Saturday, March 17, 2012

Let it Begin...

Week one down and back to weekly blogging I go. Hard to believe one week is down, but harder to believe that Jake goes back to work on Monday…that one is a major bummer. I LOVE having Jake home – he is an amazing help and the boys ADORE their time with him (I've said it before and I'll say it again...I seriously have the BEST husband in the world). Life is definitely going to get interesting next week…so, bring it on. I have set very low expectations for myself (like if all three boys are alive then I am calling it a successful day), so I should be good. Sam is settling in and we are adjusting to our family of five…so thankful to be a family of five (and in a family where I am VERY outnumbered)!

So, what did week one bring for Sammy? Well, everything is new for him…so, it brought lots. Let’s start with my typical “woe is me” on breastfeeding (just need to get it out of the way)…I am struggling once again (ugh), but not giving up. I have an infection that it is being treated, so once it is healed we are back to it. I am not stressing – just taking one day at a time. I really want to enjoy this baby rather than stress over what or how he is eating (way easier for me to type than to actually act upon…praying about it). So, Sammy will take a bottle…praise God. He enjoys his milk and he is gaining weight, which is great. He also enjoys his pacifier and has been known to jump at it with his mouth (I think he thinks it will give him milk…he is sadly disappointed every time). He gets the hiccups every time after he eats…every.single.time. He goes through about twelve onesies a day…he is like a magician and can completely keep a diaper dry, but soak the onesie…no joke…it is amazing. He has been sleeping decently – no complaints…I have a newborn…I am not expecting a good night of sleep. He is either sleeping in his swing or his little rocker (a new gadget I just had to have for this baby…and I read the reviews and people swore this gadget helped their baby sleep…so, of course I HAD.TO.HAVE.IT!...Jake loves this about me). He’ll be moving to his room in the next week…sad day, but Jake cannot sleep with all the noise and it gets a little weird sleeping in a different room than your husband…however, a girl could get used to a king bed all by herself…just sayin’. He loves to be held…and we love to hold him. And, I love that there is something about a Mama holding her baby…he just knows me and fits with me. Sam will have a rude awakening next week when Mama can’t hold him all day…maybe it is time for the Moby? Unfortunately, the Moby makes me sweat…it is so hot and I already sweat…like a lot and I think recovering after a baby gives me like menopause sweats and I wake-up drenched…it is awesome (and yes, too much information…I am tired). So, we’ll see how he does with less hold time. We’ll see how I’ll do with less hold time…oh, I just want to enjoy every minute of this sweet little boy. He handled his circumcision like a champ this week (poor buddy)…the doctor actually told me that he thought maybe he had a congenital defect against pain since he didn’t cry at all (he was joking…but Sam really didn’t cry at all…tough little guy). His brothers adore him – they always want to know what he is doing and want to touch him all the time…especially when he is sleeping. Jake thinks he looks like Hugh...I honestly have no idea who he looks like...he just looks like Sam to me. I am guessing his personality will start to come out in the next couple of weeks…I still think he is in the sleepy stage, but he is starting to wake up more. We’ll see what he is going to bring us…praying for chill…expecting wild. Crazy we have three boys…really crazy that I have to watch them all by myself next week.

I am doing well…recovering. I got an iPhone this week…not sure what was the bigger deal…having a baby or getting an iPhone…both are very exciting. I love the iPhone (it can do so much…waiting for it to suck away all my stomach fat)…especially when I am up late pumping (oh, Mr. Pump…my dear friend…so nice to see you…again). I have been reading some great things about enjoying the moment and not worrying about the little things (like a clean house). I was reminded by something that I read that being a mom was a dream of mine…and now God is allowing me to live my dream (now, I can guarantee you that the breastfeeding and Mr. Pump were not in this dream…well, maybe Mr. Pump (he is a good friend)…but I want to stop and remember what a gift God has given me and remember that my husband works really hard so I can be home with these crazy boys…and stop and enjoy it…let the big boys get crazy and hold Sam a little longer…the cleaning can wait). I am sure I will need constant reminders of all of this…so, if you hear me starting my “woe is me”…remind me that I am living my dream.

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AprilJ said...

He's a cutie. Hang in there with breastfeeding.. it will make Mr Pump seem like a really horrible friend after all!!! I bet your midwife knows some good LCs to make it easier.. Lots of love from AK.