Friday, January 20, 2012

Thanksgiving...(in January)

(So horrible at blogging…so horrible. Again, I have a million excuses and lots of them are vaild…need more hours in the day…or less time wasted on the internet (I should place my bets on the latter). Also, sorry for the lack of pictures…I really only took six pictures.)

Well, if it eventually hits the blog, then it did happen…even if it happened months prior! So, we had another Alaska adventure…this time for Thanksgiving. It was a great time…for most of us, maybe not Judah. Judah did not enjoy the cold…well, he didn’t enjoy his outfit for the cold. He was Ralphie from A Christmas Story…he would take like three steps and then fall flat on his face…it was awesome. He was also teething and came back from Alaska with a brand new molar…that was fun…for us all. Overall, it was so much fun!

Hugh really surprised us. He is a total desert rat (just like his Mama)…he would wear footie jammies year round if we let him. So, when he was excited to get in the snow, we were shocked. He enjoyed playing outside (mind you, it was freezing…like even cold for Alaska standards…the night we got there it was -18…get back), he went skiing, and he went tubing. He did awesome. I know if Judah was a little older, he would have enjoyed it as much as Hubey. Hugh’s highlight was lots of cousin time and sleeping in the bottom bunk of Clay Clay’s bed. He drove Clay Clay crazy with his excessive talking and singing…no big surprise there. He was going to bed late, but he was actually sleeping past eight…he became a new child! He even continued it when we got home, but we see his true colors shining through again…which honestly works better for me. Judah still gets up at 7, so I would prefer both my boys up at the same time. He went to his first movie…like a dinner theater movie…fantastic (the food…Hugh did fine as well for his first movie that was not animated). We saw a new “fun” side of Hubey…a serious case of the terrible threes. We learned a lot and realized we have A LOT to work on with him. We are thankful for God’s grace in parenting. Aunt April became his hero with the wallet she got for him (he tried to steal Kara’s wallet…she wasn’t down with that)…it is his favorite thing. He carries it with him EVERYWHERE and he offers to help pay for things like when I tell him I don’t have any cash for pizza at Costco, he is more than willing to throw his cash on the table. Hugh is a creature of habit…he gets hooked on a few things and that is all he needs…the kid still has birthday gifts he hasn’t opened.

Besides being miserable in his outfit, Judah enjoyed his trip…especially Abby the cat. He LOVED Abby…not sure the feeling was mutual, but she was very patient with him. We should name this next baby Abby…Judah would have his name down pat. He would wake up asking and looking for Abby…so funny. He truly loved the cat…and no, we will not be getting one. He LOVED getting to watch videos non-stop (I am sure everyone else wanted to pull their hair can only handle nursery rhymes so many times.). He also loved playing with his cousins…his cousins were very sweet to him. He thoroughly enjoyed the stairs at the house and has really mastered flying down stairs now. He also enjoyed a forward facing car seat…a whole new world for him…and it was taken from him immediately upon arriving home. He also may be known to enjoy a little margarita (let’s just say this boy hasn’t met a liquor he doesn’t like…totally Jake’s kid)…you can’t blame the kid, they are tasty…and after the days with Judah and the teeth, margaritas were needed by ALL. We realized that Judah is not the best traveler…and we will not be getting on another plane until he is MUCH older. When a child is screaming on a plane, it feels like hours when it is really only twenty minutes…but it is the longest twenty minutes of your life. Oh, and you don’t lose your sense of smell in seven minutes with vomit…that smell keeps on coming back…every second. Yep, he even vomited on the flight home…best travel friend ever. You’ll have to ask Jake about it…Hugh and I were in first class. However, I did switch with Jake after I heard the flight attendant say, “The baby in row eight just threw up.” As much as I didn’t want to claim the baby in row eight, I knew he was mine. So, I snuggled my sweet, smelly boy while he buried himself into me…yes, he may have smelled terrible, but I would do it again a million times over. Judah is a sweet snuggle baby and I LOVE it…vomit and all. Judah has pretty much been sick since we came home…combo of teeth, cold sores or a random mouth virus…let’s just say he is MISERABLE. He won’t eat and won’t sleep…it has been a long week…hoping we get back to normal soon. (I wrote this post in early December…Judah is better, but STILL teething. Yes, I would take a newborn with a full set of teeth than go through teething again. And yes, I know how creepy it would be to have a newborn with a full set of teeth.)

We (Jake and I) had a great time as well. I was homebound a lot with Judah, which was fine…hard to adjust to the cold (yes, I am a total baby). I am sure I gained like fifteen pounds… no joke. I did enjoy a little tubing…shocking my husband allowed me to get on a tube in my condition (being pregnant). It was great being in only ONE place for Thanksgiving and not having to drive – we definitely missed all of our AZ family, but it was so fun to spend Thanksgiving with my brother and his family. They were so gracious to let us take over their house for ten days! They made an incredible spread for Thanksgiving…everything was awesome. I also became the girl who enjoyed wearing leggings and boots…who would have thought (not me in 2006 when one of my friends was convincing me leggings were coming back in style and I made fun of her…oh, yes I did…there are so many things I can add to that list…oh, so many). Jake enjoyed lots of work-outs with April (she is a machine) and getting beat by April and her friends in a turkey trot. He also enjoyed a day of skiing…and getting schooled on the slopes by his six year-old nephew.

Thanks to our AK family for a wonderful trip!


Kenny Williams said...

Never a dull moment with little ones! Glad you got to see the AK Johnsons! :)

Kenny Williams said...

that's from Amy :)

Clayton said...

I love the post!! It was a fun time :) I was thinking of Hugh and Clay's sleepovers when you posted both the boys in bunk beds! I had forgotten about the army wallet.. that was pretty fun for sure. Next time you come, don't be preggo and you, too, can do a spin-a-thon, get hosed on the slopes and drink more than a sip of a margarita. We run that same show all year long up here. Thanks again for coming. You're welcome back anytime!!!!! Love you guys.

Clayton said...

And for the record, it is clearly NOT Clayton typing this.. it's Mrs Fokker. Same trouble as Amy :)