Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  First Christmas for Sammy in week forty-one!  And, I am SUPER late on this blog…it truly is sad how lax I have become with my blog spots.  Again, all for good reason…Jake is home and it is nice to buck the routine (see me shaking and rocking) and throw caution to the wind (whatever that means)…anyway, we have all just been hanging out…enjoying Jake being home (I am sure a serious depression will fall upon this house next week when Jake returns to work…like hardcore depression…and I am referring more to our boys than even myself…no joke).  So, I may be late…but Christmas did happen for Sammy and I want to remember it…even if it is late.  So, Merry Christmas!!!  I wish it could be this season all the time (I LOVE having Jake home!!!)!

So, what did week forty-one bring for Sammy?  Well, of course it brought Christmas!  He had a wonderful first Christmas – enjoying his gifts (yes, we actually bought him some…not a lot (he is only nine months), but some)…actually, I think he enjoyed his brothers’ gifts more.  He enjoyed the days of festivities (think Christmas Festivus…we celebrate his Gramma Peggy’s birthday on the 23rd, then we have a big Christmas Eve with my side of the family, and then all the many Christmas celebrations on Christmas Day).  So, it was a busy few days…but Sam was a happy camper for the most part.  Sadly, Sam got a cold this week…or more teeth…whatever.  Jake told me it was the blog curse because I had stated we were having a reprieve from the teething…and then of course he had another rough week.  Honestly, I think this week was the most sad he has ever been…I think for sure it was teeth because it was just a bad couple of days and then he was over it.  However, then I think he got a cold…so, we are in the never ending saga of bad sleep and crankiness…ugh.  The silver lining…we have started using eucalyptus oil on his feet to help with his nasal congestion and I swear it is working…yep, we are going all crazy essential oil over here…see you at my next EO party.  Anyway, I am glad it seems to be helping.  We also finally put him in some warmer jammies…this poor baby was freezing at night…poor buddy.  I don’t notice the frigid temps in the house…I have my winter coat of fat to keep me nice and warm.  So, we decided to bite the bullet and turn the heat on upstairs…oh, shoot…doesn’t work.  Glad we live in AZ…we’ll figure that one out later…put it on my tab.  

So, he has warmer jammies and I throw a bunch of stuff in the crib to build up some heat for him (I am sure that is safe).  Honestly, the last few nights he has been sleeping ok (and now I am sure the blog curse will return)…we’ll take it after one of his worst weeks of sleeping.  He has been napping well, which has been good.  We also decided to bump up his nipple size on his bottle, which for some reason gave me a little bit of anxiety (I am crazy like that)…I thought we might be pushing something that he wasn’t ready for…you know, too soon.  And then Jake brings home the nipples and they are marked six plus months…yep, he is ready and I am lame.  So, we have entered the land with flowing milk and honey (ok, that one not really)…anyway, I think he is eating a little more – not much more, but we’ll take it.  He does gag, choke, and spit more now…all normal for the Saylor boys so not a concern for me.  Sam needs to man up and embrace the change.  We hear from everyone how small he is…all.the.time.  You know at first it would bug me, but then I realized I do the same thing with big babies…you say what you see, and you know, he is really tiny – that is a true statement. 

But, what he lacks in size he makes up for in personality (I am sure guys hear this all the time.) – he has a lot of spunk and can hold his own.  He has become quite the speed crawler and gets into anything he can…he loves the pantry and fridge – he beelines to the fridge every chance he gets.  He pulls himself up on everything now – and boy oh boy is he SO proud of himself – he normally always screams in delight.  He is still intrigued by the stairs, but hasn't really tried to master more than the first step.  He still takes quite a few falls and always has marks covering his pale, little face.  He loves his pacifier...and also loves pulling it out and throwing it to the ground...I am on to you friend and I am not playing that game.  He has been LOVING having Jake home…he LOVES (LOVES LOVES LOVES…you get it) Jake…by far his most favorite person.  He knows Daddy will always pick him up…and he knows Mama will not (sorry, but I have long list of rules about when I do/don’t hold a baby).  I pray all of our boys will be as good of fathers as Jake – he is absolutely amazing.  We LOVE having Jake home!  Overall, not the best week for Sam…but he is a great sport and he has the best smiles, looks, and giggles – we cannot get enough of this little boy…what an incredible Christmas gift! 

