time and it doesn't bother me (I know, I am a terrible mother)...pregnancy is hard enough (at least for me), so I don't put any additional stress about trying to stick to the pregnancy food list that I should be eating. I also eat soft cheeses, sushi, and I am sure a million other things that are one the "do not" eat list...oh well. Our little guy is active and moving all around, so he is all good...and I bet he likes soft cheeses and all the taboo items!

Lastly, we are officially mini-van owners. Yep, we made the plunge and cruise in our van with pride. I love mini-vans...always have loved can you not? I don't care if there is a stigma associated with them...the stigma is true...I am a mom with young big shock there. Hugh loves the van since he has his own air vent and Judah will love that as well this summer since he practically melted in our car this past summer.

Our Alaska adventure post will be coming in the next week...good times had by all!