Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Christmas... (in February)

And yes, we jump to Christmas straight from Thanksgiving (hey, I am proud of myself for even updating my blog…I really want to have a record of these events...however, my memory is so bad, I am sure I am making half of this stuff up anyways). I worked A LOT around the holidays, so all my grand plans of doing an Advent calendar or fun activities with the boys were squashed…I was barely getting sleep, so everything else suffered…there is always next year. I AM going to make an Advent calendar for next year, but I am going to start in June…no joke. That is the ONLY way I will get it done. We haven’t even sent out Christmas letters yet, which I LOVE doing…thinking after Sammy is born will be more realistic…and it makes more sense (at least that is what I am telling myself). I wish there were more hours in a day at times…and definitely more hours for me to sleep! Ok, back to the Christmas post…

So, we always have A LOT of Christmas functions since we have all local family, which we love, but it makes for a crazy holiday. I was glad my mom was open to celebrating on another night this year (and it worked for my sister and brother as well due to their schedules). Honestly, I think it was better, but that is my opinion…we’ll see what happens next year. So, we celebrated with my side of the family on December 23rd, and it was a lot of fun. Hugh is a total tornado when it comes to opening gifts and just wants to open everything he sees. We really want him to stop and reflect on each gift that is given…yep, good luck (we would appreciate any ideas on this). And Judah, he still doesn’t really care, but he was SUPER excited about his big trucks book…he LOVES big trucks. The boys had a great time with their cousins…they ADORE their cousins. Unfortunately, Hugh ended the night in urgent care for a breathing treatment…the inhaler just wasn’t cutting it for him and we couldn’t get his breathing back in line…I am sure all the craziness of the night and running around didn’t help. Hugh is a Saylor when it comes to doctors and he enjoys visiting the urgent care (unlike his Mama who has to be dying before seeing a doctor). So, the night still ended well for him. I was thankful for the time we got to spend with my family and it didn’t feel so rushed this year. (And yes, no pics from that night.)

On Christmas Eve, we did our normal evening with my extended family. Christmas Eve is a tradition with my family and I LOVE it. I am thankful Jake’s parents come as well, so we can all spend time together. My uncle makes “tapas” and the food is always great…just happens to be a lot later than we are used to eating since we keep a nursing home schedule for dinner time at our house. So, normally on Christmas Eve, I am ready to eat one of my kids…and then I always overeat, but it is so good. The boys had a great time that night playing with family and friends – my aunt and uncle have a terrific backyard, but not kid friendly…so, we are on constant watch to make sure we have no swimmers or little ones that decide playing in the fire pits is a good idea (those fire pits give me anxiety…not the pool so much, but the fire pits at crawling level…yikes…however, their backyard is beautiful and we love to have one just like it one day!). We put Judah down early so he didn’t get enjoy the full night of festivities, but overall, it was a great evening…a night I look forward to every year…crazy to think that next year we’ll have three crazy boys!

And now...Christmas. We decided years ago that we would not travel on Christmas morning – we spend it together as our small family. We enjoy this time together and wouldn’t trade it. The boys opened their gifts from us and we enjoyed breakfast together…that Jake made (I was SUPER sick…had been really sick that week…pregnancy. And yes, I am thirty-six weeks now and STILL getting sick…might as well go out with a bang. However, around Christmas time I was really sick and told Jake there was no way I would be able to handle my last ten weeks being that sick…luckily, it only lasted about a week and then passed.) After spending Christmas together (and me stopping being so dramatic…I know, what a shock), we shipped out to Jake’s side of the family to spend the afternoon with them. We knew this would be the last Christmas for Jake’s Grandma Mary and we wanted to be sure to spend as much as time as possible with his side of the family (sadly, Grandma Mary did pass away the first week of January…we rejoice knowing she now sits in the presence of our Lord and Savior). We were thankful to get to see Mary on Christmas and spend time with the Saylor family. After spending the afternoon with the Saylor family, we came back to our house to have the boys open gifts with Jake’s parents, and Uncle Jared and Aunt Julie. Let’s just say it was a TOTAL nightmare…I felt like taking a video of them to send to my mom to show her what she was missing out on…honestly, Judah was a total wreck (like someone stole his date on prom night)…he would not stop crying. So, I think we put him to bed around 6:30 (no joke)…and Hugh (the present tornado) was right behind him. The several days of activities and lack of naps caught up with the boys…yikes. Overall, it was a wonderful Christmas celebration…we are so blessed.

And now, I have covered Christmas…only a few more posts and I’ll feel like I am all caught up…crazy to think weekly posts will be back before I know it…need to find some serious motivation.

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Amy said...

No advice for getting a kid to slowly open presents and acknowledge each one. It's a developmental thing...he'll get it. Trey is alsmost there :) Yay for lots of family in town and super crazy holiday seasons!