So, I am sure I’ll be late again next week…soaking up all the time I can with Jake being home and conquering things on his to-do list…sadly, nobody ever wants to help out on my to-do list…poor me.  Merry Christmas!  So hard to believe another Christmas has come and gone…time is flying by!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Little Late...

Week forty!!!  Already in the forties?!?  Yikes!  Seriously, he’ll be one before I know it.  And, I am super late on my blog post…Jake is off from work and I am off my game.  I LOVE (love, love, love…I could go on forever) having Jake home…I would love for him to retire so he could be home every single day with us (clearly, I live in a fantasy world)…but, I feel like I am not efficient when Jake is home…guess I figure Jake will just do it all.  So, anyway…I love my third born son…just losing my edge in my efficient ways…you would think after three kids I would be more efficient…clearly, that is not the case.  Sammy is LOVING having Daddy home as well…vacation Daddy is so fun.  We are going to love these next couple of weeks enjoying time as a family and enjoying the Christmas season!

So, what did week forty bring for Sammy? Well, he is as busy as ever - getting into anything he can...yay. I have started the very stern "no" with him which doesn't phase him one little bit. He just looks at me and does whatever he wants...yay again. And so the "real" parenting begins. We very much have another "dog" baby...loves to chew on shoes and play in the potty...super fun. He is a constant reminder to me that my floors are SUPER dirty...ugh. He still wants to master the stairs, but we have made no progress yet...except more tumbles. Part of life is learning to fall and getting back up again...he is becoming a pro. He loves to explore and the falls are worth it...for him. He loves to hang out in the office/playroom/workout room and normally gets stuck on the treadmill (at least someone is using it) – he will squawk at you until you get him down and then he’ll do it again (isn’t insanity doing the same thing over and over again and getting the same result…guess Sam is insane…aren’t we all?).  He had his nine month well visit - he is doing great. He is now 17lbs. 8oz. (10%) and almost 28in. (25%). He is still a little guy, but he is staying on his growth, he is great...and I know there are four month olds that are bigger than him and that is okay. He is happy and healthy. He rocked his shots...just a few tears. He is becoming a great eater - he tries almost everything, and frozen blueberries continue to be his favorite with yogurt melts as a close second (and it looks like he becoming quite fond of the Booty (Pirate’s Booty that is)…us Saylors are a Booty loving family)...but he rocks fish or veggies like he has eaten it his whole life...all nine months of it. Bottles are still a big challenge, but his doctor told us not to worry about it and to STOP feeding him at night...because he'll never learn to get his food in the day if he knows we'll give it to him in the night (sounds so simple, why is it so hard for us?). So, no more night feedings, no dream feeds, no nothing. We are also training him that seven is wake-up time. 

So, again he is hit or miss on in progress this baby. He had a great night of sleep one night this week...and of course Judah was up most of the night...teething (darn two year molars)...for the love of Pete...quit with the teething already!!! Sam seems to be in a teething remission right now...hoping we get a little bit of a break...fingers crossed. He seems to find his brothers very entertaining...I do too (in that I am pulling my hair out kind of way). He seems to do well in any situation and has yet to have any separation anxiety...normally, that is not our boys' deal, but you never know. He has learned the super fun game of dropping his pacifier over and over again just to watch me pick it up...I love that is so fun. He has also learned to drink out of a straw...yay Sam. He loves it. I am passionate about my babies drinking from straws...we spent a lot of money on a feeding therapist...I learned straws are important.  We busted out our ball pit (best gift I ever got…it is hands down my favorite thing…who doesn’t love balls thrown all over their house?!?...I know I do)…he seemed to enjoy it.  He still loves all non-toy items…why I spent $20 on that Sophie dog toy, I do not know.  He is still super loud and will get my attention one way or another.  Oh, I love this baby boy…his crazy just fits perfect into our family!

So excited for the next couple of weeks…having Jake home is such a blessing.  He is an awesome husband and father – the boys are so lucky to call him Daddy.  What a wonderful time of the year!  And, I don't want to take this time for granted with Jake and my sweet babies...need to hold my babies a little tighter.  

