Saturday, March 31, 2012

Milk Machine

Another week in the books…week three is done. During the week, the time doesn’t go by that fast…but when I look back…it did go by fast. When you have a newborn, the days all blend and you are home a lot…so, it is all a blur (at least the first six weeks are for me). We did all go out for lunch one day this past week…yep, I am so daring. I am sure we’ll have plenty of adventures in our future!

So, what did week three bring for Sammy? Well, it brought more breastfeeding (bfing)…not sure he is happy about it or not. So, I am not going to make this all about bfing – I swear my boys are going to look back on their blogs and say, “Why did you just whine about your boobs all the time?” (and yes, I am going to force them to read every last word of their fifty-two week posts…no joke) – so, I’ll update on bfing, but I won’t go into my whining saga…I’ll keep that for Jake. We did start exclusively bfing this week – no more bottles. Honestly, he was really struggling with the bottle (I think he was a little irritated that we switched him to a slow flow nipple from a medium flow one…he likes his milk to come fast.). So, along with bfing – we are now more on a two and half to three hour schedule and he’ll stretch a little more at night. This is a struggle for me, but I know it is what is best for the long-term. I have also been reducing my pumping sessions and will only pump out of total desperation (which definitely happens since I am getting clogged ducts like crazy and mastitis scares me like no other! And, I have a special relationship with Mr. Pump...I can't just leave him hanging.). It has been confirmed that I make enough milk for multiple babies, which is a blessing and a total curse. If anyone is looking for some milk…look no further than this cow! So, I am really working on slowing my supply down. Sam seems like he is a really fast eater, but I am also not sure if I am just snack feeding him. He seems full, but I am just not sure…time will tell. I am attached to my “brest” friend pillow and the thought of bfing without it is horrifying…I’ll need to wean myself of the pillow! Luckily, he is so tiny…so, the pillow is great for us both! And the thought of bfing in public is still horrifying…not so much with anyone seeing my boobs (honestly, I am modest…but I don’t even look at boobs anymore as being anything private)…more so with my whole production…I am sure we will get there…someday…in the far off future! Good news – he has gained a little weight and is now 7lbs. 5oz….he is so tiny! So, we will continue to persevere…it seems like some days it is one step forward and two steps back!

He is definitely starting to get his fussy time at night – I always want to fix this…for them and for my own sanity. Of course, I always have in the back of my mind…could it be the dreaded colic? Again, time will tell (and I am super praying that it is not the dreaded colic!). I feel bad for Sammy – you can constantly hear his stomach going crazy…those lovely Johnson genes…I gotta bring something to the table. We are staying away from the reflux meds right now, but will definitely ask for them if we think they are needed…we are a med family…for sure. In the grand scheme of things, the nighttime fussiness/digestive issues is such a short period…but it sure feels long when you are in it. He smiles at me…I know people would say it is gas, but I really think he is smiling at me (and why wouldn’t he?!? He loves his Mama (I only have these boys on my team for a short while…I gotta soak up every minute!).)…and he giggles in his sleep at times…so sweet. He seems to enjoy the Moby except during his fussy period at night (of course…the one time I would really want him to enjoy it!). I sweat like no other when I am wearing it…like I feel the sweat rolling down my back (yes, I know, too much information)…but if it keeps him content and I am able to try and get a few things done (like take care of my other two children) then so be it…I’ll just be sweaty. I continue to have my inner dilemma with “sling” babies…but I am all about survival right now. He continues to enjoy some naps in the swing…seems like a bit of a catnapper (ugh). He is SUPER alert and reminds me a lot of Hubey. And he has a hard time transitioning to sleep, which reminds me a lot of Hubey as well. He is very strong and likes to hold his head up, but then he’ll also flop himself around (I probably need to be more careful with holding his head.). He doesn’t seem to enjoy tummy time, but we are going to keep working at it. We don’t want another “helmet head” baby. I busted out the play gym…we’ll see if he is into it. I know his big brothers will be super into it (ugh). His big brothers are still very into him and this week, Sammy got hit in head with a container of wipes…sigh. He will survive and he’ll be tough! Overall, he is doing well and we are so thankful to have this sweet baby!

I am surviving! I am really hoping that I’ll start enjoying bfing more in the next few weeks – I am constantly praying about it. I don’t resent it at all, but at times I always think how strange it is…not sure why pumping would feel more normal?!? So, I pray about it and maybe one day I’ll have a love affair with bfing! Thankful that God sustains me and gives me every bit of grace I need to make it through every feeding session, every hour, every day. I am really going to need a second helping of His grace for this next week! And, I am going to learn to make coffee! Thankful I have amazing family (seriously amazing) and a wonderful husband!

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