Sunday, December 9, 2012

More of the Same

Week thirty-nine and nine months!!!  There is no way my baby is nine months old!  This last year has flown by – it really is crazy how fast time flies now that we have children…unreal.  It has been a wonderful nine months with this sweet baby boy…there has been little sleep, but so many smiles and sweet snuggles.  We are starting to see Sammy’s personality come out more and more…and we’ll have our hands full…yes, we will!  We are excited for each new day…some days are longer and not so riveting, but each day is a blessing and our days are numbered.  I pray I live to glorify God with each day He blesses me with, and I pray I love my boys with everything in my heart!

So, what did week thirty-nine bring for Sammy?  Honestly, the week wasn’t too exciting…except those two big, bad, mean teeth cut through…finally!  And now, he is getting two more up top…shut.the.front.door…this is never ending!  So, we had this sweet, SLEEPING baby…for like four days and then those big, bad, mean teeth decided to cut on through and decided to bring their ugly step-sisters with them…and our sweet, sleeping baby left.  Jake is to blame because he makes the comment, “I think Sam has really turned a corner on his sleeping.”…and turn a corner he did…with a big fat u-turn.  He had a couple of rough nights this week – he is sad and super congested…hoping it is all related to the teeth and not a cold or something like that.  So, we hope he gets on the sleeping train…getting a night of uninterrupted sleep is a rare thing around here and it is a very treasured thing…we would love to have some more (hopefully, Sammy reads this or at least gets the memo).  Despite the teeth and some serious sad, he is still super smiley and had a good week.  He is ALL over the place…and is still taking a lot of falls.  He took a tumble while trying to climb up the stairs…I am not to blame, it was Hugh’s turn to watch him…takes a village to raise a child (best thing Hillary Clinton ever said) and everyone in our house needs to do their part.  Sam always seems to have some new red mark or scratch on his head or face.  Sadly, he’ll do the same stupid thing over and over again (not to say I am surprised…he is a male…sorry, couldn’t resist)…like trying to crawl through the step ladder space…it is too small, but he’ll keep hitting his head on the corner over and over and over and over (you get it) again…poor buddy.  He continues to pull himself up, but still cannot get himself down…hence the tumbles.  He still gets very proud of himself and makes me proud as well…he is already embracing my “all I expect is hard work” motto for the boys.   

He is crazy loud…like ear bleeding loud.  He screams when he doesn’t get his way (learned that one from Jake)…especially when you take away the iPhone with the wifis (everyone loves the iPhone with the wifis).  He also screams very loudly when he is all done in the high chair…we are desperately working the signs with him…I don’t respond well to babies screaming at me like I am their pet.  He also does this weird snorting thing (also from Jake) to get attention…yikes.  He enjoyed his first ride on a carousel (if you can call it that at Peter Piper)…maybe he’ll be a daredevil?!?  It is completely official (which I totally already knew, but I really felt my heart embrace it this week)…Sam is ALL about Team Jake…whatever…all my sacrifice (and there has been a lot of sacrifice…the mirror still turns out the lights when I walk into the bathroom and I swear something is wrong with my hair – and I am not going to blame the hair issue on the fact that I tried to pull every silver hair I ever saw for like six years (no joke) and now I have all these short hairs everywhere…I won’t go on, but the sacrifices run deep) and Jake secures another member to his team.  However, there is always a bright side…Jake always gets up in the night with the boys…they are his teammates and he is the captain.  I do love that my boys love him so much – he is honestly one of the best dads I have ever seen (and I am not just saying that…really).  I do come a very close second to Jake for Sammy…he loves me lots.  Sam is doing this thing when he goes to sleep where he almost giggles right when he is going to sleep…Jake does the same thing…I love that…it is sweet and I like to make fun of Jake when he does it.  Oh, this baby makes me smile with his sweet smiles and snuggles.  Love this boy! 

Hard to believe he is only three short months from his first birthday.  It will be here before I know it.  I have loved these last nine months…just wishing for a little more sleep and a few less pounds (put down the Joe-Joe before it turns you into a fat….)! 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Falls

Here we are…week thirty-eight in the books.  Week thirty-eight…almost nine months…the numbers of weeks I thought I would I have been pregnant…clearly, that didn’t happen…Sammy had his own plans.  And, he continues to have his own plans thirty-eight weeks later.  We are thankful this week that his staph infection is clearing up and he hasn’t had any new spots.  Hopefully, this will be a onetime thing and he won’t continue to battle staph infections.  Honestly, he has quite enjoyed his pina colada antibiotics (the same antibiotic that Judah vomited for like six days straight…Judah was not a tropical baby)…and can you blame him?  I love myself some pina coladas…clearly, I am quite tropical.  Glad we are done with the antibiotics…one less thing for me to forget to do during the day.  Looking forward to another wonderful week with our sweet baby boy!

So, what did week thirty-eight bring for Sammy?  Well, it has brought a much faster baby…yikes…I turn my head for a second (or maybe a few minutes) and he is gone…off to chew on another computer cord or shoe.  Guess you have to keep your eyes on your babies all the time…who knew.  He is constantly trying to pull himself up on everything, which ends in lots of tears and lots of marks all over his sweet head…poor buddy.  He has met the stairs this week and they do not like him, but he keeps coming back for more beatings and they will continue to give them to him…lucky Sammy.  Side note: do you know how hard it is to get anything done with stairs in your house and a baby who does not know how to use them correctly?!?  Ugh.  He has also found the bathrooms this week…yuck…and I am sure he has found the dirty floor that his brothers pee on because it is SO hard to put pee into that super small toilet bowl…what is with boys?!?  Anyway, thankful for doors that close to keep babies out.  He spends lots of time in his new favorite place…the laundry basket.  It is a great place to throw him with some toys…except when Judah takes him on “some” rides.  He is so curious (all boy)…he wants to get into EVERYTHING he can get his hands on.  I am thankful our big boys are not really into the little Legos yet…that would not be good for Sam.  I am starting to hear, “Sam is ruining everything!!!  Get him quick!!!”…from my very dramatic eldest son…sorry friend, he is going to get into all your business…that is life, he is your brother…deal with it.  He seems to really be enjoying his table food…his pincher grasp is getting awesome…he continues to be a fruit baby, but is willing to try things.  We are still battling with the milk (always reminding myself he will eat with he is hungry and he won’t die if he doesn’t eat…hard for me, but I believe I have been the best this time around…learning this is a trust issue for me and thankful God is with me to teach me the hard lessons).   

He has become quite the master with his pacifiers – loves to pop them in and out.  I put them all over the house and he hunts them down.  He loves them…like they are his besties…good for him…everyone needs a bestie.  Surprisingly, the Christmas tree is not a magnet for him at all…he doesn’t even really notice it.  He is still clapping for himself all the time – I love it.  His top two teeth are going to break through this week…I swear it…I swear it every week…but this time I REALLY swear it.  He continues to slap, scratch, and pull my hair...constantly...if he was a girl, he would be a nasty little fighter (think honey badger).  He continues to be in really good spirits for the most part…LOVE LOVE LOVE having my sweet, happy baby back…oh, I missed him and I LOVE LOVE LOVE having him back…!  His sleeping is still hit or miss, but I’ll take it…life can’t always be perfect.  He is starting to get to ride in the carts at the grocery stores…LOVE the double cart at Costco…he and Judah have a blast together.  Judah continues to reach out to Sam and wants to play with him…I love it so much.  He is a total blanket lover just like his brothers – he gets more excited about snuggling with his blanket than he does about drinking his bottle – that is for sure.  I love that when I get him in the morning he always snuggles into me and gives me a hug…now that is the way to start a day.  I love his sweet looks he gives me, the way he smiles at me, the way he giggles when I tickle him, the way he crawls up on my chest to sleep when I rock him (I really love that when I can get it…that is why I won’t give up the rocking)…love this baby so much it hurts my heart!

I love this mom gig…just need to remind myself of that sometimes during the day.  God has blessed me with three amazing little boys…some of them more quirky than others, but seriously an amazing blessing.  I pray I am present and am putting their needs before my own…my ugly selfish heart.  Thankful for a God (a very patient God) who directs my steps.